5 Relaxing Yoga Poses You Can Do Before Going To Bed

Relaxing Yoga Poses to Do Before Bed

Do you ever have restless nights or trouble sleeping? Aside from becoming more physically active during your day, adopting a relaxing physical bedtime routine can help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Sleep deprivation can be really serious. People who don’t sleep well at night are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, […]

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Science Based Six Pack Review – Can Thomas Delauer Help Men Get A Six Pack?

Thomas Delauer Science Based Six Pack

Why is it so hard to get the six pack abs you want? Thomas Delauer has the answer and he’s going to be offering it as part of a new product called Science Based Six Pack. We’re excited about this new upcoming product because it combines common-sense knowledge and science to help men get the […]

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FREE Report: What Peanut Butter Does To Your Body

What does Peanut Butter do to your Body

Is peanut butter healthy for your body? Does it cause weight gain? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this new free report that you can download right now.

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The Best Exercises For Women Over 50

Best Exercises for Women Over 50

As a trainer to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages over the past 13 years I do and always have recommended strength training for everyone. No matter your age, training yourself to be strong, especially in a functional way is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A stronger body is […]

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FREE Report: Top 15 Fat-Burning Italian Foods


If you’re anything like me, you probably LOVE Italian food. But what you may not know is that you can actually use quite a few delicious Italian foods to boost metabolism and skyrocket your weightloss… it’s true! Fortunately, here’s a brand new free report showing you the top 15 Italian foods to skyrocket your metabolism […]

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FREE Report: NEVER Juice These 7 Veggies

Never Juice These 7 Veggies

You may have heard that juicing is healthy—and it can be—as long as you don’t mistakenly juice the WRONG veggies that can actually have the opposite effect, and even cause weight gain! Yikes! Fortunately, we show you 7 of the worst veggies that you should never juice in our brand new free report that you can download for free […]

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4 Week Diet Review – Can Brain Flatt Help You Lose Those Stubborn Pounds In 4 Weeks?

Losing weight seems to be on everybody’s mind, and with good reason. Obesity has turned into a true epidemic and health crisis. We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is good for us – so why is it so hard to do? Many of us who want to lose weight have tried several, or […]

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Trim Down Club Review – Get Lean Without Counting Calories or Crazy Exercise Routines?

Trim Down Club

We’re happy to report that our Trim Down Club review is finally here. The diets we eat are incredibly unhealthy – and our health reflects it. Obesity and other diet-related problems have turned into an epidemic and a public health crisis. People who want to lose weight and improve their health certainly have plenty of […]

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How To Lose Back Fat – Exercises That Target Back Fat And A Sample Workout

How To Lose Back Fat

Back fat is the worst! If you’re reading this article then you have likely noticed a bit of it on yourself. It bulges over a tight bra, makes an appearance in your favorite dress, and can have you feeling really self conscious or uncomfortable in your own skin. Luckily there is a solution! To get […]

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The Best and Worst Sushi For Weight Loss

Best and Worst Sushi for Weight Loss

While most people are familiar with the concept of sushi, they may not know exactly what it is. Basically, sushi is cooked rice, known as shari, along with a variety of other ingredients, which are known as neta. Such ingredients typically include raw fish, but may also feature other elements, such as cucumber, avocado, etc. […]

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