Wakeup Lean Review – Can Meredith Shirk Make You Look 1 Pound Lighter By Tomorrow?

Wakeup Lean

Wakeup Lean is a brand new program from Meredith Shirk designed to help men and women over 4o turn off their inflammation Enzymes so they can see a leaner, more trim body by the next morning. I just got my hands on this new program and in a couple of days I’ll update this blog post […]

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14 Day Perfect Booty Review – Can Alli Kerr Gives Women A Perfect Booty?

14 Day Perfect Booty

I can get a perfect booty in 14-days? Count me in! With the trend of Kim K inspired bums of today, the goal is no longer to reduce your butt in size. It’s all about jacking that bad boy up to bubble-booty status. So needless to say, I was instantly intrigued and ready to start […]

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Kicking the Soda Habit: Tips and Tricks for Sodaholics


Soda is one of the most popular drinks in America. In fact, Americans consume more than 55 gallons of soda per person annually. While some people only occasionally indulge in soda, others drink at least one serving per day. Others drink ounce after ounce as if there’s going to be a soda shortage any minute. […]

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Organic Total Body Reboot Review – STOP Inflammation & Melt Fat?

Here is the review for the Organic Total Body Reboot program. A total body reboot? Count me in! I feel like we could all benefit from getting a little reset from time-to-time, and if this program says to do just that, then I’m all in – and you should be too. After all, the grind […]

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Energy Bars: Extra Energy or Just A Bunch of Extra Calories?

Energy Bar

The health-food market is saturated with energy bars. From the checkout lane at your favorite sporting goods store to the aisles of your local organic market, energy bars are everywhere. However, many are not what they appear to be. Some energy bars that appear healthy and are advertised as containing clean energy are anything but. […]

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Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Relief From Neck & Shoulder Pain?

shoulder flexibility solution review

After a small delay here is our Shoulder Flexibility Solution review. Chronic shoulder and neck pain, stiff muscles, and aching shoulders can not only make you feel older than you actually are but can also restrict your daily activities. Even worse, a lack of strength could lead to dangerous injuries. Whether you want to simply […]

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Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Reduce Your Weight In 12 Minutes Per Day?

Over 40 Ab Solution

Here is the review of the Over 40 Ab Solution program. Once you hit the age of 40, losing weight can suddenly feel like an insurmountable obstacle. It can be particularly difficult to lose stubborn belly fat. Most people over 40 try to lose the pounds by exhausting themselves, following the advice of fitness professionals […]

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5 Exercises To Help Develop A Strong Core

core exercises

Your core is the center of your entire being, your strength, your stability. Comprised of your abdomen, lower back, and buttocks, your core has muscles that extend far beyond your abdomen and center region. In fact many core muscles extend down into your arms and legs. Your core also makes up the largest amount of […]

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