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SpecForce Alpha Review – Can Todd Lamb Give You An Alpha Male Physique?

SpecForce Alpha Review

In this review I take a look at SpecForce Alpha. This is the brand new tactical fitness system by SWAT Team Leader Todd Lamb. He claims his fitness program can give you a rock-hard, ripped physique and transform you into the Alpha male your supposed to be! Let’s find out in this review if SpecForce Alpha can really deliver…

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Bodyweight Flow Review – Can These 2 Minute Routines Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Bodyweight Flow Review

In this review I take a look at Tyler Bramlett’s new Bodyweight Flow program which claims to utilizes bizarre 2-3 minute “Yoga Like” routines which take 2-3 minutes, can be done from home or the office and burn up to 53% more calories per session? I’ll take a look at this claim and break down the Bodyweight Flow program so you can know exactly what you’re getting with Tyler’s new course.

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Trouble Spot Training Review – Is Bruce And Janet Krahn’s Program Trustworthy?

Trouble Spot Training Review

In this review I take a look at Bruce and Janet Krahn’s Trouble Spot Training program. They claim their program can help you get rid of or transform any trouble spots or stubborn body area such as your chest, hips, butt, back, arms and etc. So I examine the course and give you the information you need to know to become informed.

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Fighter Abs Review – Is Andrew Raposo Program Worth It?

Fighter Abs Review

[thrive_leads id=’9795′] Abs; the part of the body where almost everyone wants to get ripped immediately. Whether it’s the rock hard 6 pack or the beach bunny stomach, male or female, everyone wants some defined abs. It’s a highly desired place to have the body sculpted, and despite what many other programs claim, quick abs […]

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Metabolic Fire Review – Is This New Supplement Trustworthy?

Metabolic Fire Review

In this review of Metabolic Fire I take a look at this new fat burning supplement from Sherpa Formulas and Dr. Dean Raffelock to determine if it’s trustworthy and worth your time and energy.

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

Just a few years ago fitness professional Joel Marion released his best selling diet program to the world called Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. It was an instant success and changed the way people look at diets. No longer did you have to starve yourself to get the body you’ve always wanted. Joel gave you a […]

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Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition Review – Is Dennis Heenan’s New Course Legit?

Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition Review

After a short wait here is my review of Dennis Heenan’s Superhero Body. This is the latest workout system from Dennis that reveals the exact techniques celebrities use to make those amazing body transformations. In this review I’ll break down exactly what you get with the program, the pros and cons and more…

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Hypertrophy Max Review – Is Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski’s Course Trustworthy?

Hypertrophy Max Review

In this review I take a detailed look at the Hypertrophy MAX coaching and training program from weight lifting and muscle building experts Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski. Is this the BEST muscle building program available? Let’s find out…

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Recipe Hacker Review – Is Diana Keuilian’s Cookbook Worth It?

Recipe Hacker Review

In this review I take an in-depth look at fat loss chef, Diana Keuilian’s new cookbook called The Recipe Hacker. This cookbook has over 100 gluten, grain, soy, diary and sugar free recipes which not only taste great, but also burn fat.

Find out what you get with Diana’s Recipe Hacker and determine if it’s worth your time to check it out. Btw, for a limited time Diana is giving away FREE physical copies of her cookbook. Details inside.

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Body Weight Pilates Review – Can 21 Days Really Make a Difference?

Body Weight Pilates Review

In this review I take a look at the latest workout program from Pilates expert Sylvia Favela called Body Weight Pilates. Find out if this course is worth your energy and if Sylvia can really help you strengthen your core and transform your body in just 21 days?

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