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Category Archives for Reviews

The Curve Ball Effect Total Body Review – Drop 1-2 Pounds in 24 Hours With A 30-Second Trick?

Curve Ball Effect

Here’s our review of Dr. Kathryn Harney’s Curve Ball Effect Total Body program. For many men and women, it just doesn’t seem to matter how much time they spend in the gym working out or how much they exercise. They still cannot lose weight. A new program is offering hope to people to continually struggle […]

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PaleoHacks Cookbook Review – Cook Savory, Mouth-Watering Paleo Meals In Minutes ?

PaleoHacks Cookbook

Here is our updated PaleoHacks Cookbook review. As popular as the Paleo Diet is, many people find it difficult to actually stick with the well known eating plan. The most common reason given by people who gave it a try is the inability to prepare delicious, tasty meals, quickly. Now, a new cookbook by the […]

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Perfect Weight Forever Review – Can Marisa Peer Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting, Exercise or Pills?

Perfect Weight Forever

With a name like “perfect weight forever,” I was a little unsure about this fitness program. For starters, what is a perfect weight? Plus, different people want different things; different sizes, different shapes, different tones. So, how is it even possibly to have a “perfect weight forever” program. Then, I took a breather. Just because […]

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Paleo Reboot Review – Get This New York Times Best Selling Paleo Book Free?

Paleo Reboot

Here is our Paleo Reboot review. Very few people actually take the time to think about what they’re eating. I was always one of those people. I mean, if it’s at the grocery store it must be food, right? Ignorance is bliss, or so I thought. I stumbled across this article one day that talked […]

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Anabolic Finishers Review – Can Todd Lamb Help Men Add An Entire Inch of Upper Arm Size In 4 Weeks?

Anabolic Finishers

Here is our Anabolic Finishers review, a new program for men by Todd Lamb. The program is for men looking to increase the size of their arms, who have found that endless hours in the gym just are not delivering the results they want. According to the author the methods outlined within the Anabolic Finishers […]

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Love Handle 5 Review – Can Todd Kuslikis Get Rid of Your Love Handles Using The LH5 Method?

Love Handle 5

For busy men and women struggling to get a toned stomach, there is now a new program that can help you to burn off stubborn love handles. This multi-directional LH5 method is designed to give you the toned abs you want in only 5 minutes a day. Click Here To Visit The Official Love Handle […]

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Flat and Firm Belly Review – Can Dawn Sylvester Get Rid of Your Menopause Belly Fat?

Flat and Firm Belly

Here’s our Flat and Firm Belly review. In this fat loss program the author Dawn Sylvester claims that she can help women over 45 who are finding it almost impossible to fight the battle of the bulge. Now, a new program claims by revealing a gene buried deep within the fat cells of the body […]

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Lean Belly Now Review – Stop Insatiable Hunger & Melt 15 Pounds of Belly Fat or More?

Lean Belly Now, you’ve got my attention! There are so many people in this world, myself included, that can’t seem to get rid of belly fat no matter how hard they try. Just when you think you’re getting in shape because your legs, booty, back, arms and fat look great – you see your belly […]

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Paleo Lean Review – Can Meredith Shirk Show You How To Melt 5 Pounds of Belly Fat In 7 Days?

Over the next few days I’ll be working on getting my new Paleo Lean review up and running. The Paleo Lean Factor is a new fat loss program from fat loss author and fitness expert Meredith Shirk that reveals how to lose 5 pounds in just 7 days from your belly by doing one specfic […]

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Beyond Fit Review – An Overview of Christopher Adams New Program?

Beyond Fit

Here is my Beyond Fit review. I am not a religious person, but I’m not an atheist either. I am, like many of you reading this, the person that checks the box that says “Spiritual” when asked about my religion… And that being said, what would lead me to read an advertisement that began, “Jesuit […]

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