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5 Stretches To Do Before Working Out

5 stretches pre workout cover

How do you warm up for your workouts? If you’re not warming up at all or skipping your pre-workout stretches, you may be setting yourself up for injury. One of my favorite ways to increase the effectiveness of my workouts, decrease my risk for injury, and feel great, is to complete a quick stretch before […]

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Top 4 Ab Exercises for a Tight Toned Tummy

tigth toned tummy

Looking to get a tight toned tummy? These exercises are some of my absolute favorites to do the trick. I must first be clear that no amount of ab exercises can get rid of belly fat without the proper nutrition for your energy needs. But if you are lean these are some of the exercises […]

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7 Best Squat Exercises for Women

7 Best Squats Exercises Women

Squats are one of the very best exercises for Women! Not only do they help you create a nice round booty, they are also one of the top exercises in terms of calorie burn because they use so many of the muscles in your body. If your squat routine has gotten dull it’s time to […]

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Intense Lower Ab Workout – How to Get Rid of the Pooch!

The pooch! It’s that area of the lower belly that puffs out and looks like a fanny pack. No woman (or man) wants to wear a permanent fanny pack of belly flab! We all want those sleek and tight sexy smooth lower abs. This workout is for the advanced exerciser who’s looking to target the […]

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Best Exercises For New Mommies

Best Exercises for New Mommies

Working out as a new mommy can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be! If you can let go of your old expectations of what working out needs to be and adapt to creatively using your new mommy environment as a workout space, you’ll see that there are limitless opportunities for what you can […]

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Slimmer Legs Workout – How To Get Lean, Slim Legs Without Leaving Home

Slimmer Legs Workout

The results most women want to see from training is: slimmer legs. Unfortunately sometimes training your legs to be stronger can result in bulkier more muscular looking legs. If you have been working out for a while but your legs just seem to get bulkier instead of slimming down, then this is for you! We’re […]

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How To Use Stretch Bands To Tone Your Butt

Tone Your Butt Stretch Bands

Stretch bands are an amazing tool to train the booty with resistance. All of these moves can be done without the band as well, but why not add this simple and affordable piece of equipment to make the workout more challenging and more effective! This workout is travel-friendly as well since the entire workout is do-able from a […]

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Bored With Your Typical Work Out? Try the FSK-Method; a Kickboxing Based Work-Out

FSK Method

Do you find it hard to stay committed to the same work-out routine? Since you probably answered Yes! I want to let you know that you are not alone! Statistics have shown that 66% of the entire population set fitness related new year’s resolutions and sadly, within 6 weeks 73% of those people quit on […]

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10 Min Home Workout That Beats Going To The Gym

10 Minute Home Workout

You want to get fit, but you’re not willing to sacrifice a lot of time to do so? Good News: It doesn’t take all day, or even hours per day to get fit. What it does take is: Dedication Consistency and Effort towards your goal. By working out at home you can achieve all of […]

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The Tight and Tone Booty Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Tight Tone Booty

In this booty sculpting workout you’ll discover how to tone and tighten your butt without any equipment. And the best part about this workout is you can do it right from the comfort of home or anywhere you choose. All photos provided by Jessica Gouthro. She’s a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Prenatal Certified, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, […]

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