Is Any Diet a Good Diet?

Diets; where do we even start? It’s a word that seems to dictate so many things for different people. Some let it define them, others associate it with many negative connotations. People hate their diet, and some love theirs. So, what’s the big deal about a diet? If they’re really as bad as some people think, why do they work so flawlessly for others?

With so many questions, we understand the confusion, and if you’re trying to improve your health by focusing on the foods that you eat, it can seem impossible to know where to start. Throughout this article, we will discuss what a diet is, and decipher the pros and cons that come with some of the most popular options out there today.


Rule #1 About Diets

The most important thing you will ever learn about this word – an adjective, a verb and a noun is that there is only one said diet that could be the ultimate option for everyone. It’s a healthy one. Forget the brand names, the latest trend or fad. Eating a well balanced, healthy day full of fresh, natural foods could never be harmful.

It’s when you add in the modern day foods that have been produced by modern technology that change the way your body functions and the way that you feel, and ultimately, the way you lose or gain weight. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t healthy diets that are on the shelves of your local grocery store, or on the television screen every time you flip past a fitness channel.

Healthy Eating

Back to the Caves with The Paleo Diet

A huge trend within the fitness and health industry is the Paleo Diet, also known as the Caveman diet and being the healthiest way you could possibly eat. The entire concept is to go back to the days of cavemen, and eat only what they ate – fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat without hormones injected, fish nuts and seeds.

No dairy, legumes, preservatives or anything packaged. While it may seem really strict to some, it’s actually really easy to eat this way and with the Paleo diet becoming such a popular way of eating, the process of re-adapting to your ancestors diet is actually really simple to do.

You just have to eat real food. Once you consider this concept and start reading the ingredient lists of some of your favorite food items, you’ll be shocked to see what you’ve been putting into your body that you one thought was “food”.

Low Carbs with the Atkins

Low carbs certainly isn’t a diet concept that you can go wrong by, right? In fact, the Atkins diet is very similar to the Paleo diet but there is one major difference that can truly determine the health and weight loss goals you are trying to achieve. The body uses carbs as energy, and by eliminating them, your body is then forced to burn fat as a source of fuel.

The Atkins diet includes unhealthy options and sometimes even encourages them within their own product line of frozen meals, while the Paleo diet doesn’t only focus on losing weight but rather, achieving thorough and optimal health and eliminating the ingredients that have a negative and sometimes detrimental affect on your body. Yes, Paleo is low carbs, and yes, so is the Atkins.

However, the ingredients allowed are different. For example, the Atkins diet allows breaded greasy food, breads, dairy and as mentioned, “Atkins approved packages” – all of which Paleo has shown to posses dangerous elements.

Juicing Diets

Juicing is a trend quickly on the rise as well, and when you’re blending up fresh fruits and vegetables into a drink, there really isn’t any problem here. However, unless you’re blending in a steak from time to time (gross!), you still need to incorporate different food items into your diet.

So, juicing is absolutely fine. It’s healthy. It’s delicious and gets vital minerals and vitamins into your diet, as well as some food items you may not have ever eaten before. However, juicing for every meal of the day is not practical nor healthy. You need to be able to chew down on some protein.

juicing diet

As we are coming to a close here with this article, there is one vital rule to diets that you should never underestimate. Anything that claims to magically shred those pounds within 3 days without any hard work or healthy eating is bound to be a fad – and at that, one that doesn’t work.

There is no pill, injection or magical dust that you can sprinkle on your body or drink that will work longterm. Sure, it may allow you to drop some pounds initially, but for long term results, you have to eat properly all the time.

On the other hand, some detox teas that are 100% natural can be a great way to kick off your weight loss and healthy eating patterns. Moving forward though, you absolutely have to focus on your diet – a healthy, clean one that consists of real foods.