9 Creative Ways To Stay Fit This Summer

Summer has a ton of advantages… More sun, more family time, more barbecues, vacation and generally just a lot more fun. But with these advantages comes the disadvantage of a mostly unstructured schedule, which can make it challenging to workout the way you were when the kids were in school, more tempting to sleep-in, and […]

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The Short Guide To Sexy Summer Legs

How to get slimmer legs

Ladies, summer is right around the corner… Meaning that it’s almost time to pull out your favorite shorts and show off your legs! And unlike other parts of your body that you cover up all year round, during the summer, your legs bare all. From your thighs to your toes, your legs will make a […]

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5 Paleo Diet Perks for Women

Paleo Diet

If you’re plugged into social media and the latest health news, chances are you’ve heard about the paleo diet. More and more people are attracted to it—some, because it’s relatively fresh and has garnered a following of its own, but others because of the real health benefits that come along with it… And I have […]

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The Easiest Thing You Aren’t Doing To Burn Fat

Metabolic Breathing

Eating a clean diet. Check. Working my butt off during my workouts.  Check. Drinking plenty of water. Check. But I’m still not completely satisfied with my results. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, on our fitness journey’s it seems like we’ve checked every box, dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” but we’re still not satisfied […]

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4 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Before 9am

Boost your confidence

Confidence is sexy… In fact, many people would say that confidence is the sexiest quality someone can have… But confidence fluctuates sometimes, doesn’t it? Some days you feel like you’re on top of the world… Like you can achieve anything you set your mind to… Like your body and mind have aligned into an unbeatable, […]

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5 Surprising Foods That Can Stunt Your Appetite This Summer

One of the worst sensations you can have when trying to keep your body looking great for the summer is an unexplainable appetite… You know the feeling… You just want to eat… You’re craving something… And you aren’t sure why… I mean, you just ate a healthy meal not too long ago like a good […]

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Panalean Review – Can This Switch Your Metabolism Into Overdrive?


Here is our Panalean Review. As we grow older, many of us gain weight and find that we can’t lose it as easily as we did when we were younger. Our diets don’t help, and there’s a growing epidemic of diabetes and other metabolic diseases. There’s no shortage of supplements available promising to make it […]

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Muscle by Jason Maxwell Review – Can This Free Book Show You How To Build Rock Hard Muscle While Eating Like A King?

Muscle Jason Maxwell

Here is our Muscle by Jason Maxwell review. Take an informal poll of any group of men and you’ll probably find that they have some things in common. One of the most common desires you’ll find is that they want a way to have a lean, ripped body that won’t require them to be slaves […]

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14 Day Late Night Fat Loss Review – Lose 14 Pounds In 14 Days With These Bedtime Carbs?

14 Day Late Night Fat Loss

Here is our 14 Day Late Night Fat Loss review. If you struggle with extra weight, whether it’s been that way your entire life or it’s a recent development, you’ve probably tried at least one popular diet to try to lose those stubborn pounds. And let’s face it, there’s no shortage of weight loss programs […]

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Renew By Naturely Skin Care Review

Renew By Naturely Skin Care

Here is our Renew By Naturely Skin Care review. We all age. It’s part of life. But even when we’re intellectually resigned to the aging process, we still may struggle as we watch our bodies change. We want to feel good about ourselves and the way we look – and we’ll do anything to preserve […]

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