1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review – Can Dan Long Show You How To Melt Fat Eating Whatever You Want?

After a slight delay here’s our 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet review. For most people, losing weight usually involves restrictive diets, giving up favorite foods, and insane amounts of exercise.

A strategically planned overfeed hour discovery is now offering hope to those who have struggled to lose weight despite diet and exercise. According to the author of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet, it’s now possible to blast belly fat while still eating what you want three days a week.

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1 Hour Belly Blast


With this diet plan, the author says it’s possible to lose all the weight you want without sacrificing your favorite foods. Unlike other diet plans that involve counting calories or restricting you to only eating certain foods, with the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet, you can take advantage of an auto-pilot weight loss plan that you do not have to think about.

One element that sets this diet plan apart from others is that you are able to eat what you want three days a week and still lose weight without having to starve yourself on other days or rely on weight loss powders…

And according to the author, this weight loss plan can also help to reduce the high blood pressure, low energy, and the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

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Whats The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet All About

The author of this program reports that many people are in what is known as the grave danger belly fat zone and never even know it. Approximately 80 million people in the United States now cope with this condition on a daily basis. As their stomachs grow bigger and bigger, many people try losing weight multiple times by following a strict low carb diet, Weight Watcher’s point system, or some other fad diet.

The problem with these diets is that not only do they often not work at helping people to permanently maintain their weight loss, but they also do not reverse any of the potentially fatal belly fat symptoms, such as heart attack, stroke, or diabetes.

These overhyped, yo-yo diets often leave people feeling even more frustrated than before when the little bit of weight they do manage to lose comes back even faster, making it impossible to keep the weight off for good.

Furthermore, these programs leave little opportunity to fight off the dangerous internal fat around the heart and other vital organs that literally attacks the body from the inside out.

Making things even harder is the fact that it can be so difficult to find the time to prepare and eat the complicated meals every day, seven days a week that these complicated diet programs require. The process of getting up, getting ready for work, shuffling kids off to school, making dinner and cleaning up often leaves most people feeling lazy, drained of energy, depressed, and feeling older than they actually are.

Many people struggle with diet program after diet program, only to regain all of the weight plus more. As a result, they fall victim to a dangerous cycle that not only does nothing to help them lose weight but could also make their health even worse. The sad reality is that a pattern of gaining and losing weight in rapid succession can take a tremendous toll on one’s health.

The only solution that doctors often seem to have to fix health problems is prescribing more medication. According to a recent report from IMS Health, Americans spend a combined $309 billion yearly on prescription drugs, with costs rising about 10 percent annually. Not only are these prescription drugs expensive, but they also frequently come with a litany of undesirable side effects.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

In many cases, those side effects can leave you feeling even worse than the original symptoms they were designed to treat.

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is based on three top secret research studies:

  • On Diet Induced Thermogenesis
  • On Nutrient Timing Frequency
  • Overfeeding

While some diet programs give you the opportunity to cheat only one day a week, this diet program offers three flexible cheat days per week. With this approach, you never have to worry about feeling starved or out of place at another party of social event again. This one-of-a-kind program features three built-in core principles.

  • Indulge in whatever foods you want three days per week
  • Relax 167 out of 168 hours per week
  • Incredible sustainability while targeting the cause of high cholesterol, belly fat, diabetes, and heart disease

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The author of this program reports that 70 million people suffer from three of the leading causes of death; plaque buildup in the arteries due to high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke. This means that approximately one in every three adults suffer from high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, most go undiagnosed and eventually succumb to this silent killer. Furthermore, more than 29 million people suffer from diabetes. Of that number, more than eight million go undiagnosed until its potentially too late.

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet could prevent you from becoming a victim to such potentially fatal disease statistics. With this program, you receive the precise formula that the author states both he and his wife used to lose unwanted belly fat and reverse dangerous health conditions.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review

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What’s Included With The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet program includes the following:

  • An easy-to-follow diet manual that contains the three belly blasting principles
  • A quick start fat loss guide
  • Access to the precise list of foods that can shrink belly fat and potentially help to prevent type II diabetes, stroke, and heart disease
  • A survival guide to eating out
  • The 2-minute age reversing recipes that melt belly fat
  • The blueprint to revitalize your metabolism
  • The detailed pre/during/post belly blast protocol

In addition, you also receive access to a list of energy boosting and belly flattening foods that can help you to sleep better. You will also receive a 2-minute belly flab targeting solution.

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1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

Who Is Dan Long?

The author of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is Dan Long, who discovered this diet approach after suffering a near fatal heart attack. He set out on a path to lose weight and found the inspiration for this diet program after speaking with his 92- year old grandmother.

She told him that her doctors believed her secret to longevity was her eating patterns, which involved indulging three times a week with whatever foods she wanted while keeping the rest of her meals simple and strategic. This eventually led to Dan creating the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet program.

Pros and Cons

Among the benefits of Dan Long’s diet plan is the fact that he has backed up everything he claims with scientific, peer-reviewed research.

With his program, you receive digital access to everything included. This means you can access it on your computer, tablet, or phone without the need to wait for a shipment to arrive.

You will also receive 60 full days to review and try the program for yourself. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply email the author and you will immediately receive a refund of your full purchase price with no questions asked.

As is the case with any such diet program, it’s important to recognize that there are potential disadvantages. Among the potential downsides is the fact that you will not receive an actual hardcopy of any of the materials. Even so, you do receive immediate digital access and you can always print out the materials if you prefer to have a hardcopy.

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1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review Conclusion

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet appears to be based on solid research and is backed up by ample testimonials and scientific research. With the 60-day guarantee, you can try this program and if it does not work for you and you do not lose weight, you can receive a refund for the full purchase price.

As a result, you really have nothing to lose but unwanted belly fat. I recommend you check out Dan Long’s official website for his new dieting and fat melting protocol. The official website has a ton of additional information you may find useful and helpful.