11 Superfood Ingredients Your Body Has Been Missing Out On

There are a million and one reasons to place importance on the ingredients you put in your body. With the world and grocery stores being filled with frozen dinners and prepackaged meals, it’s quite atrocious how food is no longer food. This very well explains the increase in disease and illness that is almost always more prominent in Westernized countries, such as the United States and Canada.

I truly can’t fathom why nothing has been done in the world in regards to our diet. The healthy foods are expensive, and the grease-filled nonsense is affordable. It truly has me baffled. So, I decided to write a list of 11 ingredients everyone should include in their diet to get that extra boost of health and nutrition into their day.

Coconut Water

Coconut water has been popping up in the healthy sections of grocery stores for quite some time now – finally! It’s an excellent refreshment that is 100% natural and is a nice change to the plain and boring flavor of regular water. Mind you, that is just as important as well.

However, when you need something more suited for your taste buds and don’t want to drink sugary god-knows-what, grab some coconut water. It’s high in potassium and helps your body transport all healthy ingredients you eat throughout the day into the bloodstream.

Coconut Water - Organifi


Snacking on green algae may not sound like your favorite pastime. However, you may want to reconsider because Chlorella is super high in protein and full of healthy polyunsaturated fats. So, it could be the perfect pre or post workout snack!

Chlorella - Organifi


Lemon is one powerful ingredient. However, taking a bite out of this sour citrus fruit probably isn’t as fun as it was when you were a little kid. So instead, sprits it into your next glass of water or on top of your salad.

Lemon helps control your appetite and can also cool and alkalize your body, which means that it can stabilize your blood sugar levels when they’re in normal ranges.

lemon - organifi


You have probably seen little green plants lining the shelves of health food stores, in particular, those that serve juices and smoothies. Wheatgrass is often referred to as being the lifeblood of plant life, and even the ancient Egyptians worshiped it, as it’s packed with an abundance of health benefits. These are the kind of shots you should be taking.

Wheatgrass - Organifi


Say that five times fast! Ashwagandha is made up of a combination of vitamins, herbs and amino acids, all of which help your body respond to stressful or changing environments.

It keeps the mind and body healthy, as it aids in the process of dealing with external (toxins and pollution) and internal stresses. So, Ashwagandha for all!

Ashwagandha - Organifi


It’s time for some plant protein, and spirulina has plenty of it! Spirulina is also high in iron and calcium. It will give you a jolt of energy and strength without the crash of those weird energy shots you can find in the local corner store. The Aztecs even used it way back in the day, and if you’ve ever wondered how our ancestors thrive, this could very well be the answer to that.

Spirulina - Organifi


Minty fresh! This herb isn’t rare to find, but it is rarely consumed and is often only used as a slight addition to dishes and drinks. However, the mint leaf is one powerful ingredient everyone should be having more of.

It has been used for centuries all over the world to help treat many conditions and health concerns, such as cramps, indigestion, and sleep problems. It can even whiten your teeth, which is a huge benefit since we all know those dentist appointments can get pretty pricey.

Mint - Organifi


This ingredient is fun to say – and just as much fun for your body to consume. Moringa has all the essential amino acids your body needs and craves. Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein that are required for your body to grow, repair and maintain cells, you need this ingredient.

Moringa - Organifi


Yet another ingredient that can easily be found in your grocery store, but that is rarely added into the diet as much as it should be in turmeric. Basically, Turmeric is just a spice that is packed with vital and powerful antioxidants. It’s time to cleanse, folks.

Turmeric - Organifi

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is a popular refreshment in Japanese, but not as common over here in Westernized countries – and it should be. Matcha is packed the EGCG antioxidant, which helps reduce stress, manage appetite and can also regulate hormones. Those are three major benefits that everyone should have in their diet.

Matcha green tea - Organifi


Beets aren’t necessarily one of those ingredients that people jump for joy about, but your body certainly will when it gets a taste of the health that comes in every bite – or sip of beet juice. Beets are high in folate and manganese and are highly nutritious and known as a superfood! Needless to say, they’ll also make you feel super as well.

Beets - Organifi

Now, I understand that not all of these ingredients are at the top of your taste buds’ preference list. As a picky eater myself, getting vital ingredients into my diet such as the 11 mentioned often came with a trigger of my gag-reflex. In other words, not fun at all, right?