24/7 Fat Loss Review – Is Joel Marion And Craig Ballantyne’s New Program Worth It?

After a little wait here is my detailed 24/7 Fat Loss Review. This is training program from online fitness experts Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne who are considered the gold standard when it comes to digital fitness programs. Fat Loss makes a pretty bold claim out of the gate.

They claim their new program can help you burn fat every minute of every day. I know, I know, this claim is pretty outrageous but let’s take a second and ask ourselves what if we could and if we could what would that mean for your training regime?

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Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne are saying 24/7 Fat Loss is a scientific miracle where you can literally program your body to burn fat all hours of the day. How can this possibly be true? It couldn’t be. Or could it?

Before we shun the theory as another way to get us to spend our hard-earned cash, let’s give them a chance and take a good, hard look at what they’re claiming is a shockingly quick way of getting rid of the unwanted blubber! I mean, Joel did change the game with his program Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

24/7 Fat Loss Review

My Detailed 24/7 Fat Loss Review

Joel and Craig are targeting those of us who need to get rid of the weight as fast as possible (that would be most of us). The whole basis of 24/7 Fat Loss is that by using four basic strategies correctly, you can make your body burn fat every second of every day. Sounds wonderful, huh? Let’s take our observation to another level –they say the program is scientifically proven to work. We want to see how.

Here are the two reasons they say your body isn’t burning fat 24/7 already:

  • Reason 1 – Most programs for fat loss don’t address your hormones. Your body burning fat is controlled by these. So target your hormones, and technically it is possible to have your body burning fat at all times of every day.
  • Reason 2 – The exercise you do to burn fat does literally nothing to for your metabolism. You have to perform the right type of cardio or your metabolism returns to normal in just a short time of completing your workout routine. If you get the exercise right, it’s absolutely possible to boost your metabolism for up to 2 DAYS post exercise.

The Four Strategies of The 24/7 Fat Loss Program

We can agree with both of those points, but what does your money actually get you when you invest in the 24/7 Fat Loss program? What you get is an eight-week speedy fat loss program that bonds your body into four strategies that will battle both of the reasons mentioned above. These amazing strategies consist of the following:

  • Perfected nutrient combinations – Most of us already know that we should be eating a nutritious combination of fibrous carbohydrates, quality protein, and healthy fats. The way you combine these nutrients together can have a solid effect on your internal hormone production. Your hormones decide if your body is burning or storing fat. This can be necessary to whether or not you achieve your fat loss goals.
  • Carbohydrate Syncing – This sounds a little ‘crazy.’ Actually, while most people erroneously think the key to fat loss is by getting rid of carbohydrates, the truth is that you should eat them at certain times when your body can process them properly. These two scientifically proven times are at first thing in the morning and after performing extreme exercise. The plan here is to do a double slam, performing your cardio in the morning, and then taking in your daily carbohydrates ration. That means your body will be in the state you require because it’s literally feening for carbohydrates!
  • Strategic Overeating – People know that when you are on a diet your body moves into a starvation mode. After around a week or so of being on a diet, your hormones have decreased your fat loss capability to only around half of what it can actually burn. The fantastic news is that it only takes about a day of overeating to bring that fat burning back up. You can truly ‘redefine’ your metabolism and boost it tremendously with ‘high-calorie cheat days.’
  • Metabolic resistance training – In theory, this is performing the right type of training to make happen what’s known as ‘afterburn.’ This can honestly increase your metabolism for up to 2 days after you work out – something that most exercise simply won’t do. Forget running for half an hour on the treadmill, forget the boredom of the exercise back in the living room. Matter of fact, forget absolutely everything you’ve ever been told previously about burning fat. Metabolic resistance training is the only way forward.

The eight week 24/7 Fat Loss program is delivered to you in nine modules:

  • The 24/7 Fat Loss Training Manual
  • The 24/7 Fat Loss Diet Manual
  • Workout Log
  • The 24/7 Fat Loss Timeline
  • The Exercise Database
  • The Mindset Database
  • The Supplementation Guide
  • Pre-Program Quick Start Check List
  • The 24/7 Fat Loss Audio Interrogation
  • Plus a quick action bonus of a 90 minute Live VIP Q&A coaching call with Joel and Craig

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Who Exactly Is This Program For?

This not directly aimed at weight lifters and bodybuilders alone. The strategies would certainly work for you guys. 24/7 Fat Loss is for both men and women, young and old, beginners at fitness or workout fanatics.

As a matter of fact, the program actually includes beginner level workouts specific for anyone that has not begun to dive into their fat loss potential.

Who are Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne?

These men are certainly not strangers to the fitness world and bodybuilding (and their bods are pretty fantastic, so they know what they have to do to get it!).

Along with having an awe-inspiring client list featuring some amazing ‘you gotta see ‘em to believe ‘em’ results, Joel Marion is also a member of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s training advisory team and also on the expert panel at Lifescript.com.

Craig Ballantyne is also very good at his trade. With a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and appearing in numerous fitness mags, this is one strength and fitness coach with a list of non-stop training, supplementation, and nutritional research skills that make him one of the leading names in physical training.

24/7 Fat Loss

The Advantages of The 24/7 Fat Loss Fitness Program

24/7 Fat Loss really does follow scientifically proven ways to help lose those stubborn pounds and melt the fat. The program not only gets the results, but the results keep on going. Adopt these four strategies and you will not only get rid of the fat, but you will feel the difference from the internal hormone changes from then on.

The guys have evaluated many of the possible frequently asked questions you are going to have. They have set these out in an easy to understand guide that has both info and is going to be enjoyable too! The hard part is done for you. You still have to stick to the program, but everything like what to eat, when to eat, when to workout, how to workout and etc are all included in the modules. You don’t have to struggle to figure out insane formulas or drab menus. It’s only a case of following the program and watch the results appear before your eyes!

These guys also know that motivation is an enormous part of determining if your fat loss program is successful. The included Mindset Database is a large advantage that helps you stay focused and working towards your fat loss goals. The program also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which you can read more about on the official website located here.

The Pitfalls of The Program

No matter how great any program is, it definitely takes discipline on your part. So if you’re thinking this is some marvelous way of burning the fat without doing anything then you’re going to be let down. For any program to work you have to put in the time and energy it takes to succeed. I wish there was a magic easy button, but I have yet to find one. If you do please let me know.

Another slight downfall to the way this program works is that If you’d rather exercise at night then you’re going to have to change your ways on this one because exercising in the morning is one of the key components to 24/7 Fat Loss. Don’t worry, you will be able to work out eventually at night again, but while doing this program you will have to fit it into your day somehow.

Will the program fail if you don’t use it only in the day? No, not at all, but you will see maximum results if you follow it to a tee, but no matter what you will see results if you put the work in. All in all, not a lot of pitfalls, but I feel I need to let you know so that you have all the facts. Oh, before I forget. This is a digital course so please know that this means there are no physical DVDs or anything like that.

The Bottom Line On 24/7 Fat Loss

If you have the drive and the ambition to do the program then you will definitely lose the fat quickly. The fact that there are weekly scheduled ‘cheat’ days means that mentally you know it won’t be long before you can binge on food that’s not allowed.

This really is an amazing program that will grant many people who’ve failed to achieve their goals in the past a way to get the physique they deserve. I’ve got to run, but I hope this 24/7 Fat Loss Review helped you determine if it’s a fit for you and remember that you can always get your money back if it’s not your cup of tea. Click Here To Visit The Official 24/7 Fat Loss Website