3 Benefits of Knowing Your Booty Type

“Knowledge is power.”

That’s not just a catchy, idealistic quote.

It’s true.

The more you understand the object of your ambition, the more likely you are to succeed in your ambition.

And as a result of my years at work in the fitness industry, I’m certain that there’s no greater picture of this truth than in your training.

Specifically, when it comes to training your booty.

Booty Type Training

The concept of Booty Type Training is simple.

You need to know the type of butt that you have in order to train it for the finest and fastest results.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today with my Booty Type Training Program – the best results for your booty in the shortest amount of time without the slightest training frustration and with the powerful knowledge that’ll make you look and feel more confident than ever before.

The first step to this program is getting to know your booty type.

And here’s why:

Less Frustration

I know you’ve been there before…

I have, too.

You try on a potential pair of new blue jeans at your favorite retail store and you think, “They’re okay. But I wish my butt looked better in them…”

Booty Type Training

And so you decide to start working out to really get your booty into shape.

But after a few weeks of training, you’re still frustrated. Your booty looks the same (maybe even worse!) because, well, all of the fitness advice in websites and magazines don’t tell you how to train your booty.

Your training is like trying to clean a messy house in pitch darkness…

Frustrating, slow and in danger of causing more harm than good!

But my Booty Type Training Program eliminates frustration.

It provides you with a light to see what you’re doing, what needs to be done, and best of all, it helps you to throw away all of the guessing games so that you no longer have to be frustrated when you train for a better booty.

See, not all butts are the same.

Booty Type Training

Our genetics largely determine our muscle development, and therefore our booty’s (which is a muscle) development as well.

Knowing your booty type is the key to knowing what combination of movements and exercises will get your booty looking it’s very best in the shortest amount of time…

And unlike the “one size fits all” advice that magazines and websites suggest, there’s only one size that’ll fit you to get you fitting in those new jeans just right.

Less time

If you don’t know your butt type, you’ll spend hours and hours training for nothing.

You’ll do this because you aren’t training for your booty type…

You’re training under some universal booty type that simply doesn’t exist.

Or in other words, you’ll waste your time because you’re not training for your booty.

Saving you on time and stress is one of the reasons I developed my Booty Type Training Program.

Knowing and training for your specific booty type will give you the best results in half the time (or better) than if you try to train without understanding what workouts best suit your booty.

Booty Type Training

You know this from experience.

The best way to efficiently complete a project, is first, by understanding what steps need to take place in order to finish the project.

Knowing your booty type is the first step towards success in getting that firm and toned booty that will give you amazing new confidence in your backside.

And once you get your booty type figured out, well, with my program, the rest will easily fall into place.

Less energy

As women, let’s face it; we need energy for a lot of things throughout the day.

Every day you find yourself with a lengthy to-do list…

And on most days you feel like you couldn’t spare an ounce more of energy, which is why I don’t want you wasting any more energy on long workouts that aren’t making your butt look great in that new skirt.

Booty Type Training

If you spend hours in the gym trying to tone your booty, not only are you wasting time, but you’re also wasting energy.

In fact, there are some exercises that you might be doing that will actually push your progress further backwards from where you’re at right now.

How do you keep from slipping into a cycle of burning energy that you simply don’t have to burn?

You need to know your booty type.

Again, using energy in the most efficient way depends on knowing your booty type before you start training for the booty you’ve always wanted.

With my Booty Type Training Program, I’ll help you identify your booty type, uncover which workouts you don’t want to perform when you’re working to shape up your booty and also which workouts will help you reach goals without exerting an ounce more of energy than you need to.

And, even if you can’t manage to get to the gym, my program is designed to give you workouts you can do from home so that you can make the best use of both your time and your energy.

A Better Booty. Period.

Knowing your booty type will help you to get a better booty. Period.

There are 4 different booty types, which I cover in my program.

They’re based on two main components: your hip structure and natural displacement of fat.

Because there are 4 different booty types, there are different exercises that each booty type needs to perform to get the best results.

But again, the key is found in knowing your booty type first.

I guarantee that with specific booty-type movements, you’ll feel the muscles in your glutes activate like never before, and you’ll have a new surge of confidence in knowing that you’re on your way to your best-looking booty… ever.

Booty Type Training

Booty type training crushes frustration, saves you time and energy while helping you to get your booty in better shape than you ever thought possible!

Where does it all start?

It starts with knowledge.

Knowing your booty type.

If you haven’t clicked over to my Booty Type Training Program site yet, you can do so here.

Through my program, you’ll find the knowledge, tools, and support you need to get the booty you’ve been dreaming of.

Take the next step by clicking here and you’ll be on your way to your best booty in no time!