The 3 Week Diet Review: Shaky Science or a Recipe for Extreme Weight Loss?

So, you want to lose a lot of weight fast? If so, you are like most others who are constantly trying the latest fad in diet or exercise, in hopes of ending their life-long struggle with excess body weight and body fat.

How does twenty-one days to lose twelve to twenty-three pounds sound for rapid weight loss? It sounded great to me too, so naturally I was excited to learn about Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Plan, available on I tried his guaranteed diet system, and here is what I found. Below is my 3 Week Diet review.

3 Week Diet Review

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What is the 3 Week Diet and How Does it Work?

The 3 Week Diet plan, according to its author Brain Flatt, is the answer to your weight loss woes. His claim is that you can use his system and lose between twelve and twenty-three pounds in just twenty-one days. It sounds to good to be true. Right? Here’s an explanation of how the program works.

Fat is stored in the body when we ingest more than the right type and amount of nutrients that our body can use effectively. When this occurs, these excess nutrients are stored in our body as triglycerides. Fat that takes this form is more difficult for the body to break down, since it must first break apart the triglycerides that have aggregated as a result of fat storage.

Individuals are likely to store fat and be unable to lose it, due to several effects of human metabolism, as well as human nature. These effects include:

1.) Cell Inflammation – A condition that is never really addressed by most dietary regimens, cell inflammation is a result of eating the wrong foods.

2.) Buying into the modern “Eat Less – Exercise More” mentality – Although this adage has some credence, it is not either entirely accurate or sustainable on a long term basis.

3.) Lack of good information to formulate a weight loss plan of action – The requirements for a good weight loss program require step-by-step diligence in performance of specific dietary and activity parameters.

4.) Diet “Jumping” – The activity that most of us pursue, as we recognize that our sacrifices are not resulting in appropriate rewards (the rewards of losing weight for the trade-off of performing the program).

5.) Bad information about dietary science -The fact that we aren’t well educated about what it takes to lose weight, or why certain things work, while others do not. Certain myths about weight loss are purposely perpetuated by those who profit from our pain.

Flatt’s program purports to maximize metabolic processes to burn fat whether your body is at rest or expending energy from more active endeavor.

Isn’t Rapid Weight Loss Dangerous?

According to many reputable sources, it is not losing weight quickly that is unhealthy. It is the way in which the weight is lost, with tools like starvation diets, supplements or pills and “voodoo” strategies.

Rapid weight loss is quite common, especially in people who have more fat to lose. The 3 Week Diet method used is designed for maximum weight loss without the negative side effects you hear a lot about in the news.

Who is Brian Flatt?

It’s important to take a look at the author behind a product. If you think about it the product is a direct extension of the knowledge of the author. In this case the creator of The 3 Week Diet is Brian Flatt.

Brain is a certified personal trainer, certified sports nutritionist, author and from time to time engages in different speaking events. Brain is also the owner of a popular personal training studio out in Southern California called REV fitness.

Brain Flatt has over 18 years in the fitness and nutrition industry and also holds a Biology degree from the University of San Diego. Overall Brian does have the knowledge and experience to help others slim down. It’s critical to make sure whoever is teaching you has some background in what their teaching .

In the next part of this 3 Weeks Diet review we’ll take a look at what’s included with the program.

What is Included in the 3 Week Diet Package?

When you order the 3 Week Diet program, you will receive four manuals that will guide you through your rapid weight loss, from beginning to end. Here is what the digital literature covers:

1.) Introduction Manual: This is the first part of the program and really helps you to understand the science behind the program and why we gain weight and why we lose weight. In addition this manual will why Brain recommends certain supplement recommendations which help to keep your energy and metabolism in ideal form.

The 3 Week Diet review

2.) Diet Manual: Includes instructions for calculating body mass and fat percentage, for your individual body. It tells you what, when and how much to eat, as well as well as foods to avoid. Also included is a simple plan to keep the fat off.

3 Week Diet reviews

3.) Workout Manual: A workout plan that requires only twenty minutes for half of the days in each week! No gym or exercise equipment required, but if you like to use the gym, a routine for that is included, as well. Also includes a highly effective midsection routine, consisting of the only two abdominal exercises you may ever need.

3 Week Diet review

4.) Mindset and Motivation Manual: Useful tricks and techniques to set up your mental state for ultimate weight loss success.

3 Week Diet Review

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The Four Phases of 3 Week Diet

In the 3 Week Diet program Brain Flatt talks about 4 specific phases which allow this protocol to work. So in this part of the 3 Week Diet review I want to shed a little more light on these phases.

Phase 1 – Detox Your Live:

The first phase of the 3 Week Diet program deals with detoxing the liver. A lot of people NEVER thing about toxins and how they’re related to fat storage. Toxins hinder the body from working properly and stop fat burning dead in it’s track.

3 Week Diet reviews

So in this phase of the program Brain will show you how to cleanse the liver, increase your insulin sensitivity and increase fat-burning ability by stimulating the adrenal function of the body. Brian, the author recommends vitamins A, D and C to help with the entire detox process.

Phase 2 – Fasting for 24 Hours:

The next phase of the program after you do the cleaning and detoxing phase is Fasting. Now please don’t get scared because fasting isn’t as hard as you think. I actually do intermittent fasting every single day and love it.

Fasting is all about timing and if you start it at the right time it will be easy to do for most people. For the 3 Week Diet you’ll start your 24 hour fasting after your last meal. So let’s say you eat your last meal at 7 pm. You wouldn’t eat again until 7 pm the next day. Now if you think about it you’ll be asleep for most of your fast. You can still drink coffee (black) and water.

You’ll be shocked at how easy water will stop your hungry. I love to eat and if I can do it I know you can too 😉 Another advantage of fasting is that it gives your digestive system a little break. This also helps to remove any remaining toxins that the first phase didn’t remove.

Phase 3 – Fat Fast Diet:

This part of the 3 Week Diet starts on the 9th day and will last for exactly 3 days. This phase continues the the toxin cleansing from the liver and you’ll get about 80% of all your calories from fat!

FAT!!! Yes, I said fat and please don’t get scared. One of the biggest myth’s in the nutrition world is that fat actually makes you fat. This is so far from the truth. When you’re diet is mostly fat your body switches to a fat-burning mode and starts burning fat for fuel instead of carbs.

It’s similar to how the Atkins diet works with a little twist. I’ve done Atkins for years and it does work so don’t worry and just follow the 3 Week Diet system and you’ll be fine.

Phase 4 – Focus on your BMR:

This phase is the longest one and the final one. During this phase you’ll consume a special diet designed for your specific and unique BMR. In case you’re wondering BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. Without getting all science on you it’s a way to measure your metabolic rate.

3 Week Diet review

Each person is unique so if your sister or brother ate this diet it wouldn’t work the same because this phase is customized for your own individual BMR.

You’ll also learn how many calories you need to consume on a daily basis. Losing weight is all about energy in, energy out so if you’re burning more calories than you take in the only result is to lose weight.

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Did I Find Weight Loss Success Using the 3 Week Diet?

The short answer is “Yes.” Although I was at the lower end of the promised weight loss spectrum, I still lost far more in the first three weeks than I have lost on any other diet program.

3 Week Diet Advantages and Disadvantages

The diet regimen has many benefits, but is not without drawbacks. However, these are not insurmountable, by any means. The weight will come off, but not without a fair amount of concerted effort. Of course, the more accurately you follow the plan, the better it will work. You will need to invest both time and money to reap its benefits.

Advantages of the plan are its ready availability and reasonable price. You also have a 60-day money-back guarantee, if you fail to see the promised result. Anyone can use the system, no matter what type of diet they now subscribe to or how limited their fitness level. No special food or equipment is needed and the program will work on a short-term basis, if you need to lose weight for a special event, like a class reunion.

As for the long-term sustainability of the regimen, I’m not sure yet. I haven’t been on the 3 Day Diet plan long enough to determine its long-term endurance, but stay tuned…

My Conclusion is….

After using the 3 Day Diet for approximately two months, I am pleased with the shape and weight of my physique; at least in comparison to my previous efforts. My plan is to continue with the exercise portion of the program and integrate the eating potion into my lifestyle. I’m optimistic about my likely future results.

If you would like to learn more about The 3 Week Diet you can visit the official website here. For those interested you can download Chapter 1 of the 3 Week Diet for free. Brain is giving it away so people can get a small taste of the program.

The 3 Week Diet

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