4 Unexpected Exercises To Accentuate Your Booty

Do you feel like you’ve been training your booty off but your butt just doesn’t stand out like you’d like it to?

Do you have moments when you try on a new dress and glance at your booty in the dressing room mirror only to feel like there’s something missing?

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A “wow” factor of sorts?

Well, there could be a reason for that…

And it doesn’t have to do with your butt.

See, getting a better-looking booty isn’t always about your booty…

It’s about your entire body.

Your whole body, from your shoulders to your toes can be trained in order to accentuate your butt.

To make it feature more prominently…

To steal the show, if you will.

Training the muscles around your booty will affect the way your butt looks at every angle, in every dress, in your bikini, and so on…

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Putting focus on your booty without actually putting focus on your booty?

I know it’s a bit unexpected.

But I’ll show you how it’s done.

Here are four exercises that will accentuate your booty without actually targeting your booty.

Prone Back Extensions

You probably didn’t consider your back as a key element to bringing out your booty…

But I want you to think about this for a second.

The curve of your booty begins at your lower back…

To be more specific, the outward curve of your butt is accentuated by the inward curve of your lower back.

And that’s why exercising your lower back is important.

The leaner it is, the more “pop” your booty will have.

Starting Position: Prone back extensions are a simple but effective exercise for shaping your lower back muscles. Pick any spot on the floor and lay down with your stomach on the floor. Keep your legs straight and your toes on the floor with your arms at your sides.

The Movement: Using your lower back, simply lift your head, shoulders and chest off the ground. Pause for a moment at the top of the movement and flex your lower back muscles. Perform this movement slowly for 20 repetitions.

Focus: You want to focus on your lower back throughout the movement. Don’t use any other muscles to assist you in raising your upper body off of the floor. Be sure to flex your lower back when you reach the top of the movement for better muscle development that will, in turn, accentuate your booty.

Plank with Leg Raise

So a lean lower back can help to accentuate your booty…

But the backside isn’t the only place to look if you want a butt that really steals the show.

In this case, a lean midsection is a must.

When you think about your favorite Hollywood icons that have an attention-grabbing booty, you’ve probably noticed that they also have a lean midsection…

This leanness makes their booty curve more expressive.

And it’ll do the same for you, too…

Especially when you turn to the side.

A flat stomach accentuates a curvaceous booty, giving it that extra “pop” you’re looking for.

Starting Position: Start in a forearm plank position with your forearms resting on the floor, your back straight and your toes pointed towards the floor.

The Movement: Slowly lift your right leg off of the floor until you feel a squeeze in your booty. Hold your body tight by flexing your abdominal muscles. Then, slowly lower your right leg back to the floor. Then switch to your left leg. Perform 20 repetitions per leg.

Focus: Though you’re lifting your leg and flexing your booty while doing so, you also want to focus on squeezing your abdominals throughout the movement. The goal is to keep your core tight so that you’ll develop strong, lean abs and a flat belly as a result.

Reverse Lunges

When you look at the back of your legs, there is one muscle in particular that leads up to your booty…

Your hamstrings.

Bulky hamstrings will only hide your booty training progress.

But lean and sexy hamstrings will accentuate your booty both from the back and side angles.

Also, as an extra bonus, when you train your hamstrings, your glutes are usually involved in the movement, as you’ll notice when you start your reverse lunges.

Starting Position: To start, stand up straight and place your hands on your hips. Your legs should be about hip-width apart.

The Movement: Step backwards with your right foot. Bend your left knee at a 90-degree angle and move your hips downward until your right knee softly touches the ground. After a slight pause, drive through the heel of your front leg to stand straight back up. Complete 20 repetitions per leg. 

Focus: Focus on flexing your hamstrings from start to finish throughout the movement. Also, keep your abdominals tight during the movement as well. If you slouch over while you lunge, you’re missing a critical element of the movement which ads core strength and you put yourself in danger of a nasty backache.

Oblique V-Crunch

There is a reason the “hourglass” physique is so popular…

Because it accentuates your curves.

A small waist will naturally draw attention to a muscular and curvaceous butt.

How do you get a smaller looking waist?

Blast away those love handles.

Oblique exercises are one of the best love handle blasters you can do.

Starting Position: Start by lying on the floor on your right side, with your right hip on the floor. Place your right arm slightly out in front of you and have your place your left hand next to your left ear (like you would performing any type of sit-up).

The Movement: Press down slightly on your right arm and lift your torso towards your legs while you raise your legs straight towards the ceiling. Squeeze your obliques as you crunch. Then, slowly return back to the starting position. Repeat this movement for 20 repetitions per side.

Note: If lifting your legs while you crunch is too difficult for you right now, simply perform the crunch without lifting your legs. As long as you flex your obliques during the crunch you’re still effectively working to blast away those love handles.

Focus: Though there is a lot going on in this movement, make sure you focus on controlling your body throughout. Perform each part of the crunch slowly and while flexing your oblique muscles to get the best results.   

Getting a better-looking booty isn’t always about your booty.

Your whole body can be trained in a way that accentuates your curves so that your butt really stands out…

After all, you’ve been working hard at successfully shaping your booty with your booty type training

Invite your other muscles to help out, too!

These 4 exercises are a great place to start…

Start implementing them into your weekly workout plan and you’ll start to see that “wow” factor that you’ve been training for.