6 Minutes to Skinny Review – Can Six Minutes of Your Time Really Lead To Fat Loss?

6 Minutes to Skinny? It sounded a little silly. My first question was, “What do they mean by skinny?” I knew it wasn’t my body type; about 5’5″ and 140 pounds. I didn’t really consider myself fat, but I knew I wasn’t “skinny.” Surely, there was no routine that could get me to be “skinny” in only six minutes!

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My curiosity got the best of me, though. Who doesn’t want to be on the “skinny” end of the weight spectrum, especially if it involves only six minutes per day! What could this program be about? I figured it had to be something crazy. Otherwise, how could it really work? Otherwise, maybe it was just a bunch of bunk. Just what I needed; another “pie-in-the-sky” exercise regimen or whacko diet, that no one could accomplish. Oh no, I’d gone this route before!

Why did I even continue to read about Craig Ballantyne’s system, that made the claim that all I needed was six minutes at the beginning of my day to fast-track natural weight loss? Read on, I did though, and now I’m here to review my experience with 6 Minutes to Skinny.

6 Minutes To Skinny review

The keyword that made me want to learn more about the 6 Minutes to Skinny program was “natural.” You see, I’m a big advocate of doing things naturally, but I wasn’t really sure that doing things naturally was very useful in the weight loss arena.

Of course, I knew that eating better, more natural food was helpful to lose weight, but my experience told me that I had to watch every calorie and the diets that I’d tried were certainly less than tasty. Not only that, but they often left me with gnawing hunger, which eventually led to over-eating.

What Are The 6 Minutes to Skinny Concept?

The 6 Minutes to Skinny program is based on the precept that the human body goes through a number of cycles each day. Mr. Ballantyne maintains that the most important one is the “Metabolic Cycle” that takes place in the morning and is most instrumental for losing fat. Apparently, this cycle can be used to precipitate fate loss, but can equally sabotage your efforts, by slowing metabolic efficiency to a crawl. “Was this my problem?”, I wondered as I read through the program.

Ballantyne states two “mistakes” that most people make when they attempt to take off fat:

1.) Mistake # 1 – is the morning jog! He maintains that this age-old effort at weight loss amounts to “slow, boring cardio,” and that it is actually fighting the body’s natural rhythm. This natural body cycling ultimately leads to the “Fat Burning Cycle.” He further states that this cycle increases metabolic efficiency throughout your day, which encourages your body to burn fat all day.

2.) Mistake #2 – The second mistake he challenges is the standard American breakfast, which typically contains sugar-loaded carbohydrates, like juice, cereal, and toast with a side of jelly. He urges quitting this type of morning diet, but also urges encourages a protocol that is meant to “charge up” your metabolism early in the day. This is the process he says will allow you to actually lose fat, not just maintain a healthy weight.

Here are the tricks Craig Ballantyne says will lead to fat loss:

  • Four minutes of specific movement that you must perform five days per week
  • A natural shake, to drink each morning, that is quick and easy to make

The program’s author does suggest that users of his program attempt to wean themselves off of sugary foods but encourages eating healthy fats. He even has three snack suggestions that contain some of the most wonderful foods in the world; chocolate and cheese!

Craig Ballantyne? Never Heard of Him!

I hadn’t either but found out that he has contributed articles to some best-selling magazines, including Prevention, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness and National Geographic.

His profession is as a strength and fitness trainer, but he also holds a degree in Exercise Philosophy from Canada’s McMaster University and functions on the Training Advisory Board of Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazine.

6 Minutes To Skinny

Apparently, he’s pretty well-known in the fitness industry! He bases his fat loss program on scientific facts, supported by some well-known medical publications.

What Did I Get When I Ordered Craig Ballantyne’s Program?

Below is a breakdown of what my money bought when I ordered 6 Minutes to Skinny:

  • Main Manual – a ten-page guide that explains what the system is about
  • Four Minute Movement Video – Covers your exercise plan, with follow-along instruction. These movements need to be performed five days of the week.
  • Two Minute Recipe – A natural shake that’s simple to make with no hard-to-find ingredients
  • Quick Start Guide – helps you get started efficiently and correctly
  • Nutrition Guide – further useful nutritional information for life

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What Did I Think of 6 Minutes To Skinny?

The program is certainly different! There were no intensely challenging or brutally over-exerting exercises. I’m not much of an exercise fan; at least not the kind that gets you puffing and sweating. Not only that, but my job is intense and takes a lot of my time. Where, before my fitness regimen included no exercise, this one did have a workout, but just a short one.

Although I didn’t lose a lot of weight initially, I was able to “tweak” both the exercise and the nutritional portion of the program to customize for my individual goals, after my initial results stabilized.

I’ve never worked out “too much,” as the author warns against, so I can’t attest to the effects of “overtraining” prior to my program experience. Nor can I attest to the hormone or enzyme releases that Mr. Ballantyne claims are the reason I’ve lost fat.

All I know is that I have, and the 60-days that I was promised my money back if I was unsatisfied are coming up in about two weeks. I won’t need to take advantage of the refund option as I’m quite happy with the results so far.

6 Minutes To Skinny

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I have come to believe that the six minutes (more or less)that I spend in the morning does, indeed trick my body into thinking that my entire day consists of physical activity, as the author suggests, although I’m not too sure how it does that.

I do know that everything I needed to accomplish, I could do in the comfort of my own home, without any special equipment. I’m an apartment dweller, so I was pleased that the movement portion of the program did not require much space, at all.

The shake actually tastes pretty good, although drinking it every day does take some getting used to! One advantage of the shake is that it is made from natural ingredients, and none of them are artificial supplements, protein powders, or the like. No magic potions or pills to take.

I have, at this writing, began to use other parts outlined in the program in order to level up my results. Although I did initially experience almost immediate changes, I am still wanting more out of the system and have been told that this is a possibility. Not too sure on this point, just yet.

The price I paid for the course materials was actually zero dollars and zero cents; definitely a BIG advantage, although I don’t know if it is still available for free, at this writing.

So far, my results have been permanent, at least for the short amount of time I’ve been using the program (almost 2 months). At the age of 57, I can attest to the safety of the 6 Minutes to Skinny fat loss course, for those who are not in perfect shape and are not young people. You can learn more about Craig’s 6-Minutes To Skinny program by visiting the official website here.