7 Common Beginner Exercise Mistakes

I was at the gym the other day with sweat falling from my face that had to resemble Niagra Falls. As I paused for a moment to wipe my brow, I looked around and noticed one of the many mistakes many people make. I was lost in thought for a few minutes about the various common beginner exercise mistakes people make before returning to my own workout.

There are a number of common mistakes made by many beginners. Avoiding these mistakes can help maximize the results you get from your regular visits to the gym. Avoid these common mistakes and get the most out of your work out.

Exercisers (especially beginning exercisers) often make mistakes that keep them from getting the most from their workouts – Web MD

Here Are 7 Common Beginner Exercise Mistakes

1. Set Goals You Can Reach

Many people get discouraged quickly because they don’t go from flab to fab within a week. It’s crazy to think that you could run ten miles after only a week of exercise, but many people set themselves up for failure by unintentionally thinking this way.

Set a long-term goal that is achievable within a reasonable time frame. Once you have your end goal in mind and know you can accomplish it, you can go back and set smaller goals that will lead you toward your desired result.

2. Stay Focused On The Goal

As I move from one piece of equipment to another during my own workout and routine, I often notice a large number of people doing what I call, the “cardio prop.”

Many people fail to see significant results, especially when they first begin exercising because they are too busy leaning on the equipment instead of using it. Have a routine for each type of exercise and muscle group you intend to work on. Having a plan in mind, and sticking to that plan, is essential to your overall success.

3. It’s Not All About Exercise

Many people forget that improved health, weight loss, and even training to run a marathon requires more than just exercise. The body is a dynamic machine that needs to be properly maintained.

Regardless of your goal, it’s important to remember that it requires doing the proper exercises, as well as proper diet. What type of exercise routine and diet you choose will depend on your desired goal, yet not taking your diet into consideration and only focusing on exercise is a quick method for failure.

4. Listen To Your Body

Following diet and exercise guidelines and ideas can be useful, but it’s also important to listen to your body. Is it realistic for someone to do an hour of intense cardio when they haven’t moved from the couch for ten years?

While following systems that others have proven to get results is important, it’s also essential to listen to your own body and the feedback it is giving you. If you’re overdoing it, or even underdoing it, your body will tell you. Push your diet and exercise past the point of being comfortable, but don’t overdo it and end up with more harm being done than good.

Your body is sending you messages, core, gut feelings, all the time. You don’t need to reason them, logic them, or intellectualize them. You just need to act on them. – Mind Body Green

5. Stay Focused On The Goal And Do What Has To Be Done

Many people quickly fail in relation to exercise and diet simply because they give up. After exercising becomes work and requires discipline to get it done, most people pack up and go home. Taking the time every day to reflect on where you are going can help you keep your head in the game.

Exercise motivation is critical to your long-term success. In addition,  focusing on your desired result and taking action, regardless of how you may feel at that moment, will give you the strength you need to do what you have to do to get it done.

6. Sticking To The Same Routine Can Be A Mistake

There are a number of reasons for having different routines. It’s easy to find one that works and stick with it, but this can lead to boredom and ultimately quitting. Having a different exercise routine helps avoid the pitfalls of boredom.

It also helps improve the results that you get overall. Studies have shown that the body adapts to someone doing the same exercises. This means that your body will get to the point where the same routine will no longer get the same results. By having a variety of exercise routines that you use on a regular basis, you use different parts of your body and never allow your body to settle into a comfort zone from the same routine.

7. It’s Not All About Cardiovascular Exercise

Many people instantly equate cardio with weight loss and improved health. The reality is that weight loss occurs because the muscles in the body are burning stored fat and calories for energy.

Having a workout plan that includes a variety of exercises can help maximize the results you get in the shortest time possible. Doing exercises that get the heart rate up is an important part of getting results, yet it’s also important to consider doing exercises that include light and heavy weight lifting, as well. Having routines that use a variety of exercises can help burn the largest amount of fat in the quickest period of time.