7 Day Ab Targeted Solution Review: Fat Burning Myth or Miracle?

According to the program authors, Shaun and Karen Hadsell, traditional exercise solutions typically keep our bodies in a state of fatness, because they only burn off the initial few pounds of fat. They maintain that so-called “stubborn fat” is a whole different proposition.

Defined as fat which lacks blood flow,”stubborn fat” is always the last to be burned off by your body, due to the human body’s miraculous ability to adapt. Furthermore, this adaptation is a partial result of traditional exercise protocols, which actually program the body to burn only sugar and food.

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Shaun Hadsall 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution

Additionally, the authors agree that exercise which only aims to accelerate the heart rate causes unnecessary physical stress which accelerates aging and makes the body less efficient at fat-burning.

Calling their 12-minute targeted workout a solution that will produce results in just one week, they point to testimonials and photographs of happy disciples who not only saw the results they were seeking but also derived benefits for their health issues, including:

1.) Hypertension
2.) Heart disease
3.) Diabetes or other blood sugar related issues
4.) Cardiovascular issues
5.) Weight issues
6.) Everyday stress and tension

Does the reality live up to the hype? Below is what I found out.

Who Are the Authors Of This Fat-Burning Program

Shaun and Karen Hadsell, who co-authored the 7 Day Ab regimen, are not new to the fitness and nutrition industry. They are each successful fitness gurus, in their own right. Shaun discovered the fundamentals of the Ab Solution more than 15 years ago.

His revelations came as a result of his winning entry in the “Body-for-LIFE.” He placed the first runner-up in this body transformation contest. He is a best-selling author, having written several books about a nutrition protocol, for which he owns proprietary rights.

Shaun Hadsall 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution review

He reached another milestone at the age of 40 when he was voted “America’s Most Fit Health and Fitness Professional.” Along with his 54-year-old wife, Karen, Shaun owned and operated a personal training franchise that placed among the ten best.

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What Do I Get With My 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution Program?

This is what you need to know to put the program into action; research documentation, as well as specifics of the protocol.

The contents of the program consists of the following literature, complete with guidance, tips, tricks and reports, designed to help you to appropriately and efficiently utilize Ab Solution:

7 Day Ab Targeted Solution Review

1.) The 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution Program, with “60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.” – This is the guide that clues you in on:

  • Cutting time spent exercising, for quicker results.
  • Increasing the “fat-burning” and “anti-aging hormones, like HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to help break up systemic fat.
  • Combating the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease, before its onset, by giving your brain a boost.
  • Programming your body to burn more calories faster.

2.) 1st Bonus – “Fast Start Guide”: This bonus is for those who are looking to get right into the program and don’t feel like waiting. This will allow you to optimize your time and effort so you can get started with burning fat.

3.) 2nd Bonus – “11 Super Sneaky Fat Burning Secrets”: This bonus has a bunch of little tips, tricks and hacks to take fat-burning to the next level and maximize results.

4.) 3rd Bonus – “Food Timing Tricks for Rapid Fat Loss”:  This is my favorite bonus because I utilize food timing on a daily basis with my diet. This guide provides individuals with an understanding of how timing relates to your body’s ability to burn fat and regulate metabolism.

5.) 4th bonus – “The 7 Day Trouble Spot Solution”: In this bonus, you’ll discover how to maximize the effects of your fitness efforts on your individual, unique trouble spots.

6.) 5th Bonus – “7 Day Ab Targeted Continuation Cheat Sheets”: – This is the “maintenance” section; an eight-week workout plan, so that your results will last a lifetime.

The program is laid out in an easy to follow format and should be easy for anyone to dive right into. The information is pretty straightforward. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

What Are The Program’s Advantages and Disadvantages?

Now you know what the program is, but maybe you don’t really have an idea of what it is not. Here are the results of my review:

This program, although reasonably simple in nature, is not for everyone. The regimen involves real effort and consistent study, as well as implementation. It is not really the “easy way out” of your fat and fitness woes. Laziness is not an option if you desire results, but if you can motivate yourself to perform the program as outlined, it is possible to achieve some fat-loss results in a week’s time.

7 Day Ab Targeted Solution program

The protocol is available for folks of any age, and all ages have the ability to perform the things required to acquire real results from the program. Additionally, it is very affordable, particularly when compared to a gym membership! Speaking of gym memberships, another advantage is that you can accomplish the exercises at home without special equipment or training.

The items contained in the program are digital, so purchasing the package will allow instant access. This means no shipping cost or wait time to try out your purchase. You can start your program as soon as you order since the PDF format released to you is functional on any type of computer.

My 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution Review Conclusion

My opinion of the 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution is, that it is a viable fitness program. It is easy to obtain and easy to use. Although it does require time and effort, I believe that those requirements are certainly no greater than other programs I have tried.

It’s an easy to follow program that does produce some results quickly and I think it’s a great addition to your personal fitness toolbox.

I purchased the program at a very reduced price. The website indicated that this was a price that is likely to increase, so I am not sure how much the future cost will be. All I can say about this is that what I paid when I purchased my kit seemed very reasonable to me.

The website carrying the name of the program is secure for credit cards and is being sold through Clickbank, the leading retailer for online fitness programs. So you can rest assured that this isn’t some scam or two-bit operation. Everything is on the up and up.

I believe Clickbank is the only place that the program can be purchased at the moment. I hope you found this 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution review helpful and that it provided you the information you needed to know to determine if it aligns with your current fitness goals.

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