7 Day Metabolism Fix Review – Is Mike Whitfield’s Program Trustworthy?

We’ve all been through the process of not only trying to lose weight but also trying to maintain the weight loss and while you may be focusing on the foods that you’re eating and your exercise regime, you may not be thinking about your metabolism as much as you should.

The 7 Day Metabolism Fix program is supposed to be your ultimate 101 guide on a healthy metabolism and how it can burn fat quicker and more effectively. Oh, and it says that there is no need for you to be on a strict diet or to put yourself through some agonizing program to burn more fat faster. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into this 7 Day Metabolism review.

What Is Mike Whitfield’s 7 Day Metabolism Fix All About

If it isn’t already obvious, the 7 Day Metabolism program is all about your metabolism, but it gets a little more in-depth than that.  You learn vital facts about your metabolism and by educating yourself with the program, you learn how to enhance your health to further your weight loss goals. Or in other words; you learn why you can’t eat fast food every day and never gain a pound like you used to back in high school, and then you take this information to make the proper adjustments and more importantly, the tricks to getting a better metabolism.

7 Day Metabolism Fix

You learn common dieter mistakes, how to get an athlete’s metabolism without being an actual athlete, how to burn fat when you’re sleeping and many other things such as the elements that affect your metabolism. The best part is that this information isn’t provided to you in a boring way. So, it won’t feel like you’re sitting through hours of lecturing and blah-blah-blah nonsense. You’ll actually enjoy your time. Weird, I know.

Who Exactly Is Mike Whitfield

First and foremost, he’s a family guy. Just check out his social media pages, and while some may argue that this has nothing to do with his workout programs, I’ll argue the opposite. Since he is a normal person with parental duties and family responsibilities, he is relatable and he understands how busy the world is for the majority of people.

Mike Whitfield

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As a result, his programs aren’t unrealistic and near impossible to fit into your day; and trust me, he has a lot out there – Bodyweight Finishers and Metabolism Finishers being two of the most popular ones. I think his success with his other programs proves that he clearly knows what he is talking about.

Plus, Mike Whitfield also weighed 305 pounds and lost 115 pounds of fat. So, he’s been there; done that. It’s time to take his advice and knowledge.

 What Do You Get

Inside the program, you will find an abundance of information that is valuable and enjoyable to go through. You also get a nutrition plan which shows you what to eat, and when to eat it which are two of the things that most people overlook; the latter being the biggest mistake for many people.

The nutrition guide will definitely show you, right away, that this program is different from anything you may have tried previously. It isn’t about counting calories and limiting your food intake. It’s just about changing the way you eat and when. To be a little more specific, every 3 days you can eat whatever you want but the other days, you have to commit to eating according to the system. Sounds do-able, right? This kind of eating has shown to have the ability to speed up metabolism while also burning more fat.

7 Day Metabolism Fix Review

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In addition, you will learn how exercise can also enhance your metabolism and thorough your weight loss. It focuses on a 3-minute sequence which can definitely be squeezed into everyone’s day. As for the bonuses, you get an eBook that has 21 tricks to boost your metabolism.

You also get another eBook that focuses on nutrition and specific foods that help burn fat faster. You receive an eBook that teaches you how to lose fat continuously and an eBook that gives you 31 recipes that can throw your metabolism into overdrive. It doesn’t end there. You also receive access to the VIP forum which is an excellent source of motivation, information and a great place to find out new tips and tricks from people just like you.

Oh, and you can’t forget about the bonuses bonus which gives you a bunch of videos that teach you how to take advantage of the program. Think of this bonus as a tutorial to doing the program perfectly right.

Pros of Mike Whitfield’s Program

For starters, you don’t have to use any supplements or intense dieting or exercise regime to reap the benefits of this program. It is also the exact same system that allowed the creator to lose 115 pounds of fat, so clearly, that speaks for itself.

More importantly, it is realistic and it won’t drive you absolutely bananas. You can eat whatever you want every 3 days, and it is proven to work. It is also affordable. Like I said, it’s realistic! If you don’t think so, you get a 60-day money back guarantee, so why not?

7 Day Metabolism Fix Review

The Cons

Although the program doesn’t require a lifestyle change to complete successfully, it should talk about, educate and encourage things such as regular exercise because those things are vital to thorough health and weight loss. Then again, the program doesn’t say that it is a 7 Day Optimal Health program. It’s a Metabolism Fix program and that’s what it focuses on.

7 Day Metabolism Fix Review Conclusion

If you’ve been having a love-hate (more of the latter) relationship with your metabolism or even your weight loss, then this is certainly a program that will be beneficial to you and your goals. This is especially true if you have exhausted yourself with intense exercise routines and excruciating diet plants.  It’s possible that you simply have not thought about your metabolism and how it can help you achieve your goals; hence why you need to pick up this program.

Mike Whitfield has proven himself time and time again when it comes to producing simple, quality workout programs that produce results when used correctly. I worded it that way because the majority of people who buy workout programs never finish them or don’t put the time and effort into them that they require.

Then when they don’t get results they complain that it’s the programs fault when in most situations the problem comes down to a lack of motivation and commitment. So if you’re serious about getting in shape or just staying in shape then I say give this course a try. You have a 60-day money back guarantee so there isn’t any harm in giving a try.

All in all the material in 7 Day Metabolism Fix is sound and this is a great companion to any workout routine too! If you’re interested in knowing more or purchasing the program you can find it at Mike Whitfield’s official 7 Day Metabolism Fix Website.