7 Great Post Workout Dinners

The world and fitness industry are constantly placing importance on pre-workout smoothies and meals, but what about the post-workout regime? After all, you just burned off all those calories and shed off those fat cells, and are probably feeling really hungry.

Now, this would be one extremely long article if we discussed all the possible post-workout meals at once. Instead, let’s assume that you’re the kind of guy or gal that gets their fitness training in after work, and before dinner… Because we simply aren’t all morning people and there’s no way in hell you’re setting that alarm for anything earlier than what it has to be at, right?

Best Post Workout Meal

So, after you’ve busted out your late afternoon or early evening workout, the next meal is dinner. and you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make your dinners the ultimate post-workout meals that will also be just as delicious and satisfying as you desire for your last bite of the day. Let’s also not forget about the benefits of why post-workout dinners are so vital to your overall fitness and health.

Post Workout Meal Benefits

Knowing exactly why you need to place importance on your post-workout meals is the ultimate source of motivation to keep your post dinners on point and packed with everything that you need, and yes, that includes flavor.

Prevent Muscle Breakdown

Eating after a hardcore, sweat-pouring workout session will prevent muscle breakdown, and since you just did all this work, you don’t want it to go to waste simply because you didn’t feed the hunger.

Tough strength training regimes create very tiny tears in your muscles and without proper amounts of nutrients afterwards, the tears can lead to the actual muscle breaking down.

Your body will break the muscle down to form protein which is required to repair itself. So, without eating after a workout, you’re just creating a vicious cycle of slow progress.

Enhance Recovery

With that said, timing your post-workout meals properly and with adequate amounts of nutrients will decrease the amount of soreness that you feel in your muscles. As a result, you’ll be able to push yourself harder within the next couple of days which promotes faster and better results. So, eat up!

Increase Fat Loss

This might sound like some fitness jargon to you, but basically, your muscles are super insulin sensitive, so getting carbs into your post-workout meal allows your body’s protein to work itself into your muscles to be used as opposed to turning into fat and sitting on your waistline. It’s an easy way to encourage fat loss while also enhancing muscle building.


Your body exhausts its fuel when you’re working out intensely, and just like you do for your car, you need to refuel to get the engine pumping again. The type of your workout doesn’t matter, but depending on the duration and intensity of the exercises you’re doing can completely deplete your fuel (glycogen). Getting carbs into your meal after working out replenish your energy levels.

Post-Workout Dinner Ideas

With your fridge stocked with delicious food items, it can seem hard to not reach for the most visually appealing thing within arms reach. However, placing a little bit of strategy behind your meal planning will provide all the benefits that were just mentioned.

Whey Protein powder and scoop

Whey protein also only takes approximately 30 minutes to get into your bloodstream, as opposed to 3-4 hours that protein from meat sources can. This is important knowledge as it’s an excellent way to maximize the effects of your workout, meal and get you back up and running.

So, whether you’re chowing down on some fruits, carbs or the following meals, consider your post-workout dining to be the last 10% of your workout because it’s absolutely vital to receiving optimal results.

Steak It Up’

Who doesn’t love steak? Heat up the grill because steak is an excellent source of protein. Add in some carbs with potatoes (or sweet potatoes as a healthier option) and prepare for the reconstruction of your muscle tissue to begin.

You Chicken

Chicken is packed with vital elements that promote a healthy lifestyle. A dinner plate with some chicken on it as your post-workout meal will provide you with sufficient amounts of protein, while also offering a blast of omega-3s which offer anti-inflammatory elements.

Grilled chicken breast

Mexican and Thai Inspired

When you’re at a loss for post-workout dinners, think Mexican! Top up on tuna, avocado, kidney beans, and brown rice to get a well-rounded fix that isn’t only delicious but also beneficial to your exercise regime. Taco Tuesdays, anyone?

The same can be said for Thai inspired foods, as the curry gives you a hefty dose of protein and carbs, and with a little dose of coconut, you’re enhancing your body’s fat-burning capabilities. Thai Thursdays?

Piece of Pie

While we all wish to snack on a fresh, home-baked apple pie was considered a healthy post-workout dinner, it isn’t. Instead, enjoy a heartier filling with a slice of your favorite cottage pie or shepherd’s pie. You get the meat, vegetables, carbs, and flavor-packed into every bite.

Something’s Fishy

Seafood isn’t always a favorite but plays around with different recipes that speak to your tastebuds because fish, such as salmon, can provide an abundance of health and fitness benefits, especially when infused into a post-workout dinner.

Post Workout Dinner

You get the incredible omega 3’s that promote recovery, and vital vitamins such as B6 and B12 which pump up that energy your desperately trying to regain after an intense workout. Tuna is also excellent and can easily be added into a variety of salads and sandwiches; making it the perfect ingredient for those of you on-the-go.

Meat It Up

Try not to be a stick in the mud when it comes to trying new foods, especially when it pertains to meat products. Other animals, such as duck, can provide astonishing benefits to your healthy lifestyle as it has incredible amounts of crucial minerals and vitamins that can repair, boost and replenish.

Dining after a workout has never been easier, and now that you know just how important it is to you achieving your workout goals faster and better, and to your health as a whole, you just can’t skip out on it. Chow down, ladies and gentlemen.