The Achievable Body Review – Can Mike Whitfield Help You Shed 17 lbs in 21 Days?

The stress of the holiday was behind me and the new year was approaching, when I, like many of you reading this, decided to step on the scale. Weighing myself is not really something I do often, but, as always, the advent of another year, seemed like the right time to do it. You can probably guess what I was thinking.

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Like many of you, I felt that a New Year’s resolution might be in order. What better place to start than an evaluation of my physical health and appearance? Besides, I was bound to have gained a few pounds during the winter eating season!

Holding my breath, I read the scale. As I feared, I had gained nearly ten pounds and a quick glance in the mirror made me think I needed a total body makeover. What stared back at me was a layer of fat and a gray complexion. Truthfully, I’ve encountered this every year, since graduating from college. Every year I’ve tried to make a new start, yet I was still in the same position. Why was it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?

In search of answers, I searched for yet another quick fix. The weight loss solution I am now expanding upon, in this Achievable Body review is the path I chose to take. Read my review, below, to see what I learned.

What Is The Achievable Body 

My research led me to a website called the The site looked similar to others I had encountered. It boasted of quick weight loss in a short time period. It had information about nutrition, exercise, motivation, and detoxification. Although it was not entirely different from many of the other sites I had visited, why did I choose this one?

The Achievable Body Review

After reading some of the site information, a few aspects of the program intrigued me about The Achievable Body. First and foremost, it was based on a Cornell University study, whose key tenant was based on a strategic eating system that only had to be followed for half of each week. It talked about a simple dieting loophole that would allow me to diet for four days and then splurge over the weekend.

The program also boasted of the only detoxification system I had ever heard of, in which you were actually allowed to eat real food! I thought, “If this actually works, it’s for me!” Did it involve exercise? Yes, but it promised no energy-sucking workout extremes.

According to Mike Whitfield, the author of The Achievable Body the reason, a lot of people struggle is because they aren’t eating enough and most of these so-called calorie calculators are off by a lot. So when you aren’t getting enough calories you damage your metabolism and make the problem worse. Most people are under-eating by 800-1000 calories.

This loophole resets your metabolism by eating more on the weekend which allows your body to have more available energy to burn off stubborn fat.  Mike Whitfield shared this loophole with his dad who lost 67 pounds in 5 months and 34 of those pounds were lost in the first 4 weeks!

All of them had some form of metabolism damage and in case you were wondering this is when metabolism practically shuts down due to stress. This stress happens due to chronic dieting and exercise and this puts stress on the body.

The Achievable Body review

The body then reacts by slowing metabolism which causes a number of problems. The Achievable Body author Mike Whitfield has noticed that individuals over the age of 35 seem to suffer from this problem more. Another huge problem according to Mike Whitfield is cutting back carbs. Sure, you’ll lose weight cutting carbs, but you risk destroying your metabolism in the long run.

The body needs carbs, proteins and fats and all these crash diets which limit one or the other is doing nothing at all to help your situation. The truth is you can eat potatoes, pizza, ice cream, and your favorite foods and still lose weight. I know it goes against traditional thinking, but if traditional thinking worked you wouldn’t be reading this more than likely.

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Who Authored The Achievable Body? Do They Know What They’re Talking About? 

This was my initial question. Was I embarking on some “pie-in-the-sky” program that promised me the moon? Was what appeared to be the polar opposite of what I’d previously learned about fat loss, actually something that could help me to be more healthy? I was about to find out.

Mike Whitfield Achievable Body

The program was compiled by Mike Whitfield who spent most of his life overweight. At one point Mike was over 300 pounds and now a few years later Mike has lost over 125 pounds. His fitness journey led him down a rabbit hole of fitness and nutrition and his own struggles and successes inspired him to become a personal trainer.

His work has been published in Men’s Health, Yahoo, Early To Rise, and Turbulence Training. He has even been featured on PBS when he was interviewed for a special on health and fitness.

Back in 2003, Mike Whitfield was named Fitness Entrepreneur of the year and the popular magazine Men’s Health recognized his work with people using the advice that wasn’t mainstream. The Achievable Body was created by combining the Cornell University study with another study which was published in a journal called “Metabolism.”

Mike Whitfield is in a unique position because he understands the struggles of losing weight because he’s been there. He decided to make a change and create a new life for him and now he helps others do the same. As I read through the course literature, I saw that his methods hacked into the few basic precepts, outlined below:

1.) Our metabolism has been damaged by constant dieting but can be reactivated.
2.) The build-up of visceral fat that has accumulated, as a result, has direct links to life-threatening diseases, like cancer.
3.) Strict dieting causes more harm than good, inevitably decreasing willpower.

What Is Included In My Achievable Body Course Materials? 

My Achievable Body literature included five downloadable volumes:

1.) The Achievable Body: A Simple, Doable Plan to Become Leaner, Stronger and Resilient: This is the main program that explains everything you need in a step by step manner. Mike is a pretty funny guy too and adds a good bit of humor. You’ll learn exactly how to use the loophole and will be able to put it to work for you as soon as you give it a read. Keep in mind, it’s not magic. You will have to commit to the program, but it’s so simple you shouldn’t have a problem.

The Achievable Body

2.) The Achievable Body: Hot Zone Formula: This is another bonus module which I thought was so good it could have been its own mini product. This one is designed to help you slim your waistline and get rid of your muffin top. The main Achievable Body Blueprint will help you lose weight and this module will help you shape it up.

It shows you how to turn on what Mike Whitfield calls “Hot Zones” which allow you to burn calories 24/7. This also includes a number of videos that will show you how to do the moves. They can be downloaded to the phone, tablet or computer.

Achievable Body Blueprint Mike Whitfield

3.) The Achievable Body: Motivation and Rapid Success Formula: This is a bonus module that helps to round out the main program. This Motivation and Rapid Success Formula allows you to figure out your specific goals so you can tweak the program for your goals.

This allows it to be a very personal program because it will match for you! A nice advantage of this module is that you’ll learn how to make adjustments and overcome obstacles.

The Achievable Body program

4.) 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism: In this bonus module, you’ll get access to 21 secrets to boost your metabolism even more. The main Achievable Body Blueprint boost metabolism and this allows you to burn even more fat.  These are pretty cool and simple hacks anyone can do to give you an edge.

Even if you’re out of town you can use these hacks. You can also use these with other workout programs or diets for results, but they were designed to work best with Mike Whitfield’s Achievable Body Blueprint system.

The Achievable Body

5.) 4-Day Flat Belly Detox Solution:  Most people don’t realize that some weight gain has nothing to do with calories or food. Sometimes it’s toxins that cause the body to bloat. In this guide, you’ll learn all about “detoxes” and how in just 4 days remove toxins from your body cause you to feel horrible and affecting your weight loss progress.

This is a 4-day program and produces results fast so if you have a wedding, reunion or an event you need to look your best and don’t have a lot of time this will help a ton. It helps with bloating especially!

Review The Achievable Body

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How Did The Achievable Body Work for Me?  

The Achievable Body did change my life in noticeable ways, but as with anything, the program does have some disadvantages. I didn’t need to invest much to access the literature and start the program. It was fully downloadable, as many copies as I wanted, for my various electronic devices, and it was immediately available. So nothing will be shipped to your house or anything.

Once you purchase you’ll be able to access and use my program almost anywhere, because of this. If you want to print it out, there is a lot of information, though. I did make a hard copy, which is still the easiest for me to use.

I still didn’t enjoy the detoxification process much, although I did find it was much preferable to others I had attempted. The fact that I didn’t need to embark on a completely liquid diet was very helpful. I was able to stick to the detox, as instructed, and I did notice an energy surge and improvement in my mood. I was not now so preoccupied with the physical flaws I saw reflected in the mirror!

The promise of no strict dieting or an extreme exercise proved to be a reality, and to my surprise, I did lose some weight! It was not completely without effort, though. I am still within the 60-day period I’ve been guaranteed to return the product if I am unsatisfied, but if the first 43 days is any indication, I won’t be exercising that option.

I have let my gym membership lapse, as it was due at the first of the year. Thus far, I’ve even managed to save a few bucks! I’ve been following the 3-day off and four-day on diet regimen and experience very little weight fluctuation, at least in terms of gaining. The “Hot Zone” activation process, that promised to take off the fat on the surface of my body doesn’t take a lot of time.

Overall, I am satisfied with my progress. If you want to learn more about the Achievable Body you can visit the official website and watch a special presentation from Mike Whitfield.