The Best Fat Burning Exercise In The World

The article below was written by my good friend Tyler Bramlett. Most of you may know him as The Garage Warrior. When I have a question about fitness, workouts or just improving my overall health Tyler is the first person I reach out too! I recently asked if he would be willing to share some of his knowledge with my readers and he was nice enough to do so.

So the article below is about the best fat burning exercise in the world and it’s not what you think. So enjoy the article and if you haven’t checked out Tyler’s new 27 Body Transformation Habits you can do so HERE.

Do you know what I think is the best fat burning exercise in the world?

It’s perfect for putting you in the fat burning zone, helps fix postural issues and contra-lateral muscle imbalances and moves blood and lymph so you can detoxify your body at record speeds! What is this exercise???


Walking is one of my favorite exercises OF ALL TIME!

best fat burning exercise

You can do it anywhere, anytime, and with zero equipment necessary. Walking boosts your metabolism and creates a feeling of relaxation. It promotes greater lymph flow throughout your body, helping you recover from strenuous exercise faster and improving your immune function!

Walking is one of the most natural movements we do, and for good reason. It’s how we get from place to place.

However… the sad reality is that people walk less and less each year they’re alive, and this trend is viewed as one of the major reasons for an increase in obesity and illness.

In fact, the average nomadic tribesman walks an average of 12,000 steps per day and runs in short bursts another 1,000 steps. That’s 13,000 steps per day, and some estimates come in even higher at closer to 20,000 steps per day!

Compare that to the average American’s measly 5,117 daily steps. (Yikes!)

Do you see where I am going with this?

Walking is one of the best overall exercises ever, and there’s a good chance you’re missing out on the action… and the benefits! Here’s what you need to do…

Every day make a habit out of doing one or all of the following 3 things to boost the amount of steps you take daily. It’ll lower your stress, help you recover faster, and best of all — walking will accelerate your body transformation results!

Step #1

Take a 20 minute walk. You don’t have to power-walk. A casual stroll with your family or friends will do just fine. If 20 minutes is too much, start with 10 and work your way up in 2 minutes increments each week until you’ve built the habit of going on a daily 30-minute walk.

Step #2

Park at the back of the parking lot. If you always hunt for the prime parking spot, not only will you waste time, you’ll miss a valuable opportunity to take a few extra steps.

People often spend 2-4 minutes looking for the best spot instead of just parking in the back when they arrive and walking to the door faster than they could have found a spot up front. Park in the back to save time and get in some extra steps!

Step #3

Walk after every meal. The Chinese have a saying, “He who walks 100 steps after every meal will live to be 100.”

While this may or may not be true, walking after meals increases your ability to digest your food which will help your body in numerous positive ways!

There you have it! 10,000 steps a day keeps the doctor away, and it boosts your fat loss. Get out there and walk!

QUICK HABIT RECAP: Make a habit of walking every day by going on regular 20 minute walks, parking at the back of the parking lot at stores or restaurants and taking short walks after meals. It doesn’t have to be complicates, just make sure you walk every day!

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