Beyond Fit Review – An Overview of Christopher Adams New Program?

Here is my Beyond Fit review. I am not a religious person, but I’m not an atheist either. I am, like many of you reading this, the person that checks the box that says “Spiritual” when asked about my religion…

And that being said, what would lead me to read an advertisement that began, “Jesuit Priest’s 10-sec morning routine that flattens your stomach, recaptures youthful energy and reboots your health…?” Even stranger, why would I even look at a website with a banner at the top that says,”Your First Class Ticket to Heaven On Earth?”

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I can’t really tell you exactly what made me notice the “Beyond Fit” website. All I can tell you is that I was initially a skeptic of “Beyond Fit” and its author, Christopher Adams. Indeed, I was experiencing many of the problems that were outlined on the website, which is what led me there initially. However, I didn’t bargain for a sermon!

Beyond Fit Review

After reading a few paragraphs into the site, it became clear to me that religion wasn’t really the hook. I decided to read Chris’ story and make my own evaluation of this lifestyle improvement system. When I read that the author was into scuba diving, I figured we had something in common. I too, love the underwater world! Below are the conclusions I’ve drawn both from using and reviewing “Beyond Fit.” Yes, I did decide to invest in Beyond Fit.

I was not in the greatest of physical or mental condition. In fact, I was far from it. Just like the author of the program, obesity runs in may family, as did all its attendant maladies.

I had already experienced hopelessness and depression, as a result of my appearance and my inability to bring my weight and lack of fitness under control. Like many of you, I was willing to try almost anything to gain greater command over my own life and health. Inevitably, I’d already tried any number of exercise and diet fads, as well as “snake oils” that promised to help.

What is Beyond Fit and What Can it Do for Me?

You will likely not be surprised to know that the “Beyond Fit” system is contained in a book. The sub-title is 21 Simple Steps to Reboot Your Body, Mind and Life.” The program claims that incorporating the program’s tenants into your life will melt away fat and increase energy.

Twenty-one steps? I wondered if this was a series of twenty-one grueling exercises that I needed to perform in rapid succession, or a list of twenty-one foods I needed to avoid. As I continued to read the text, I recognized that it was possible that the author of Beyond Fit and his Jesuit priest friend might actually possess knowledge that I did not.

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beyond-fitWhat Did I Get With Beyond Fit?

I wound up paying $37.00 for an instant download of digital materials in PDF format. This was a special price, so I’m not sure it will still be available to the readers of this review. The program also came with three bonus materials:

1.) A Checklist of Beyond Fit Tools – daily tools listing to refresh your memory after you have finished the book. I was able to stay more focused with this list at my fingertips.

2.) Progress Tracker – A supplement to your mirror, that keeps track of your weight and measurements.

3.) Beyond Fit Audio Book – I can listen to this in my car on the way to work. All the information and lifestyle hacks contained in the digital copy are in verbal form on this audio book.

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Who Sells The Program?

Beyond Fit was created by Christopher Adams, but the program is sold through the popular online retailer known as Clickbank. This company handles transactions and sales for online based program and courses. The company has been around for years and has excellent customer service.

Beyond Fit Reviews

In the event a order is misplaced or a customer is just interested in a refund they can contact Clickbank for a quick and easy resolution. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and is sold only in a digital format. This means nothing will be shipped to your door.

How Did Beyond Fit Work for Me?

As I read through the Beyond Fit materials, I recognized, that many of the things that I had been doing , that I thought were healthy, were actually putting me at greater risk for health problems. Fortunately, however, I had never begun a cycle of prescription medications to alleviate them.

As a result, I was already a little “ahead of the curve” to improve my health. I learned about a “fundamental flaw” that holds most folks back from the body, health and life they desire.

I can tell you I didn’t lose seventy-two pounds or fourteen inches, as Chris Adams claimed, but I did lose some weight. A big part of this was cutting out some of the items Chris recommended in his program. Items that I would consume every day and didn’t realize were causing a lot of my weight gain problems. Energy has increased, but I believe this is due to losing some of the excess weight which I’m not complaining about.

Overall, I feel the program is solid and based in methods that make sense for people to add to their life. I’m not a huge fan of the video sales letter as I feel it contains a lot of hype and marketing, but in today’s world everyone adds a lot of hype to their marketing so it’s not a huge factor for me at the end of the day. Also, the 10 second trick doesn’t mean that’s all the time it will take to lose weight so that can be a tad misleading…That’s just one small part of the process…

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Don’t expect overnight results or magical weight loss.  You must stick to the program. Beyond Fit is based on giving your body what it needs to burn fat and eliminating foods that are counter productive to your health. This is done through a mix of eliminating certain foods, food prep, combinations of protein, carbs and fat and etc.

You will be surprised at the level of effort these changes require, but you will also be surprised at how easy they truly are when you put some time and effort into it.

I highly recommend you do a little research on your own before purchasing the course though. The best way to accomplish this is to visit the official website of Beyond Fit. On this website you’ll find a video and a written transcript that explains a lot more about the program and may help answer any additional questions you might have. Their website also has a link to contact them in case you have additional questions. It’s located at the bottom of their web page.