BiOptimizers: P3-OM Review – The #1 Nutrient for Your Gut, Brain and Waistline?

Losing weight can be tough when your metabolism doesn’t want to behave. It’s even worse when you follow the same diet as those close to you, only to see them have much more success. The difference lies in your metabolism. This is the reason why some people can eat all that want, but not gain a pound. BiOptimizers: P3-OM is designed to boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight.

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BiOptimizer P3-OM

You’re probably wondering how this product works. In order to get to the bottom of it, we’ve put together a BiOptimizers: P3-OM review. By the end, you’ll know much more about BiOptimizers: P3-OM.

What Is BiOptimizers: P3-OM?

We’ll begin this BiOptimizers: P3-OM review by answering a simple question. BiOptimizers: P3-OM is a dietary supplement that contains a revolutionary probiotic. You’ve probably heard of probiotics before. They appear in yogurt and other products and help your digestive system work in a more efficient manner.

The probiotic in BiOptimizers: P3-OM is called Lactobacillus plantarum, also known as L. plantarum. It breaks down proteins during the digestive process, gives you additional mental clarity, and even help your body by fermenting sugars and carbohydrates.

Probiotic P3-OM

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With BiOptimizers: P3-OM, you’ll lose weight and boost your metabolism, because the probiotic that it contains prevents food from lingering in your gut. The longer foods remain there, the more of them your body absorbs. 

Who Created BiOptimizers: P3-OM?

In order to provide a thorough BiOptimizers: P3-OM review, we need to look at the person who created the product. That man is Wade T. Lightheart. He lists himself as being a three-time Natural Bodybuilding Champion, as well as an advisor to the Anti-Cancer Institute. Lightheart also wrote a book called Staying Alive in a Toxic World.

He was inspired to create BiOptimizers: P3-OM after dieting for a whopping 11 months, only to gain 42 pounds during that time period. Lightheart was training for a bodybuilding competition during that time period, so he ate a lot of potatoes, rice cakes, and other carbohydrate-laden foods.

Wade Lightheart BiOptimizers

After getting frustrated with his weight gain (which also sapped his energy levels), he met Dr. Michael O’Brien during an event. Dr. O’Brien informed Lightheart of his research in the world of weight loss. It takes more than just diet and exercise to lose weight. You also have to raise the number of good bacteria in the gut. This will boost your metabolism and help you process foods more efficiently.

Who Is BiOptimizers: P3-OM Designed To Help?

BiOptimizers: P3-OM will help anyone who wants to lose weight by boosting their metabolism and improving their digestion. This BiOptimizers: P3-OM review points out the many benefits of this product. They include:

  • Improving digestive functioning in people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Boosting the levels of antioxidants in the body
  • Gaining muscle mass more quickly
  • Improving your immune system
  • Reducing bloating and gas
  • Helping you lose weight more quickly

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If you want all of those benefits, then you’ll want to purchase this product after reading our BiOptimizers: P3-OM review.

Does Research Support The Claims Of BiOptimizers: P3-OM?

Now for the most important part of this BiOptimizers: P3-OM review – a thorough examination of the research. The product’s website cites a study conducted by Laval University in Quebec, Canada. This study followed 125 people for 24 weeks. For the first 12 weeks, the participants followed a specific weight-loss diet. The remaining weeks were for maintenance, to see if they could keep the weight off.

Half of each group were given a probiotic supplement, the other half of them received a placebo. Those who received the probiotics lost twice as much as weight as the others. This shows the efficacy of probiotics and how they can help people meet their weight loss goals.

Our BiOptimizers: P3-OM review mentions that L. plantarum, a probiotic, can help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A paper published in 2012 by the National Institutes of Health, tested this theory. The study took place in India. The researchers gathered 214 people ranging in age from 18 to 70 who suffered from IBS. For four weeks, half of the participants took an L. plantarum supplement once a day.


The others received a control substance that consisted of magnesium stearate and potato starch. The group that took L. plantarum saw a drastic reduction in their IBS symptoms. They had less pain and bloating. The study proves P3-OM’s claim that the probiotic will help with bloating and digestive issues.

In addition, the P3-OM website says that their product can boost the immune system. Since we intend to be thorough we need to point out that this claim has been proven as well. Back in 1999, a group of researchers studied the immune systems of laboratory rats.

They infected some of them with E. coli and then treated them with L. plantarum. Those that received the probiotic had increased antibodies against E. coli, meaning that their digestive systems were slowing killing off the bacteria. This shows that the probiotic in P3-OM will boost your immune system, on top of all of its other claims.

The P3-OM website points out that many other types of probiotics are absorbed too quickly by the digestive system to be of any help. This isn’t that case of L. plantarum. It is absorbed much less quickly, providing you with the maximum benefits, and helping your digestive system process food more efficiently.

A study conducted in 2015 proved this. The researched examined segments of participant’s intestinal linings to see the effectiveness of L. plantarum. They found that it positively affects the mucosal lining on a genetic level, making the digestive system work better.

What Do You Get When You Buy BiOptimizers: P3-OM?

Unlike other health products that offer bonuses, if you purchase the product after completing our BiOptimizers: P3-OM review, you won’t receive anything extra as far as ebooks or other items are concerned.

probiotic benefits for women

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However, you’ll receive the product that you ordered. You have your choice of buying a single bottle, a set of three bottles, or a set of five bottles of this product. If you choose the larger packages, then you’ll receive either one or two bottles for free.

Pros and Cons of BiOptimizers: P3-OM

No BiOptimizers: P3-OM review is complete without a list of pros and cons. After all, there are good things and downsides to every product. Some of the pros and cons of BiOptimizers: P3-OM are:


  • You won’t have to adjust your current diet and exercise regimens
  • BiOptimizers: P3-OM is easy to take
  • Probiotics have a proven track record of helping the digestive system
  • The scientific studies described in this BiOptimizers: P3-OM review back up Wade T. Lighthearts claims
  • Strong customer support and a 365 day money back guarantee


  • It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before taking a new dietary supplement
  • Many health insurance plans don’t cover the cost of these health supplements
  • You’ll have to order the product online and then wait for it to arrive in the mail 

How Much Does BiOptimizers: P3-OM Cost?

Now that you’ve made it to this point in our BiOptimizers: P3-OM review let’s go over pricing. One bottle of this product is $49.00. However, if you stay on the site long enough, you’ll receive a coupon that takes $10 off that price, making one bottle only $39.00. If you buy two bottles, then you’ll receive a third bottle for free. This package is $97.00.

The best deal comes when you choose the largest package. It consists of three bottles for $147.00 and comes with an additional two free bottles. So, you’ll get five bottles for that price.

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BiOptimizers: P3-OM reviews

The product is covered by a 365-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied after trying it, you’ll receive your money back – up to a year after you’ve purchased it. This is definitely something worth emphasizing in this BiOptimizers: P3-OM review. A company called ClickBank, which handles payments for a number of health products, will process your purchase of P3-OM probiotic.

BiOptimizers: P3-OM Review Conclusion

Now that you’ve read this entire BiOptimizers: P3-OM review, it’s time to reveal what we think of the product. We’ve looked at the product’s origin story, examined its claims, and even backed up its research. We believe that the probiotic does what it states. If you want to lose weight and feel better, then this product could be useful.

We recommend you visit the official BiOptimizers website If you’re interested in purchasing the product or just want to learn a little bit more about this unique probiotic.