Biotox Gold Review – Can This Morning Ritual Detox The Body & Melt Stubborn Fat?

Here is our Biotox Gold review. Losing weight is hard. If you’ve ever tried to lose a lot of weight – or a few extra pounds that have crept on over the year – you know that it can be a struggle. Adding to the challenges it the overwhelming number of weight loss products on the market.

One product that claims to offer a new solution is Biotox Gold. In this Biotox Gold review, we’ll explain what the product is and what’s in it, as well as who created it and who it’s designed to help. We’ll also look at the scientific research to see if its claims are realistic and reveal our pros and cons before we make a final recommendation.

And as always it’s highly recommended to always check with your physician before trying any product mentioned in this review. And none of the products mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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Biotox Gold

What is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is a nutritional supplement containing 20 ingredients that its creator claims can deactivate the hormone that causes people to gain weight. The active ingredients include:

  • Capsicum
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Grape seed extract
  • Licorice root
  • Panax ginseng
  • Maca root
  • Guarana extract
  • Ivinga Gabonese
  • Eleuthero

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biotox gold does it work

The ingredients in Biotox Gold are meant to prevent resistance to a hormone called motilin, which triggers the body to digest food. Instead of a pill, Biotox Gold comes in the form of supplemental drops that you can add to a drink or smoothie. The manufacturers recommend taking 10 drops per day.

Who Created Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is the creation of a woman named Tonya Harris, 49-year-old single mom of two and a special education teacher. When her husband left her for a younger woman, she was in a dark place. She had gained weight and had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and thyroid issues. It was only when she hit what felt like rock bottom that she began searching for a solution and found the formula that became Biotox Gold.

After creating the formula, Tonya lost 71 pounds. After some more research, we’ve discovered the name of Tonya Harris is a pen name. This is quite normal and it’s typically done to protect the privacy of the author.

Who is Biotox Gold Designed to Help?

Biotox Gold is designed to help anybody who has tried cutting back on calories, eliminating their favorite foods from their diet, and punishing their bodies with constant exercise to lose weight – without success.

gaining weight while dieting

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Its main function is to prevent the body from manufacturing too much ghrelin, which is also known as “the hunger hormone.” When your body makes ghrelin, it signals your brain to make you feel hungry, so you’ll eat. With excess ghrelin, you may keep eating long after you’re full – and that can lead to weight gain.

What Will You Get if You Order Biotox Gold?

As we mentioned earlier, Biotox Gold is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of droplets. Each bottle contains approximately a 40-day supply of Biotox Gold.

When you order, you’ll get the number of bottles you specify. There are discounts available if you buy multiple bottles and we’ll talk more about those later. You’ll also get some bonus items if you order more than one bottle.

Biotox Gold

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The first is a bottle of All-Natural Colon Detox, which you’ll get with an order of three or six bottles of Biotox Gold. The second is a Complete Multi-Vitamin, which you’ll get with your order of six bottles of Biotox Gold. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Is There Research to Back Up the Claims About Biotox Gold?

Any time we review a product, we always like to look at what the scientific community has to say about its ingredients and claims. In the case of Biotox Gold, there is a lot to review.

Let’s start with the two hormones, motilin, and ghrelin. While we found plenty of evidence that both play a role in hunger, we had less luck finding information about a link between motilin resistance and obesity. Ghrelin resistance is better documented. For that reason, it’s more instructive to look at the active ingredients in Biotox Gold.

Let’s start with capsicum annuum, a compound found in hot peppers. We found a 2019 study from Korea that found that taking capsicum was beneficial as a preventive of obesity, diabetes, and other weight-related illnesses

Biotox Gold Reviews 2020

.There have been a lot of studies that look at the weight loss properties of garcinia cambogia. One study from 2018 concluded that garcinia cambogia supplementation could help people to lose weight and reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases. However, we should also note that people who have liver disease should not take garcinia cambogia.

Next, let’s look at panax ginseng. A Chinese study from 2018 found that obese mice that were given panax ginseng and fed a high-fat diet experienced less obesity than mice in the control group. We also found a study that concluded that panax ginseng was a potentially effective preventive of diabetes and high blood pressure.

One of the most promising studies we found related to grape seed extract. The 2020 randomized study found that obese and overweight people who took grape seed extract experienced significant reductions in weight, Body Mass Index, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio as compared to the control group.

Reviews Biotox Gold

The key takeaway here is that there is some scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Biotox Gold’s ingredients for weight loss. As always, we want to note that you should always check with your doctor before adding any new nutritional supplement to your daily health regimen. While there are few serious side effects associated with Biotox Gold’s ingredients, it’s important to be aware of potential drug interactions.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Biotox Gold?

Comparing the pros and cons of health-related products can be a useful way to evaluate their benefits. Here are the pros and cons of Biotox Gold as we see them, beginning with the pros.

  • There is some scientific research supporting the efficacy of ingredients such as capsicum, Garcinia Cambogia, and grape seed extract for weight loss, as well as for obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • The ingredients in Biotox Gold are all-natural and responsibly sourced.
  • There are few serious side effects associated with Biotox Gold.
  • Biotox Gold can be ordered online and delivered to your door through the secure retailer Clickbank. They have an easy to access customer service portal where you can find your order, contact customer service or request a refund.

There are a few potential downsides to be aware of, as well.

  • The weight loss example of Tonya Harris may not be typical, and we cannot predict or guarantee that you will lose weight with Biotox Gold.
  • People who have liver disease should not take Biotox Gold or any other product containing Garcinia Cambogia because of potentially serious side effects.
  • The cost of Biotox Gold may be too high for some.

Our overall feeling is that for people who do not have liver disease, the pros outweigh the cons. Just make sure to check with your doctor before taking Biotox Gold.

How Much Does Biotox Gold Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much Biotox Gold costs. As of the time, we’re writing this review, there are sale prices available. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • One bottle of BioTox Gold costs $79, a discount of $50 off the original price.
  • Two bottles of Biotox Gold cost $165, reduced from the original price of $387
  • Six bottles of Biotox Gold cost $252, reduced from the original price of $774

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biotox gold reviews

All orders come with free shipping. The manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try Biotox Gold and return it if you’re not satisfied with your results.

Just as a reminder: you’ll get a free bottle of All-Natural Colon Detox with your order of three bottles, and the Colon Detox plus a free bottle of Multivitamins with your order of six bottles.

Biotox Gold Review Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of our Biotox Gold review. We’ve provided an in-depth look at the ingredients and scientific studies regarding them. When it comes to supplements it’s very hard for us to recommend them because it’s such a personal thing. Each person has a different health journey and all we do is try to provide information to help you make an informed decision.

Supplements will never be a magic pill or make you lose weight on their own. Trustworthy Fitness always recommends a healthy and balanced eating plan along with exercise, but supplements can be a great tool within your health toolbox. They should be used in addition, to a solid health program, if needed.

And as always, you should always speak with your physician before trying any new supplement and do not take any product containing Garcinia Cambogia if you have liver disease. If you would like to purchase Biotox Gold or gain more information then we recommend you check out their official website. It provides additional information that is beyond the scope of this review.