Bodyweight Surge Review – Can Jason Klein Surge Your Metabolism?

Jason Klein has just released his latest fat loss and workout program called Bodyweight Surge. His new program is based on breakthrough research from the University of Tampa that discovered that the human body can achieve faster, more consistent results by utilizing a particular bodyweight technique known as Surge Sets when working out.

This technique when performed correctly can strengthen the entire body while also burning stubborn belly fat in only 14 days.

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You can read more about this study on Jason’s official Bodyweight Surge website, but it intrigued me enough to write up this review. Plus, the program mentioned that it was designed for people who don’t have time for the gym and need to drop fat quickly, and that had my name all over it. In this Bodyweight Surge review I’ll make sure to cover all the information you need to know to make a proper and informed decision.

Bodyweight Surge review

What’s All the Rage about Bodyweight Surge?

Hence the name, the Bodyweight Surge has been designed to create a “surge” in your metabolism that allows you to strengthen your entire body and lose unwanted fat. I think it’s always funny when people say, “unwanted fat”… Like what fat is wanted?

Regardless, the University of Tampa has proven it to work, and has also confirmed that you can experience much faster results simply by using a specific bodyweight technique called “Surge Sets” which I mentioned earlier. The program goes off of short intense, precise workouts, which many popular, effective and successful programs are thriving off of, but there are some major big differences that sets the Bodyweight Surge program apart from the thousands of others claiming to do the same thing.

One of these is that the Bodyweight Surge program avoids making the 3 critical fat burning mistakes which Jason Klein claims is one of the big problems with many fat loss, exercise and workout programs. These mistakes prevent true, long-term progress from being made and in some situations can hinder the progress. Klein reveals exactly what the 3 fat-burning mistakes are on his official website.

The second thing that really makes Jason Klein’s Bodyweight Surge program unique is there are no isolated movements. In other words, you won’t be doing tricep extensions – and only tricep extensions for that portion of the workout.

Instead, the Bodyweight Surge program combines different movements that are all done at the same time, called Multi-Lever exercises. So, if you were to do tricep extensions, you may also be doing lunges at the same time to get that fat burning and body strengthening.

The Bodyweight Surge program also focuses on low-impact, focused body movements to strength your entire body. So, gone are the days of damaging your joints with running and jumping exercises – thank God. The program can also be done at home in less than 15 minutes a day with absolutely no need for equipment; you use your own bodyweight, which is a nice bonus…

Who is Jason Klein?

Good question! It’s always good to know who created the program so you can determine whether the information and exercises provided are credible, high quality and effective. Jason Klein was a former fitness instructor for the United States Marine Corps and Navy.

He’s trained hundreds of US Marines as well as Army Special Forces. Klein has also trained civilians such as moms, dads, and people  like you and I and helped them reach their health and fitness goals.

In addition to this experience with the military Jason Klein also has a Master’s in Performance Enhancement and is considered one of the leading experts in the areas of fat loss and physiological adaptation. Jason has also been featured on the following websites:

Bodyweight Surge

Discover How To Surge Your Metabolism & Burn 14 lbs of Fat In Just 14 Days

Klein knows how to get results quickly which is required when getting our soldiers in tip top shape and he applies these same techniques in his workout programs so you can get maximum fat loss in the quickest time possible. In the next part of this Bodyweight Surge review I want to take a look at what you get when you buy.

What Do You Get with the Bodyweight Surge Program?

The program comes in four components specific to days you should start using them – each only taking 15 minutes each day. The core of the entire program is the Bodyweight Surge 14-Day Plan. This is a detailed e-book which includes the exact 14 day plan you need to follow along with detailed workout descriptions and follow-along workout videos.

The Bodyweight Surge 14-Day Plan breaks down exactly how it all workouts and a nice addition is that Jason provides you with plenty of modifications which allow you to make the entire program applicable to your specific body type, fitness level and needs. The follow-along videos are great because they take the guess work out of the equation and allow you to see exactly how to perform each movement and exercise.

All of the information mentioned above is packed into the main book, but in case you’re wondering what the exact 14 day plan looks like here’s a more in-depth breakdown as to what you can expect:

Bodyweight Surge reviews

Day #1 – Surge Prep

  • Find your lean mass and body fat percentage
  • Discover your recommended daily intake (grams of fats, protein, carbs)
  • Learn how to manage macronutrients to succeed through the rest of the program.

Days #2-5 – Surge Prime

  • 60-second warmup
  • 4-minute core surge
  • 4-minute strength surge
  • 4-minute METCON surge
  • 2-minute cool down

Days #6-10 – Strength Surge

  • 60-second mobility
  • 4-minute core surge progression
  • 4-minute strength surge progression
  • 4-minute METCON surge progression
  • 2 minute cool down

Days #11-14 – Power Surge

  • 60-second mobility
  • 4-minute core power surge
  • 4-minute strength power surge
  • 4-minute METCON power surge
  • 2-minute cool down

In addition to the core 14-day Bodyweight Surge program Jason is also offering a number of free bonuses. These add even more value to the main program and also help to enhance the program.

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What are the Bonuses?

As if that wasn’t enough high quality information and exercises, you also receive the following bonuses with the Bodyweight Surge program:

Body of Purpose – Strength Academy – This is a bonus which helps you beyond the initial 14 days and provides you a system for long term fat loss

Surge Nutrition Manual – This is another bonus that will provide you the tools you to need to identify and pinpoint your idea macros and nutrient breakdown. It also helps you to learn which specific foods can help provide faster results with the program.

Surge Workout Log – This is the 3rd and final bonus and comes in handle for tracking progress and staying on track.

bodyweight surge

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The Pros & Cons

For starters, I really enjoyed how it didn’t just give you these workouts to do with absolutely no information. I’ve reviewed a lot of fitness and workout programs in my time and you wouldn’t believe the amount that don’t include follow along videos. Bodyweight Surge provides detailed, high quality follow-along videos which make me feel a lot more comfortable performing the exercises.

The portion on the food and nutrients is also really great because as we all know, losing weight isn’t just about working out and a lot of it has to do with diet. So, super kudos for that bonus because a lot of fitness programs don’t even mention diet.

Another pro to the program is that it can be adjusted to suit whatever fitness level you’re at, and can consistently be changed as you work through the program for long-term results. It isn’t just a program you do for 14 days and then you’re stuck wondering what’s next. You just make the recommended adjustments for progression and you’re off to a new level of fitness.

Of course, the 60-day money back guarantee is always nice, but I really don’t think you’ll be returning this program. For only 15-minutes a day, you just can’t lose by giving the program a shot. Plus, it’s digital so as soon as you purchase it, you get instant access… With the added bonus of no shipping costs, which can be steep at times!

I really enjoyed the Bodyweight Surge program so finding even one con was hard for me to do. So, if I had to search high and low for something I didn’t like (and trust me, that’s exactly what I had to do), I would say that I don’t like that it is only digital.

Sure, everyone has a laptop, tablet and smartphone now a days, but the option to have the reading material in physical form would have be nice because let’s be honest, who uses their tech devices when outdoors. But then again, what’s the point in having a physical copy with the extra costs when you can have it on a versatile digital platform. To each their own, right?

Bodyweight Surge Review Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of this Bodyweight Surge review and I hope it gave you a little more insight into the product. Overall, I rI would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about melting away fat. In a sea of fitness and workout programs which are all too similar Bodyweight Surge is something different and unique.

The fact that Bodyweight Surge doesn’t require gym equipment or take hours to do is a huge plus for me because I work a lot. Time is a limited resource nowadays so having access to quick and effective workouts is a nice change of pace. Since it can also be adjusted to fit your needs and progress, it’s a well-rounded program that takes care of all your fitness goals. If you want to learn more about Jason Klein’s Bodyweight Surge program you can visit the official website.