Bored With Your Typical Work Out? Try the FSK-Method; a Kickboxing Based Work-Out

Do you find it hard to stay committed to the same work-out routine? Since you probably answered Yes! I want to let you know that you are not alone!

Statistics have shown that 66% of the entire population set fitness related new year’s resolutions and sadly, within 6 weeks 73% of those people quit on their goals (Building, 2012). Some causes of this shocking statistic can be drawn on several reasons.

First, individuals fail to define a solid work-out plan that gives them something to hold themselves accountable to. Second, individuals train with work-outs that are simply not engaging nor fun. Think about it, do you really want to go to the gym to do the same boring routine day in and day out? Probably not.

What can you do about it? Get a work-out plan, that utilizes a fun, dynamic and engaging work out type. This will make you look forward to your work-out!

FSK 12

Kick-boxing has been rated as the most difficult sport to learn and to be successful at. Their body’s not only look good but also take punishing hits and deliver a powerful offense. Kickboxing engages the whole body in a way that many other work-outs simply do not.

Unlike traditional work-outs that focus on only one muscle group, kickboxing is a full body work-out that gets you throwing punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Nothing burns fat, builds muscle, improves energy and enhances the overall health condition of an individual like kickboxing based work-outs.

By working out intensely it stimulates blood flow around your body and relieves stress. It also lowers cholesterol and improves your immune system. You feel great because chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine are released when you are working out.

Introduction to the FSK-Method

The FSK-method was developed by studying the non-contact elements of a professional kick-boxer’s regime. It was designed to help individuals build muscle and burn fat fast in a more dynamic and engaging manner.

It was also designed so that anyone can do it right from their home. Thousands of people have experienced the live changing effect of the FSK-Method. Clients have more fun, work-out less, and see faster results.

The FSK method works in three minute rounds, like a kickboxing match. You will perform dynamic & metabolic workouts for the round non-stop. Then break for 30 – 60 seconds in between rounds. A typical work-out will last 6 rounds.

Without making you wait much longer, here’s a sample of a workout that you’d see in the FSK-12!
Before you start, please warm up properly by skipping, jogging, or just moving around for at least 5 minutes. This workout is ranked as “medium” difficulty, it would be equivalent to a phase 2 (Week 5 – 8) work-out.

Round 1 (3 Minutes) – Complete 3 Rounds

This round is three minutes long. Complete each exercise as many times as possible in 55 seconds then use 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise. When you finish the round, take a 30 second break, then repeat round 1 again. Complete 3 rounds of round 1!

Exercise 1 – 1-2-1-2-Sprawl
55 Seconds

Punch the air (Shadow Box) with 4 straight punches (Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross), then perform a sprawl (jump up, sprawl and perform a push up). When you drop onto the floor make sure you drop down completely, no half sprawls! Get back up and repeat for the duration of the round! When you punch, make sure that you extend your body all the way and punch as hard as you can so you engage your whole body.

Exercise 2– Pulse-Lunge Knee
55 Seconds

Start standing feet shoulder width apart; take 1 step back with your left leg, perform 1 lunge, pulse 3 times then with the same leg, bring it in front of you for a knee strike. Repeat these 10 times on one side and then repeat for the other side.

Exercise 2 – Body Weight Squat
55 Seconds

Start standing feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointed at a 45-degree outwards. Keep your chest up and your shoulder blades squeezed back, hinge backwards at your hips and bend yourself as you lower into the squat.

Focus on keeping your chest up and engage your core through-out the exercise so that your lower back is always neutral not curved when you lower yourself into the squat. Go to a point where you are comfortable or when your knees form about a 90-degree angle.

Round 2 (3 Minutes) – Complete 3 Rounds.

*This round is three minutes. Complete each exercise as many times as possible in 55 seconds then use 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise. When you finish the round, take a 30 second break, then repeat round 1 again. Complete 3 rounds of round 2!

Exercise 1 – 1-2-Hook-Knee
55 Seconds

Get into your fighting stance: Stand feet shoulder width apart, take a step back with your right foot, bring your arm in front of you. Left hand about 6 inches out, and your right hand by your chin.

Throw a 1 – 2 hook by throwing a punch with your left hand, then your right, and then a hook with your left. After, reach forward, pull down, and throw a knee. Repeat this combination as many times as possible. You should be doing about 1 every 2 – 3 seconds, at a pace that will challenge you.

Exercise 2 – High Plank Walk-Outs
55 Seconds

Start in a push-up position or high plank. Keeping your whole body engaged so that your hips do not sway left and right, walk slowly forward to a point where you find it difficult to suspend your body. Walk back slowly, with a focus on keeping your core stable and not wobbling. Through this exercise, focus on keeping your back straight and your core engaged as if someone were about to hit you.

Exercise 3 – Push-Up Knee
55 Seconds

Start in a push up position. Squeeze your shoulder blades back so that you push your chest out. Engage your core as you lower yourself down so your nose just about touches the ground. Bring your elbow in towards your sides.

As you come up, bring one knee to touch one of your elbows. Alternate sides of your knee as you do additional push ups. Complete as many as possible in the specified time.

It’s so important to keep your workouts interesting and versatile and the FSK-12 Method does exactly that. As Fighters we have to be in amazing shape in and out of the ring, but the great thing about this workout system is you can reap the benefits from the comfort of home.

I got to run, but if you’re interested in learning more I recommend you visit the FSK-12 official website as it contains additional information you might find useful.


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