Burn More Calories With These 10 High Calorie Burning Activities

Would you do an exercise knowing that you could be exerting the exact same amount of energy doing some other kind of fitness? Probably not. After all, if you’re going to be working out you might as well be doing the kind of exercises that are going to give you the best results.

There are many different forms of exercise that can actually burn a significantly larger amount of calories than any other. To ensure that you can find one that is ideal for you, we have gathered a list of the top 10.

Grab a Bike

Cycling is one of the best ways to get in some cardio training and can burn an awesome amount of calories. In fact, it’s believed that you can burn up to 1000 calories every hour just by cycling. With those numbers, you just can’t go wrong.

So grab a bicycle out of your shed or start working out on a stationary one in the gym. To keep it interesting, cycle outdoors in new areas so that you can also enjoy new sights.

weight loss bike riding

Jump Rope

This isn’t only an activity for kids, and can actually be the best way to burn the most calories with each and every movement. It’s also a great way to get you fit for summer! It is estimated that men can burn up to 850 calories with one hour of jump rope, while women can burn up to 750.

Plus, jump rope is fun and you can easily blend fitness into fun by grabbing the kids and hosting some sort of competition. You’ll forget that you’re even working out.

Take a Splash

Swimming is highly recognized for being a calorie burning workout, and the bonus is that you don’t get overheated because the water cools you down, making it perfect for those of you who suffer from migraines when you start getting too hot. The water has a way of not only shredding calories but also making your body ripped.

So, whether it’s in an outdoor swimming pool during the summer or something indoors at your local recreational center, take a splash. Water aerobics can also burn a large amount of calories with every movement. The water works magic.

Elliptical Madness

If you’ve never climbed onto one of these machines, prepare for some calorie burning – and the burn, you’ll definitely feel. The elliptical is like a badass version of the treadmill, and can burn up to 600 calories an hour while also toning the heck out of your legs and body, as well as all the other areas too. Prepare for a sweat and a burn that you won’t regret.

elliptical workouts

Shake to Zumba

Who doesn’t love Zumba? It’s fun, exciting and even sometimes downright hilarious. Grab a home DVD set or some girlfriends to head to the next class. Zumba will salsa you up and shake off those calories while also toning those muscles fast. If you want to see quick results, Zumba is the answer.

Zumba is also amazing for targeting those areas that seem to be home to stubborn fat. Goodbye, inner thigh sag!

Hit the Trails

Do a brisk speed walk, jog or full out run your calorie burning elements out of the park. Lace up your running shoes and start moving those legs. If you don’t want to get outdoors, set yourself up on a treadmill. The newer technologies allow for you to add in hills and all kinds of resistances and terrains.

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High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, this form of exercise is intense and the results are even more so. It involves very short routines that are done at a fast pace, then a short rest, then another routine where you exert as much energy as possible, and then another rest. It’s amazing what HIIT can do, and can incorporate everything from squats to pushups, sit ups and everything in between.

Surf Up a Shaped Body

If you’re near the shore or even on vacation, switch up your exercise regime and jump on that surf board. You may need to take some lessons first, but once you’re up, you’ll be shedding those calories and ripping those waves as you tone every inch of your body.

surfing workouts

Kick it Up

Kickboxing is something that is quickly becoming a huge trend within the fitness industry because it has shown to provide incredible results. Not only will you lose a ton of weight, but you will also shape your body and get those ripped abs just in time for the summer. It’s also an incredible way to relieve stress and kick out your frustrations in an appropriate manner.

Hike It

If you’re someone who likes to trick yourself into working out, going for a hike is an awesome way to do so. You don’t even have to run! A simple walk through hiking trails will tone your butt and legs, while burning off those calories in the meantime. It’s also an enjoyable activity, so you won’t even know how hard you’re working.

Turn up your calorie burning elements with these workouts, and you’ll definitely be ready just in time for summer.