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Why Squatting Heavy is NOT the best way to Tone and Shape your Butt

Why Heavy Squatting Is NOT as Effective

Hi! It’s Jess your booty type trainer, Today we’re going to talk about why doing Heavy Weighted Squats is not the best way to tone your butt. I’m going to take you into the gym with me and show you me doing heavy weighted squats versus using alternative booty exercises that require no equipment at […]

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3 Weird Moves That Lift Your Butt

Booty Type Training

Hi! It’s Jess, your booty type trainer. I was doing a booty type workout at home and I just did these 3 exercises that I think are kind of a little bit weird but they really work at lifting your booty. I just did them and I feel like my booty went from low to […]

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One Simple Trick To Enhance Your Booty Results

Simple Trick To Enhance Your Booty

  Hi! It’s Jess, your booty type trainer. I want to show you this quick little way to boost the effectiveness of all your booty workouts… And by doing this one thing during every rep of all your booty exercises your results will be so much better! In the video above I’m going to show […]

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4 Unexpected Exercises To Accentuate Your Booty

how to get a firm bum in 2 weeks

Do you feel like you’ve been training your booty off but your butt just doesn’t stand out like you’d like it to? Do you have moments when you try on a new dress and glance at your booty in the dressing room mirror only to feel like there’s something missing? A “wow” factor of sorts? […]

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How To Quickly Determine Your Booty Type

How to Quickly Determine Your Booty Type

Hi! It’s Jess, your booty type trainer. I want to help you get started with training your booty the right way. And this all starts with first learning what your booty type is… And you might already know what booty type you are, or you might think you know. But it’s worth taking 2 quick […]

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