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5 Paleo Diet Perks for Women

Paleo Diet

If you’re plugged into social media and the latest health news, chances are you’ve heard about the paleo diet. More and more people are attracted to it—some, because it’s relatively fresh and has garnered a following of its own, but others because of the real health benefits that come along with it… And I have […]

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4 “Healthy” Foods To Avoid This Summer

4 Healthy Foods To Avoid This Summer

It’s almost that time of year… Time to show off the results of all your hard work in the gym and self-control in the kitchen. Otherwise known as your summer body. But what if I told you that your hard work and consistent creativity in the kitchen could be in jeopardy? That some of the […]

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Eat Fat to Erase Fat

Fatty Foods

“Yes!” you think to yourself as the sun peaks through your second story bedroom window. “It’s finally starting to look like spring outside!” You unlock the brown window latch that’s been frozen shut for the last several months and thrust the window upward. A gentle breeze kisses your neck, and fragrances your bedroom with fresh […]

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7 Diet Tips For Women Who Workout

The Best Diet for Women Who Workout

If you workout regularly then you’ve likely noticed that your appetite is stronger compared to those who don’t work out. Female “athletes” (I’ll explain this part in a minute) have higher nutritional requirements than sedentary women. But does working out mean you can just eat whatever you want with no concern of what type or how […]

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