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How to Ease the Soreness Following a Tough Workout

Muscle Soreness Workout

Beginning a new workout routine can be exhilarating. You feel like you are doing something healthy for your body. Unfortunately, if you haven’t worked out in a while, you may feel sore afterward. That soreness can not only interfere with your daily activities but it can also make you feel hesitant about continuing with your […]

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Why It’s Important For Women To Start Lifting Weights

weight lifting for women

If your workout routine is not delivering the results you would like, strength training and resistance training could help you to lose weight more efficiently while toning trouble spots. Many women are often hesitant to lift weights because they feel insecure about it or even a little fearful. Misconceptions about weight lifting for women do […]

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Women Over 40: How to Begin a New Exercise Regimen Safely

Women exercising

After a certain age, you start to realize that you can’t do all the stuff you used to be able to do. This realization usually comes after you’ve tried to do something new, such as hike 4 miles through the forest. While it’s completely normal to experience some decrease in strength, stamina, and resiliency after […]

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5 Exercises To Help Develop A Strong Core

core exercises

Your core is the center of your entire being, your strength, your stability. Comprised of your abdomen, lower back, and buttocks, your core has muscles that extend far beyond your abdomen and center region. In fact many core muscles extend down into your arms and legs. Your core also makes up the largest amount of […]

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Motivational Tips for Better Health: Making Fitness Happen, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

motivational exercise tips

Life is full of things to do. The sum of our daily accomplishments form our lifestyle, whether getting them done is pleasant, drudgery or simply habit. Our lives are filled with things that we feel must be done or should be done. Our failure to make these things happen can often lead to guilt or […]

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Burn More Calories With These 10 High Calorie Burning Activities

elliptical workouts

Would you do an exercise knowing that you could be exerting the exact same amount of energy doing some other kind of fitness? Probably not. After all, if you’re going to be working out you might as well be doing the kind of exercises that are going to give you the best results. There are […]

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Common Exercise Mistakes: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Ineffective Exercise

Common exercise mitakes

Whether you are a workout “newbie” or an athletic type who takes pride in your long-time commitment to an exercise regimen, you may be failing to maximize the results of your efforts, due to common exercising errors. However, inadequate results are not the only pitfalls of exercise mistakes. Incorrectly performed workouts can lead to unnecessary […]

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Best Exercises for Building and Toning the Arms

Arm exercise

Our arms are one of the first parts of the body seen by others. Sculpted or flabby, thin or muscular, our arms form much of the impression communicated by our upper body. Constantly in motion, we use our arms for lifting, holding and gesturing, often showing our personality through arm movement. Whether you’re a guy […]

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What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain female

The shoulder joint is capable of greater movement than any other anatomical joint in the human body. This extensive mobility allows the shoulders to be used for a variety of activities and tasks, making the shoulders and surrounding areas subject to a wide array of pain-causing conditions. Shoulder pain can be experienced by anyone, regardless […]

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Five Methods To Prevent Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

For millions of people who suffer from shoulder pain every day, finding ways to alleviate shoulder discomfort is something to be integrated into a daily life agenda. Shoulder blade pain, rotator cuff pain, and lack of shoulder mobility are some of the conditions that may lead sufferers to seek relief. Over-the-counter medications can afford some […]

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