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What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain female

The shoulder joint is capable of greater movement than any other anatomical joint in the human body. This extensive mobility allows the shoulders to be used for a variety of activities and tasks, making the shoulders and surrounding areas subject to a wide array of pain-causing conditions. Shoulder pain can be experienced by anyone, regardless […]

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Five Methods To Prevent Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

For millions of people who suffer from shoulder pain every day, finding ways to alleviate shoulder discomfort is something to be integrated into a daily life agenda. Shoulder blade pain, rotator cuff pain, and lack of shoulder mobility are some of the conditions that may lead sufferers to seek relief. Over-the-counter medications can afford some […]

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Give Your Bottom a Lift: Best Glute Exercises for a Better Butt

Better butt

What part of the anatomy would most of us like to be firmer and shapelier? It’s a certainty that those reading this article will likely all come up with the same answer. No extra-sensory trickery involved here! The fact is, few of us are satisfied with the appearance of our backside. Our gluteal muscles (glutes, […]

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Training Tips For Your Specific Body Type

Athletic Guy

There are two bodies alike, but generally, the natural build of a man can be broken down into three categories; stocky, skinny, athletic. More importantly, there are training tips that will help you reach your targeted goal more effectively according to the way you are naturally built. For example, stockier guys tend to excel at […]

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Is Intensity MORE Important Than Workout Length?

intensity workout

It really doesn’t matter how long you work out. I used to be guilty of this. I thought the longer my workout lasted, the better the results would be. This lead to working out nearly every single day, for 45 minutes to an hour, and ultimately I got nowhere near the results I was chasing. Talk about […]

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Avoid These Ab Exercises…

0-6 Pack Abs

Most ab exercises are a complete waste of time and in the end are pretty ineffective at helping you develop a flatter, tighter core. So if you want to get the most out of your ab workout AVOID these ab exercises and find out ONE ab training technique which will help you maximize your ab training.

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Morning Exercise Tips For An Awesome Early Workout

Morning Exercise Tips

Mornings can be tough, and sometimes, the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed and instantly start pumping yourself into a sweaty mess of fitness. Despite how hard it may be at the crack of dawn, and start getting your blood flowing in the morning, it truly is the best time […]

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The Best and Worst That Cardio Is Doing to You


Oh, cardio. You know, that workout where your heart is beating out of your chest, beads of sweat are pouring down your face and you think that your arms, legs, abs – and well, your entire body – may turn into jello at any given time.You may get your cardio in by going for a […]

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Why HIIT Exercises Are Effective


HIIT is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Interval Training which is way too long for me to write out a thousand times, so let’s stick with the short form. Basically, it is becoming highly recognized for being the quickest and most effective way to burn fat and achieve weight loss goals for a variety of reasons. […]

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3 Aspects To Getting A Superhero Body From Dennis Heenan


Today’s blog post is from my good friend Dennis Heenan, author of Superhero Body: Bodyweight Edition. I reached out and asked if he would take some time out of his busy schedule to write a guest post and he was happy to do so. Dennis is sort of obsessive when it comes to researching the latest […]

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