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Find Out And Identify Your Specific Metabolic Type

Metabolic Type

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate how YOUR specific metabolism operates the best? And whether your exercise (and eating) regimen is ideally suited for YOUR metabolic type? Identify YOUR #1 Fat-Burning Exercise (and Foods) for Your SPECIFIC Metabolic Type… If not, that’s a HUGE mistake that can cause a number of issues such as […]

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TOP 3 Fat Burning Breakfast Foods (add to your diet)

Three of my favorite foods to eat in the morning are… Fat Burning Breakfast Food #3: Whole Eggs Eggs contain lean protein, friendly fats, B vitamins like choline for your heart and brain—and naturally occurring antioxidants that benefit your eyes. One study even found that, compared to those who eat bagels, people who eat two eggs for […]

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3 Foods To Avoid Eating In The Morning

Everyone has days where they wake up and scarf down something that’s convenient so they can get out the door as fast as possible. Now it should go without saying that starting the day with foods like doughnuts, pastries, or pancakes is a horrible idea due to the fact that those foods cause bloating, slower metabolism and weight gain. But […]

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3 Calorie Burning Factors Every Workout Needs

Bodyweight Flow Review

When a new clients come to me complaining about slow results from their current or old workout program the first thing I think to myself is that their old or current program doesn’t include 3 very important factors which I believe every workout needs. NOTE: There is a special workout video at the end of […]

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The Best Fat Burning Exercise In The World

best fat burning exercise

The article below was written by my good friend Tyler Bramlett. Most of you may know him as The Garage Warrior. When I have a question about fitness, workouts or just improving my overall health Tyler is the first person I reach out too! I recently asked if he would be willing to share some […]

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The Paleo Diet – A Detailed Look At The Good & The Bad

Paleo Diet

If you haven’t heard of the Paleo Diet before, it is time to listen in because it is known as being the healthiest possible way of eating. As a result, the Paleo diet is quickly becoming the most popular way to eat and is taking over the health industry while also improving the lives of everyone […]

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