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7 Great Post Workout Dinners

Post Workout Dinner

The world and fitness industry are constantly placing importance on pre-workout smoothies and meals, but what about the post workout regime? After all, you just burned off all those calories and shed off those fat cells, and are probably feeling really hungry. Now, this would be one extremely long article if we discussed all the […]

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Sexy Workouts For The Ladies

Pole dancer fitness

You probably work out for many reasons, but one of them is definitely because you want to feel sexy. When you work out, you obviously look incredible but you also feel amazing and it all results in you feeling your sexiest. Now, sweating up a storm is the good kind of a hot mess, but […]

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The Best 20-Minute Complex You’ll EVER Do

challenge complexes

Of course, you know that muscle is key to the fat burning process. Muscle is more ‘dense’ than fat meaning that it takes up less space in your jeans. Your body weight may drop or even stay the same weight, but your shape will drastically change. And change is what it’s all about. Who cares […]

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How Bodyweight Cardio 500 Can Help You

It’s a double-edged sword… too much exercise, and you’ll end up destroying your muscle and joints. If you don’t exercise enough, you’ll bring your fat-burning metabolism to a halt. Studies are showing that right around 20 minutes is the “sweet spot” for burning fat without getting burned out. But… most programs FAIL to include strength […]

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Zumba Is A Great Workout


Literally… You are going to get a killer butt if you’re working out to the Zumba DVDs. I’m actually excited to be writing this article because ever since I first worked up a sweat while shaking, twisting, popping, grinding, rocking and salsaing myself around in a workout studio, I’ve been hooked. I have a thousand […]

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Rolling With A Strong Pilates Core

Bodyweight Pilates

How many times have you glimpsed over at a fitness magazine, noticed images on Facebook or in the media talking about a strong core? Core strength is essential to a strong body, and in terms of Pilates. This style targets the intricate muscles that surround and protects the low back, spine, pelvis, and hips. It’s […]

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The #1 Exercise (No Exceptions) by Mike Whitfield

Note From Josh: I reached out to my good friend, fitness expert and pancake lover Mike Whitfield and asked if he would be willing to do a guest post for my Trustworthy Fitness Tribe. After I bribed him with a few pancakes he easily said yes 😉 It’s a pretty cool article and he included […]

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Advice From An Old Woman (with abs) By Shawna Kaminski

Youth is wasted on those that are too young to appreciate it. Wow, I sound like a senior, which I’m not, but I’m closer to being a senior than a thirty-something.   Hey, I’m Shawna Kaminski, I’m new to Josh’s blog, but not new to the fitness game. If you think I’m ‘too old’ to […]

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Body Weight Strong 2.0 Workout From Forest Vance

Body Weight Strong 2.0

I hope everyone’s having a great Friday so far! If you’re a regular reader you know a few days ago I told you about my good friend, Forest Vance’s brand new 12-week progressive bodyweight training system called Body Weight Strong 2.0. Well, today is the last day of his special discount sale so if you […]

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Metabolic Density Circuit Video Workout with Kate Vidulich

The other day I reached out to my friend and metabolic training expert Kate Vidulich to see if she would be willing to make a workout video for my Trustworthy Fitness tribe! She was happy to do so and she just sent it over to me the other day. The video is about 3 minutes […]

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