All we do here is produce content and write reviews of different health and fitness programs, but we can’t provide any customer support, customer service or answer any questions for any products mentioned or bought through any of the links on this website because is not the creator or author of any of the programs we review.

If you need help accessing your orders, requesting a refund or have a question about any products you might have purchased you’ll have to contact the actual company/author who created the product for help. Most of the products we review are sold through one of the following companies:

  • Clickbank: The official online retailer for 99% of the products we review may be able to help. You can visit their customer service website to help you find a lost, misplaced or never received order or request a refund here:

To tell if the product is sold through Clickbank all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the sales page and you’ll see some text that says Clickbank.

  • Software Projects:  A few of the products we review use this company as their online retailer. If you lost, misplaced, never received a order or want to request a refund go to their website here and their phone number is 1-800-218-1525.

For the majority of products sold on the internet contact information can usually be found all the way at the bottom of their sales page. Once again, we have nothing to do with any of the products listed on this website beyond reviewing them. So if you require any help or assistance you will have to contact the creator/author of the product you purchased. Thank you.