Crunchless Core Review -Does Brian Klepacki Have The Solution For Chiseled Abs?

After a slight delay here’s our Crunchless Core review. While almost everyone, men and women alike, want six-pack abs, the real problem with getting a sleek physique is the amount of misinformation out there.

A new technique is now helping to clear up some of that misinformation by showing you how to work all of your muscles dep into your core to create a perfectly balanced abdomen using a powerful, proven technique that will actually reset your core while dramatically reducing your chances of incurring an injury.

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Surprisingly, the one tried and true method that almost everyone thinks is the best way to achieve rock solid abs should be avoided at all costs. Not only do most people find that method to be ineffective but it could also lead to serious injury. For men and women looking to achieve a flat, washboard stomach, Crunchless Core shows you how to do it while avoiding some of the most common mistakes that even many pros make.

Crunchless CoreWhat Crunchless Core Is All About

Among the most common injuries among men and women trying to get a flatter stomach are herniated discs. What exactly does that mean? Your spinal discs sit on top of one another form your spine.

These discs are comprised of two parts. At the center is the nucleus pulposus, which has a jelly-like consistency. On the outside is a protective layer known as the annulus fibrosis. Both parts are necessary to help the disc move.

The problem with the crunches that most people do to try to get a flatter abdomen is that these exercises place direct pressure on the spinal discs, causing the spine to flex.

As a result of wear and tear, the protective outer layer of the disc begins to wear away, causing the jelly center to push through the disc. When this happens, it can be extremely painful.

This can create a Catch-22 situation. While men and women are trying to get rock solid abs and build a strong core using crunches, those same crunches are causing their spines to deteriorate, leaving them unable to actually workout at all.

Crunchless Core is a simple, step-by-step formula specifically designed to help even the average person achieve dramatic results while developing their abs in as little as 60 days.

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Crunchless Core

Crunches have been considered a standard of the exercise industry for decades, dating back to the 1940s. While fitness gurus have recommended the crunch for quite some time, in recent years, fitness experts have begun advising clients to avoid this particular type of exercise, recognizing the dangers involved and how ineffective it can be.

Scientific research supports this idea. Research performed by Stuart McGill, a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada found that crunches press on nerves in the back, resulting in back pain and causing herniated discs.

According to the developer of Crunchless Core, you should never do crunches or even situps. Among the reasons for this is that crunches result in lower back stress. A study in 1995 found that doing sit-ups can place more than 3,000N of force on the lower back, which can result in herniated discs.

While you might not realize it, your spine definitely possesses a shelf life and performing crunches can actually ageyour spine. This is because there is a limited number of flexions in your spine before it will begin to deteriorate. Once this happens, it cannot be repaired. The more you flex your spine, the more it ages.

Furthermore, crunches do not give you good posture. In fact, they reinforce bad posture by replicating the same bent over movement as when you sit at a desk.

Additionally, when you are performing crunches, you are not working your core properly. This results in you becoming weaker and even more vulnerable to problems. One of the reasons for this is that crunches do not replicate any natural movements our bodies were designed to perform. Crunches actually oppose the spine’s natural purpose, working against it.

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Even worse, crunches are not effective. While you might feel the burn, it does not deliver results. Crunches do not target your core muscles.

Among the many problems with crunches is that they are a type of isolation exercise. Our individual muscles were never intended to be worked in this type of isolation. Working one area without also working the nearby muscles results in an imbalance. This can also lead to serious injury.

The secret is engaging your core on every plane, fully, so you are able to target all of your muscles, creating balances. This gives you the ability to work your deep muscles in the core properly.

Rather than doing crunches, it’s important to focus on functional exercises that will work your core across three different planes of motion. According to the developer of Crunchless Core, your core must be worked in 3D. Performing functional instead of isolation movements can provide you with the fastest and most significant gains.

Crunchless Core also promotes healthy eating that is not based on calorie restriction, which the program’s developer claims only results in weight loss rather than fat loss. Additionally, he points out the importance of training your body to utilize fat as an energy source and taking steps to improve the health of your gut in order to improve your rate of fat loss.

Crunchless Core Brian Klepacki

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The tactic behind this program involves hitting the reset button you’re your core strength, thus allowing you to work all of your muscles effectively to not only give you a solid six-pack but also develop a balanced midsection capable of supporting your body properly.

Crunchless Core is broken down into two distinct phases of training, each of which is designed for a specific purpose, over aneight-week period.

  • Phase 1 is designed to reset your core strength by using a set of functional exercises and workouts to achieve base stability quickly.
  • Phase 2 is designed to kick it up a level using advanced exercises that reach deep inside the core and train your deep abdominal muscles for lasting strength.

Brian KlepackiWho Is Brian Klepacki?

The author of Crunchless Core is Brian Klepacki, a certified strength coach and owner of a strength and conditioning business in Florida. He holds a Masters in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning.

Additionally, he is certified in Functional Movement and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

What’s Included with Brian Klepacki’s Crunchless Core Program

The Crunchless Core program includes more than eight total body workouts containing over 70 functional exercises. Brian walks you through the program with easy-to-follow instructional videos that will help you to achieve perform form.

Each of the four-week phases is designed to train your core as a single unit rather than isolating specific muscles. This approach helps you to build more calories, increase stability in your mid-section and improve your overall physique. Also included in the program is The 15-Day Accelerated Fat Loss program, which gives you everything you need to melt fat away rapidly.

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Crunchless Core

Crunchless Core Review

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Pros and Cons

Crunchless Core certainly seems to make a lot of sense, especially for anyone who has suffered from back pain or who has tried crunches without achieving the results they would like. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, there is no risk. It’s currently available for $19 for the digital collection or you can pay shipping and handling and receive the physical collection in addition to digital access.

There’s always the risk that the program just won’t work for you, but given the number of exercises it contains and the money-back guarantee, there’s really not a lot of risk involved.

Crunchless Core Review Conclusion

Crunchless Core appears to target one of the most common problems in the fitness industry and presents a sound approach for strengthening your core without running the risk of injury. If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing Crunchless Core you can visit the official website. I highly recommend you check it out as it has a lot of useful information.