Diet Free Weekends Review – Can You Eat Your Favorite Foods 3 Days A Week And Lose Weight?

It’s time for my Diet Free Weekends review. This is the latest diet program from fitness professional Mike Whitfield. In this course, Mike shows you how to lose up to 3 pounds a week enjoying your favorite foods 3 times a week! I know, it sounds crazy. We’ve all heard of a cheat day and how important they can be, but you don’t hear people telling you to cheat 3 days a week…until now!

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In this Diet Free Weekends review my goal isn’t to convince you that this is the best diet program in the world because no program can make that claim. Each person is unique which means each person has different goals and needs. My goal is to provide you the information you need to know to determine IF this course is the right fit for you.

Diet Free Weekends Review

I’ve always been a fan of Mike Whitfield and his no-nonsense approach. The guy is a true example of what can happen when you put in the time and the effort and Diet Free Weekends is the combination of years of experience. I knew the minute I heard Mike talking about 3 cheat days that I had to check out this diet.

I don’t know about you, but for me when I’m dieting the weekend is the devil; it’s like the friend in the group that no one wants to hang out with because they’re simply bad news. Doesn’t it seem like you manage to stay strict to your healthy diet Monday through Friday but the second Saturday hits, it’s like your dedication and motivation to follow your healthy regime just goes out the window?

Your determination to steer clear of temptation goes out partying, leaving you with nothing but a wicked hangover of sugar, bad carbs, grease, preservatives and all kinds of other junk, and that’s not to mention, you’re also left with an abundance of guilt for “cheating”.

The Diet Free Weekend is supposed to be like the marital counselor; eager to keep this relationship intact, only instead of it being with you and another person, it’s you and your healthy lifestyle. So with all of that being said let’s dive into this Diet Free Weekends review.

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Is Mike Whitfield’s New Diet Program Worth Your Time

Alright, so the Diet Free Weekends isn’t a counselor, but it is a system said to treat things such as guilt and temptation that you often experience with your hidden stash of goodies that you sneak around with past midnight when no one is looking. However, the weird thing is that The Diet Free Weekends isn’t about diet.

Diet Free Weekends Reviews

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It’s about 3 vital tricks that promote the fastest, most consistent weight loss. Diet Free Weekends is all about enjoying those foods, without feeling guilty or completely jeopardizing your health and weight loss goals. After all, there isn’t anything much worse than eating away all the progress you made Monday through Friday, right?

Well, this program takes the interval training concept of fitness training for your diet. In other words, the most effective method of exercise is when you go hard for a period of time, then experience a moment of recovery before going hard again and so on and so forth. Instead, it’s call diet interval training, and you learn how to do is correctly within this guide, and why it works.

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Who’s Mike Whitfield?

In this part of my Diet Free Weekends review, I want to take a look at Mike Whitfield, the creator of Diet Free Weekends. Mikey also known as Mr. Pancakes because of his love for them is definitely not a newcomer to the fitness and health industry. He’s actually been a fitness expert for almost a decade and has made tons of contributions to popular resources such as Men’s Health.

Diet Free Weekends Review

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He was even voted as Trainer of the Year. So, he definitely knows what he is talking about, which you can also see within a variety of his other fitness and health programs that he offers.

What Comes With Diet Free Weekends?

Along with those 3 vital tips and tricks to diet interval training, the Diet Free Weekends program can be broken down into several different modules, as follows:

Component 1: Diet Free Weekends Nutrition Manual

This nutritional manual provides you day-to-day strategies that allow you to enjoy all of the foods that you love, without gaining weight, or rather, while still achieving weight loss.

Diet Free Weekends Review

It also offers information on raising your energy levels, metabolism rate, and also provides you with a plan to follow to truly take advantage of your taste buds, with your fitness goals close in mind. This component also teaches you about superfoods vital to the program.

Component 2: Diet Free Weekends Quick Start Guide

This section of the Diet Free Weekends is a quick starter guide… Go figure! It breaks down the entire program in short segments, making it perfect for those of you who are on the run and want to start the program right away, while also providing you with an excellent resource for quick information when needed.

Diet Free Weekends Review

You also get a colored chart which shows you what to do each day, which can also be printed off.

Component 3: Diet Free Weekends Success & Tracking Journal

This is where you learn how to track your progress as you make it, which is crucial because seeing how you’re doing is one of the best sources of motivation and encouragement.Diet Free Weekends Review

You also receive an accountability tool that can be used with others, as well as a 6 point system that breaks down how to achieve success with this program. There is a daily and weekly milestone guide set out for you so that you can reach all of your goals.

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The Diet Free Weekends Bonuses

In addition to the 3 main components of Diet Free Weekends, you also get the following:

4 Day Flat Belly Detox Solution:

This Diet Free Weekends bonus is all about cleansing your body out; getting rid of those toxins and harmful elements that can be damaging to your health and progress. There is a step-by-step guide that shows you what to do to see and feel a flatter stomach in 4 days, and you always a nutrition program to make all of your results come on faster and stronger.

Cheat Yourself Lean Guide:

This bonus guide offers all the information you need such as how to avoid the carb bloating tricks to block your body from storing carbs, and tricks to get your body to use the carbs effectively within your muscles as opposed to adding them onto your waistline.

Diet Free Weekends Bonus

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Diet Free Weekends Pros and Cons

Obviously, the best pro of the Diet Free Weekends is that you can finally eat everything that you love. The weekends are the culprit to abandoning our diets, so we might as well learn the technique of doing it properly so that you don’t eat away all the progress that you made during the week.

The information well throughout this guide is also very dense and important, backed up with science and studies. It also addresses the emotions that come from “cheating” and “poor diet choices,” which are also vital components to weight loss and your overall health.

After all, it’s usually our emotions that have us snacking on that chocolate brownie cheesecake hidden in the fridge, right? If you’re still skeptical of the program, you’ll appreciate the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Review Diet Free Weekends

The only con of the program is that all that talk about cookies, ice cream and pizza gets you hungry. This isn’t really a con though, because the Diet Free Weekends program caters to your cravings and shows you how you can satisfy them by eating foods just like the ones you’re craving.

The only other con I can think of is that this program is text-based so there aren’t any videos. I tend to learn better from video, but the diet is really simple and the program won’t take you long to go through. This is also a digital course meaning nothing to get in the mail. Once you pay for the program you get complete access to it!

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Diet Free Weekends Review Conclusion

This program truly shows you how you can still achieve all of your health and weight loss goals without completely depriving yourself. You learn the proper way to snack on the “forbidden foods” so that your taste buds are satisfied, but more importantly, so are you. The guilt is gone, and you no longer have to take steps backward within your goals every time the clock strikes 5 o’clock on a Friday.

Food is the biggest hurdle for many of us, so having a program that takes one of the biggest culprits of weight gain and makes it a positive thing by showing how you can eat all the things you want without going backward within your fitness and health goals is amazing. It’s god sent, really.

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Diet Free Weekends shows you exactly how you can still love eating, and still enjoy the foods you love to devour… Without having to feel awful about it the next day! You’re going to snack on the weekends anyway, so you might as well do it properly, right? You can learn more about Mike Whitfield’s Diet Free Weekends program by visiting the official website.