E-Factor Diet Review – Is John Rowley’s Weight Loss Program Worth It?

This is the latest weight loss program from fitness expert and motivational speaker John Rowley. If the name John Rowley sounds familiar then it should. John is the author of the best selling ‘Old School, New Body” workout program. In this review I’ll do my best to provide you the information you need to know to determine if the E-Factor is the right fit for you.

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E-Factor Diet Review – Let’s See What This New Weight Loss Program Is All About

As soon as you turn on the sales video for the E-Factor diet a you’re left wondering what in the world a bee sting has to do with weight loss. However, a couple more seconds in and it starts to all make sense. A bee sting irritates your body, causing swelling and discomfort and overtimes, certain foods can have to exact same effect on you. 

E-Factor Diet Review

Here’s the real kicker though that definitely sets this program apart from all the rest. The program speaks to those of us who have been eating healthy, diet-recommended foods, but still aren’t able to drop those extra few pounds from our waistline.

Certainly you can understand the frustration when you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing, right? Healthy foods. Exercise. So, where’s the problem? The E-Factor Diet program fills you in.

What Is the E-Factor Diet?

The E-factor diet doesn’t provide you with diet information that you already know; eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean meat in order to lose weight. It goes above and beyond that because the truth is that even the healthiest of eaters are still having difficulties shedding those last couple of pounds.

Efactor diet review

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It has to do with water weight (as well as much more), and you’ve probably heard this term before and have thought nothing of it. After all, how many times have you heard, “Oh, that’s just water weight” as if it isn’t something to be concerned about. Well, the E-Factor Diet shows you how your body reacts to certain foods, causing it to swell up just like a bee sting.

In addition, the program goes over the process of turning on your body’s natural ability to enhance your fat burning hormones, while also teaching you how to keep your energy high, stress levels reduced and more importantly, how to enjoy your food… And the results that follow, of course!

Who Is John Rowley, The Man Behind The E-Factor Diet

You’ll quickly see that the E-Factor program is based around a guy named Jared, and a female named Crystal. So, you may be wondering where John Rowley, the creator of this system, comes from. Well, John was a promising college athletic when he had his career potential cut short by a car accident.

John Rowley E-factor diet

Quickly, his fit lifestyle was thrown into a turmoil and he had to find a new course to better his life. He is now an author, speaker and contributor to many things relating to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

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What Do You Get In The E-Factor Diet Course?

The E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook – This handbook contains John Rowley’s unique and revolutionary E-Factor Principles. So I guess you can call this the core of the program. It has everything you need spelled out in a simple, easy to use manner. This is the blueprint to helping you lose weight, getting trim and feeling great.

E-Factor Diet Review

Now in addition to the E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook there are other modules which make up the complete E-Factor Diet program. So let’s take a look at the rest of the programs you’ll find in the members area.

A Grocery Guide – This guide will certainly make your next shopping trip super easy; and we know, grocery stores can be the main devil to tackle. So, when you have what you need right in front of you on a list, you can whip in and out without having to fight off too much temptation.

E-Factor Diet Reviews

Within this guide, you also get information about fat burning foods which naturally enhances your body’s ability to shed those pounds. This isn’t the only bonus you get so let’s take a look at the next one which is a meal planning guide.

The Meal Planning Guide is the next part of the E-Factor Diet program which basically sets out your meals for you, so there isn’t any fuss when it comes to planning each meal for every day. It’s already done. You just follow the guide. This is also an excellent way to keep yourself and your diet on point.

Review E-Factor Diet

I really like this product because I think planning meals is a critical part to a successful diet program, but most people skip it and just try to think up meals or plan meals on the spot which usually doesn’t go to well in the end.

Cheat Your Way Trim –  In this guide you’ll discover the proper ways to ‘cheat’ on your diet, without completely jeopardizing the progress that you’ve already made within your weight loss journey. In fact, you learn how to cheat and still lose weight. It sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true!

E-Factor Diet

These products make up the core of The E-Factor Diet and I’ve heard John Rowley and his team might be adding a few more later. I got an early version of the course which was still in development and John let me know it was subject to change.

So don’t be suprised if you see more than these products in the members area. Now in addition to the core E-Factor Diet program you’re also going to get a number of really great bonuses. The next part of this E-Factor Diet review is going to take a look at the different bonuses you get with the program.

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The E-Factor Diet Bonuses

In this part of the E-Factor Diet review I want to take a look at 5 of the bonuses that come with John’s new weight loss course. I always enjoy some good bonuses and when the author of a course actually includes bonuses that enhance the main program they become so much more useful.

The Fast Food Guide – In this first E-Factor Diet bonus you’ll discover exactly what to eat when you’re in a rush, traveling or on the road. Traveling is one of the biggest problems for people on a diet because they don’t have access to their fridge or foods they need for the program, but John wanted to make this diet easy as possible for you.

E-Factor Diet Review

So with this guide you can be confident that you can continue to enjoy weight loss and stay on track because you’ll know which foods you can grab in a rush and you also don’t need to feel ashamed to dine out with friends because you should be able to find something to stay on track.

The Smoothie Shop Guide – Who doesn’t love a good smoothie right? Smoothies are perfect for healthy snacking, taste amazing and really easy to make! You can also take them with you and most smoothies will fill you up pretty quick.

EFactor Diet Review

So when you think about it Smoothies are perfect when you’re in a rush and just don’t have the time to sit down and eat a fully planned out meal. It’s moments like these, when we start to slip with our diet and not get the right foods that everything can fall apart. So having access to quick meals which taste amazing really come in handle and yes, i consider a smoothie to be a meal, well depends on the type you make I guess haha.

In John Rowley’s Smoothie Shop guide you’ll be up and running in less than 3 minutes. This guide has over a dozen different fat burning smoothie that only take 3 minutes or less to make so you have no excuses not to make a few of these. When you combine these Smoothies with the Energetic Factor of the course you’ll have high energy all day!

All-Day Energy Secrets – In this 3rd E-Factor Diet bonus called All-Day Energy Secrets you’ll discover ways to give yourself a little more oomph when you’re hitting that midday slump.

This is great because sometimes you just need that little extra boost to get you through the rest of the work day, to prep and cook that dinner before being able to sit down and relax.

E-Factor Diet John Rowley

In this bonus you’ll get access to simple tips which you can use day in and day out to give yourself a energy boost and this also contains really cool “Energy Enhancers” which take only a few minutes, will have you feeling like you’re on cloud 9 and will have you playing harder, working harder and just having more fun due to the extra energy.  Let’s take a look at the next bonus which is….

The E-Factor Diet Joint Recovery Workshop – In this bonus which is a recorded online seminar you’ll hear John Rowley and a specialist in the field of joint health share their knowledge, expertise and wisdom on how to protect your joints over time.

E-Factor Diet Review

I know, it may seem like a strange bonus, but if you’ve ever been overweight as I have in the past you know joints hurt. They can really slow you down and in some cases even have you quitting progress. You’ll discover natural nutrients that ease bad joint pain and much more…..

ELITE Support Community – This is the final E-Factor Diet bonus and my personal favorite for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons most people never hit there goals is simple. They don’t have a support group.

EFactor Review

It may seem crazy, but I promise you this one factor alone can help you reach success or break you. So John Rowley is offering a full year of access to this ELITE support community.

In this bonus you’ll get 24/7 online support from John and his team. This support community will be there for you when needed. So if you need any questions answered, inspiration to keep you moving forward, recipes, tips or anything else all you have to do is ask and John or one of his team members will help you out.

It’s nice to see this added as a bonus because a lot of products don’t offer support. They just provide you with the product and leave you to your own vices. It’s nice to know John wants to provide that support so you can succeed.

This bonus also includes access to Monthly Weight Loss Calls..yup, you get to hop on a call with John and his team to get the latest updates, tips and John is excellent at motivating people so never worry about running out of motivation. As you can see the E-Factor Diet comes with a good deal of bonuses and all of them add to the program which is always a treat. You would be amazed at  how many products just seem to throw a bunch of random products together. Now in the next part of this E-Factor Diet review I want to take a look at some of the pros and the cons of the program.

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E-Factor Diet Pros

The program is a straight forward system that teaches you exactly what you need to be doing to drop those extra pounds. More importantly though, it goes above and beyond because we all already know that eating fruits, vegetables and lean protein is the correct diet, but many of us are still struggling with weight loss even after adopting this healthy regime.

So, the E-Factor explains and teaches you what you need to be doing to finally achieve your weight loss goals. The bonuses are also vast, catering to all avenues of a healthy lifestyle; mind, body and soul, and all the avenues of healthy eating; shopping, prepping and meals.

E-Factor Diet Review

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You also get a full 60 day money back guarantee if the program isn’t a good fit for you. Hopefully you’re not one of those who buys the program and never uses it right? How do you expect it to work if you don’t apply it and put it into action? I have no doubt in my mind that if you put the information and plan to work for you that you’re going to transform your life. Isn’t it time for a change?

The E-Factor Diet is also a completely digital product so there is nothing to receive in the mail. Once you pay you’ll get access to the program instantly. So you don’t have to wait on the slow mailman to bring you your weight loss program.

Any Cons To The E-Factor Diet?

The only con is that you have to read the program in my opinion. This isn’t a video system like a lot of the other fitness and weight loss programs on the market. So, grab your reading glasses and a glass of wine (because you can enjoy this in moderation while still reaping all the benefits provided from the antioxidants), and get started.

The great thing about this program offering reading material is that you can highlight points that intrigue you, and you can always go back for a quick glance of motivation. The course isn’t a long, novel type of read so it shouldn’t take you long to absorb all of the information.

I personally would have liked a video or two, maybe even an overview video, but I’m a video type of guy and tend to learn better that way. Either way, the program is solid.

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My E-Factor Diet Review Conclusion

The E-Factor Program is perfect for anyone who needs all the information required to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Better yet, it focuses on the extra information that many other systems don’t provide; such as why you’re sitting at the same weight despite eating as healthy as possible.

The E-Factor is pretty close to being one of the best “diet” programs. If it isn’t at the top of your list already, it definitely should be because as mentioned, it doesn’t just give you the information you need, but gives you the information that you need and just can’t find anywhere else. Do I recommend this program for everyone?


I don’t think it’s for everyone….it’s for people who need to lose some weight or have struggled with weight loss. Can you get some benefits from this if you’re already in great shape? Sure, but those who need to lose weight and transform their lives will get the most benefit in my opinion. Either way, you have 60 days to give the course a try and if it isn’t for you just ask for a refund and no harm is done.

E-Factor Diet

I have enjoyed the E-Factor Diet though because everyone likes to focus on carbs or not exercising enough and etc and sometimes the reasons we struggle with weight loss is beyond those subjects. The E-Factor Diet addresses these issues and I applaud John Rowley for covering this issue.

I hope this E-Factor Diet review was useful and provided you the information you needed to know to make an informed decision. If you’re interested in learning more I highly recommend you check out the official E-Factor Diet website.