EASE Magnesium Review – Is This The Solution For Magnesium Deficiency?

Here is our EASE Magnesium review. Magnesium is a powerful mineral, underrated by so many people and health professionals. It has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, however, it has still remained stagnant in exposure to the common public.

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It’s strong enough to construct parts of things like cell phones, yet safe enough to be ingested for a healthy heart. The use of magnesium is literally endless with its versatility. EASE Magnesium wants you to know that you can improve your health by incorporating this necessary nutrient in your everyday life.

So with all of that said let’s dive right into our EASE Magnesium review. And I think it’s important we start with the most important question…

What Exactly Is Magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient to human health. Magnesium has an effect on nearly 300 bodily chemical reactions. Since it is such an important nutrient, you would think that people would be ingesting it as much as other popular nutrients like calcium and potassium.

Ease Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for helping you sleep. And, besides sodium, it is the most powerful mineral that can be found in seawater. It also has the ability to work with the proteins that produce collagen, which is important for younger looking skin and healthy hair.

Who would have known that the benefits of magnesium could be so major? Yet, a known fact about magnesium is that it is the most deficient nutrient in all people.

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How You Can Tell if You Are Deficient in Magnesium

Would you believe that about 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium? Some of the common symptoms of low magnesium include:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Restless sleep
  • Irregular heart palpitations
  • Irritability
  • Stress
  • Digestive issues
  • Heartburn
  • Cramps
  • Memory loss/forgetfulness

Many of these symptoms are usually treated with western medications or therapies, which can be costly to your health and wallet. Being more aware of these problems and taking magnesium for them can help you relieve your issues more naturally.

Anxiety is one of the most diagnosed conditions that many millennials are suffering from today. Magnesium dosages are measured determined by your age, weight, and gender and can significantly improve symptoms associated with anxiety.

Why are so many people deficient in magnesium? We have “antagonists” that push magnesium out of our bodies. This comes through the form of our diets and environment. There are the types that deplete us of magnesium every day such as:

  • Poor Soil
  • Processed Meats and Dairy
  • GMOs and Pesticides
  • Wheat and Grains
  • Acid Rain

Then there are the TOP culprits that rid us of our needed nutrient:

  • Calcium Imbalance
  • Chlorine
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Heavy Metals

Health Benefits That Can Be Achieved By Incorporating Magnesium

In addition to alleviating the common problems of low magnesium, this powerful nutrient you receive with EASE can provide many other health benefits:

1. Relieving constipation and controlling your bladder – Magnesium works by counteracting the acids and toxins in your stomach. In turn, it helps the food particles to pass through easier. If you are someone who makes frequent visits to the restroom, you can place yourself at risk for infections. It fights that bacteria and in turn can help with bladder control.

2. Easing muscle and chronic pain –When you ingest magnesium, it helps relax sore and tight muscles. More and more people are beginning to use magnesium for pain and soothing the chronic issues they suffer from on a daily basis.

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EASE Magnesium Ian Clark

3. Major health issues – Conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease can all be helped with incorporating magnesium into your diet. Magnesium helps to regulate breathing and positive blood circulation. Maintaining a healthy level of insulin for diabetes is vital to living. Magnesium is a great nutrient for this because it aids in the release of insulin and keeps the blood at a normal glucose level. We still recommend talking with your Doctor first.

4. Protein and muscle building – Magnesium is a key factor when it comes to breaking down protein and building muscle. It aids in giving you the energy to perform at an optimal level alongside other nutrients such as calcium and iron.

5. Promoting bone and teeth health – This powerful nutrient begins by helping you better absorb calcium, which is one of the essential nutrients for keeping bones strong and healthy. Of all your areas, your bones will absorb the most benefits from magnesium. Keeping a healthy skeletal system will reduce your risk for osteoporosis in the future.

6. Easing migraine pain and reducing the frequency of headaches – Since your muscles are relaxed with the effects of taking magnesium supplements, you will want to take this nutrient even when you are not suffering from a migraine. It helps to prevent them from occurring in the future.

How to Achieve Homeostasis – E.A.S.E.

Maintaining a sufficient amount of magnesium is essential to giving your body the ability to oxidize stress and eliminate toxins. Essentially, it helps your body achieve a homeostasis status, which is E.A.S.E.

EASE Magnesium review

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E.A.S.E stands for:

E – Energize your body – Say goodbye to fatigue and tiredness. Magnesium restores your body by helping to distribute nutrients throughout. In order to heal and sustain your body, it must be able to produce a sufficient amount of bodily energy.

A – Alleviate calcium balance – Once you begin to restore calcium balance, you will notice that you regain healthier blood pressure levels. This will then result in the regulation of blood sugar levels, circulation, and cognitive functions.

S – Sleep sufficiently – Sleep is essential for restoring your body’s energy and everyday functions. With the appropriate levels of magnesium, you are able to sleep better and give your body the repair it needs to function when you wake up.

E – Eliminate waste – Magnesium will help to push out the toxins that prevent you from functioning properly and achieving homeostasis. This nutrient’s healthy mineral pumping capabilities will balance your cellular structure and eliminate the waste from your cells.

Taking magnesium supplements, alone, are not effective enough to give your body this much-needed nutrient. Oral supplements, in particular, hardly contain any sufficient amount and most of the time, you barely absorb the nutrient because of how ineffective the tablets or capsules are.

In order to effectively absorb magnesium, you should actually take it topically, via a transdermal, versus through ingestion. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It has the power to absorb anything placed on it within a matter of seconds. It also knows how much to absorb because it knows how much your body needs.

You achieve this by simply spraying a colorless and odorless, natural liquid supplement onto your skin. It will then flow through your bloodstream, which is the most effective way to absorb magnesium. You need to allow the nutrient a few days to travel through your intestines to achieve vitality results. But, you cannot use any type of spray out there.

Do not be fooled by any transdermal liquid on the market. Low-quality products contain oil that will just sit on top of your skin, rather than get absorbed. These will also leave your skin irritable and potentially, flaky. They may also contain harmful contaminants that you do not want running through your bloodstream.

EASE Magnesium Spray

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To receive a potent and non-harmful product, it should contain ALL of the following:

  • REAL Magnesium – All from nature and not synthetic
  • Compatibility with your body – No irritants or residues
  • High in absorption
  • 100% Natural and toxin free
  • No side-effects

Enter iMCH

Where can you get a product that meets all of these needs while allowing you to reap the benefits of magnesium absorption?

“Intelligent” Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate is unlike other forms of magnesium out there. This formula uses proprietary natural implosion and imprint technology that gives your body a pure bioavailable magnesium solution. Because of this, your body is able to get a potent and pure form of natural magnesium that your body will not reject.

Magnesium Deficiency

What sets this formula apart from any other on the market is that there is a unique form of magnesium that can only be found in seawater. This type is the only one that can be instantly compatible and absorbed by your skin. This magnesium is known as Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, aka MCH.

iMCH meets all the criteria associated with being a true and natural form of magnesium that is beneficial to attaining homeostasis. Specifically, EASE iMCH is the perfect solution and is the only natural iMCH magnesium solution ever made. Ian Clark, the president, and creator, want you to see that EASE Magnesium surpasses the rest on the market.

Try EASE Magnesium – Risk-Free

You are able to try EASE Magnesium for 60 days, no-risk, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. For about $40 a bottle, the promise is that you will find balance, more energy, better sleep, refreshment and alleviation of pain. You can also purchase a bundled 6 bottle pack for $189, receiving a 20% discount.

EASE Magnesium

Since it is all-natural and contains no contaminants, you really have nothing to lose! As always we recommend you visit the official EASE Magnesium website to learn more. The site has additional information you may find useful.