Eat Fat to Erase Fat

“Yes!” you think to yourself as the sun peaks through your second story bedroom window.

“It’s finally starting to look like spring outside!”

You unlock the brown window latch that’s been frozen shut for the last several months and thrust the window upward. A gentle breeze kisses your neck, and fragrances your bedroom with fresh dew and flowers. 

Suddenly, your stomach interrupts the distant hum of lawnmowers and songbird melodies.

“I’d better get something to eat,” you say to the songbird.

You bounce down the stairs, and find that spring’s perfume has welcomed itself into each corner of your home; a guest long-awaited and always invited to intrude.

Your mind is filled with adventures soon to be had: Warm days at the beach, laughter-filled campfires, and evenings of love and fireflies. 

You make your way into the kitchen and tug open the ivory handle.

“Eggs… Too much fat.”

“Bacon… Ugh. Fat.”

“Avocado… Why is everything in here full of fat?”

“How am I supposed to look my best this spring if all I have in the fridge is fat?!”

Well, that’s where I have to interrupt the story…

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting in the best shape for the spring and summer seasons, many women forget about eating the one type of food that will help them to burn the most amount of fat…



Fat burns fat.

In fact, the French, known for their trim physiques, have been applauded by scientists for their 1924 French Diet Secret, a diet full of delicious fatty foods that singe off otherwise stubborn belly and booty fat.

So if you want to look (and feel) your best this spring you need to do as the French do…

Eat fat to erase fat.

Here are 4 ways that fat works in your favor:

Cuts Cravings

When it comes to erasing fat, there’s no food more valuable than one that cuts away at your cravings and keeps you from overeating…

Which is exactly what fat does.

A recent comprehensive study uncovered that those participants who increased their fat intake had a reduced craving for carbohydrates at the 12-month mark.

And we all know how simple (and destructive) it is to snack on carbohydrates…

Which makes healthy fats invaluable to a springtime diet…

Another study found dietary fat to be satiating…

Primarily because fat regulates the release of appetite-related hormones… 

Or in other words, fat keeps you more full and more satisfied for longer periods of time.

And when you’re trying to slim down so you can look and feel your best this season, foods that keep you from snacking, overeating, and even thinking about overeating are invaluable.

Boosts Metabolism

Foods that are rich in dietary fat are also a proponent of a healthy metabolism…

In other words, fat provides your body with the energy that it needs to burn calories.

In a 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that consuming fatty acids directly boosts metabolic health.

One well-renowned doctor even says that, “When you don’t have any fat in your diet, its like you don’t have fuel to burn calories.”

The best metabolism boosting fats are known as MCT (middle chain triglycerides), which are found in coconut oil, palm oil, and grass-fed dairy products such as butter, cheese, whole milk and full-fat yogurt.

They have a unique chemical structure that allows your body to digest them more easily, putting them to use for fuel rather than storing them away as body fat.

So do your metabolism some good and eat more fat!

Builds Muscle

Fat is necessary for building muscle…

And when you build muscle your metabolism quickens and burns calories as a result…

This way you won’t only burn calories during your workouts…

But you’ll also burn calories throughout the day and even while you’re sleeping!

In an 8-week study, Clinical Science researchers examined the effects of polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on adults ranging from their early 20’s to mid 40’s and found that fat improves muscle growth…

Not only that, but eating “new fat” helps to push away “old fat,” also known as subcutaneous fat, which is stored around the belly, thighs and booty.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis discovered that unless you eat “new” fat, your old fat simply stores in your liver and also, peripherally (aka, love hands, thighs, etc.). 

So, I say, out with the old and in with the new!

A diet packed with healthy fats, such as the French Diet Secret I mentioned above will help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and say bye-bye-bye to stubborn fat that you’ve been trying to get rid of for months.

Improves Mood

The fact that eating more fat will improve your mood, is beneficial in a couple of ways…

First of all, who doesn’t like to be in a good mood?

This kind of high fat diet proves that dieting doesn’t have to be a bummer…

Omega-3 fatty acids boost serotonin levels in the brain, which naturally helps to improve your mood, give you mental clarity throughout the dieting process and keep you motivated!

Also, when you’re in a good mood, you’ll be less likely to fall into the temptation of “eating your feelings” when you have a tough day.

Millions of people across the globe struggle with emotional eating…

But a high-fat diet that improves mood, mental clarity, and your overall feeling of wellness can keep you from that pitfall.

And hey, you’re eating delicious foods and looking great while doing it!

What’s not to love about that?

Your Next Step

To look and feel your best this season, you need to get more fat into your diet…

If you can even call eating lots of fats a “diet.”

And that’s why I want to recommend that you check out the 14-Day French Diet that I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

It’s based on what are known as “SUPER FATS” that will give you all of the benefits I’ve listed above and more.

It’s also, according to the Institute of National Statistics, the reason why 33 million French women are skinny but are still able to eat delicious, fatty foods.

It’s a delicious “diet” that delivers results.

That simple.

Check out the 14-Day French Keto Diet HERE.

And keep up the hard work!