Eat Sleep Burn Review: Is Bad Sleep Causing You to Gain Weight?

Here is our Eat Sleep Burn review. Have you gained weight and had difficulty losing it? If so, you’re not alone. As people age, many of them have difficulty resisting high-sugar foods and snacks – and as a result, the weight creeps on. At the same time, their energy decreases. They’re tired all the time.

Sound familiar? If it does, then Eat Sleep Burn might be the product for you. In this Eat Sleep Burn review, we’ll explain what the product is, how it works, and what you’ll get when you order it. We’ll also do a deep dive into the science behind the product to see if it stands up to scrutiny.

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Eat Sleep Burn Review

At the end of our Eat Sleep Burn review, we’ll give you a list of the pros and cons as we see them and make a final recommendation as to whether Eat Sleep Burn is a product that’s worth trying.

What is Eat Sleep Burn?

Eat Sleep Burn is an informational product that claims to have the weight loss solution that many of us have been waiting for. The simple premise behind it is that a lack of deep, restorative sleep causes us to gain weight.

The people behind the product are Tara and Todd Lamb, two married police officers, and their friend Dan Garner, a personal fitness and wellness coach. Tara and Todd had both gained weight and were on the verge of giving up. Their marriage was in trouble. They were both exhausted all the time.

They saw their friend Dan after a long absence, and he noticed their weight gain. He offered them the same solution he gives to his personal coaching clients. It involves drinking a “sleep tea” that allows people to get the deep and restful sleep they need to lose weight.

How Does Eat Sleep Burn Work?

Eat Sleep Burn works by resetting your body’s circadian rhythms – those are the natural rhythms that govern your waking and sleeping cycles – and allowing you to get the restful sleep you need. Specifically, it helps to get three key hormones in check:

  1. Leptin – the hormone that signals your body that you’ve had enough food. Leptin intolerance can lead to overeating.
  2. Ghrelin – the hormone that governs hunger. Too much ghrelin can also lead to overeating.
  3. Cortisol – one of the so-called stress hormones. Too much cortisol can lead to chronic stress and weight gain.

The Eat Sleep Burn book also includes information about a specific shut-down sequence to use before you go to sleep to help you get a good night’s sleep, as well as information about turning on the “sleep switches” that will allow you to sleep.

Who is Eat Sleep Burn Designed to Help?

Eat Sleep Burn is designed to help anybody who has struggled to lose weight. Specifically, if you feel tired all the time, lack mental focus, and have experienced decreased energy and a lower libido combined with weight gain, then Eat Sleep Burn may be the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for.

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Review Eat Sleep Burn

Because people tend to get less sleep as they approach middle age, people who are 40 years old or older are in the sweet spot to benefit from Eat Sleep Burn. If you struggle to find the energy to get through the day, it’s possible that you’re not getting the restorative sleep you need.

What Will You Get if You Order Eat Sleep Burn?

As we stated above, Eat Sleep Burn is an informational product. The main product is the Eat Sleep Burn book, which contains:

  • The recipe for Dan Garner’s “Sleep Slim Tea,” which you can make from a combination of herbs and ingredients you can find at your local grocery store;
  • A precise “Shutdown Sequence” to help your body and mind wind down and relax into sleep;
  • The 3 key “Sleep Switches” that will allow you to feel energized and vital again;
  • Information about how to reset your Circadian rhythm

In addition to the main book, Tara and Todd are also offering three related bonus items. They are:

  1. Dan Garner’s book, 28-Day Metabolic Reset. This book has information about the best way to exercise to lose weight, and you’ll only need to schedule 21 minutes per day for your workout.
  2. Limitless Potential System, also by Dan Garner. This book contains dozens of hacks to help you tap into the full potential of your mind and body.
  3. 21 days of FREE access to Dan Garner’s personal online coaching system. This is the same system Dan charges his clients $1,500 per month for – and you’ll get it free for three whole weeks.

Your order of the main book will get you all three bonus items for free.

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Eat Sleep Burn Review

Is There Research to Support Eat Sleep Burn?

We always like to check out what the scientific community has to say about the claims made by weight loss products. Here’s what we learned about Eat Sleep Burn.

First, there is a well-established connection between reduced leptin levels, high ghrelin levels, poor sleep, and weight gain. There were a lot of studies to choose from, but the one that jumped out at us was this one from 2004. It examined the sleep patterns and weight of more than 1,000 participants and found a direct correlation between short sleep duration, reduced leptin, increased ghrelin, and weight gain.

What about cortisol? We found a study that concluded there was a direct relationship between sleep deprivation and increased cortisol levels. We also found multiple studies like this one, which found that stress, as measured by cortisol levels, could lead to weight gain and obesity.

The takeaway here is that there’s plenty of research to confirm a connection between inadequate sleep and weight gain. While we couldn’t find any direct research of the tea recipe in Eat Sleep Burn, we’re comfortable saying that getting better sleep may help you lose weight.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Eat Sleep Burn?

Every weight loss product has its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of Eat Sleep Burn as we see them, starting with the pros:

  • This is an affordable product that’s far less expensive than many popular weight loss and diet programs.
  • There is research to back up the specific claims made about Eat Sleep Burn.
  • The tea recipe can be made with affordable, all-natural ingredients from your grocery store.
  • There are no known side effects to the ingredients in the tea recipe.
  • Eat Sleep Burn is available for immediate download.
  • The official retailer of this program is Clickbank, a respected retailer of digital products. This comes with a no question asked 60-day money-back guarantee

There are a few potential downsides to consider, as well:

  • While there is research to support Eat Sleep Burn’s promises, there’s no guarantee that you’ll lose a specific amount of weight because everybody is different.
  • You should make sure to clear all ingredients with your doctor before taking them in case there’s an issue with one of your existing medications or some other contraindication against drinking the tea.
  • This product is only available online and not in stores.

Overall, we think the pros outweigh the cons. However, you should make sure to check with your doctor before using Eat Sleep Burn to lose weight.

How Much Does Eat Sleep Burn Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much Eat Sleep Burn costs. On their sales page, Tara and Todd Lamb estimate the value of the original product plus the bonus items to be $297. However, they’re running a special where you can get the Eat Sleep Burn book plus the three bonus items for a single payment of $37.

Because this is a digital product, there are no shipping charges. And, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can simply contact the company within 60 days for a full refund. Please keep in mind that the price is always subject to change, but at the time of writing this review, it was $37.00. All orders are processed with Clickbank.

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Our Eat Sleep Burn Review Conclusion

Our final recommendation is that Eat Sleep Burn is a product that’s worth trying, particularly if you’re someone who has struggled to lose weight and feels tired all the time. The all-natural ingredients have no known side effects and restful sleep could be the weight loss solution you need. And as always, if you try out the program and feel it’s not a fit you are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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