Eat Stop Eat Review – Can Brad Pilon Free You From Complicated Diets?

In this Eat Stop Eat review we’ll take a look at Brad Pilon and Adam Steer’s new program. At some point in their life, most people will go on a diet. Whether it’s to lose a few pounds or a lot of weight, the story usually goes the same way. You begin strong, completely confident that you are finally going to shed the weight and really keep it off this time. You choose a popular diet you think you can handle.

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After a week or two; however, it gets harder. You find yourself fighting food restrictions, confused by portions and calorie counting. It becomes harder and harder to dine with family and friends. You either feel too restricted or you end up giving in and breaking the rules of your diet, only to feel guilty.

You tell yourself that you’ll get back on track but something always seems to stand in the way. Before you know it, you have started to gain the weight back and then some.

A new program, Eat Stop Eat, helps you to replace all of the complicated rules and take back control of your eating. Using this one simple strategy, you can lose weight as well as rejuvenate your cells to enjoy a more youthful appearance and increased energy while getting rid of aches, pains, and health issues.

Eat Stop Eat Review

Studies show that fewer than 2 percent of all people who go on a diet actually manage to keep off the weight. It’s little wonder that so many people give up, thinking that the rebounding weight is all their fault. In reality, it’s not your fault, according to the author of Eat Stop Eat.

The truth of the matter is that diets do not work because you are instructed to skip entire food groups. You are told you must limit the number of calories you consume. Diets are simply not natural.

Let’s Take A Look At Eat Stop Eat

You may have heard a lot of diet gurus in the last few years arguing that calories do not matter. According to the author of Eat Stop Eat, this is one of the biggest lies in the weight loss industry. The facts cannot be ignored. In order to lose weight, you must eat fewer calories.

So, what is a calorie?

A calorie is a unit of energy stored in the foods you eat. This is the energy your body burns for all of your daily activities. It’s simple math. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.

Eat Stop Eat is not based on having you count calories. There is no magic formula that will allow you to eat as many calories as you want while still losing weight, as many popular weight loss programs do.

You absolutely must eat less than a certain threshold of calories to lose weight. The key is to know your own calorie level so that you can get below that threshold.

Eat Stop Eat program

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According to Eat Stop Eat, here’s the trick. You do not need to do this every day. Eat Stop Eat presents a simple strategy that will allow you to stay below your own personal calorie threshold without forcing yourself into a discipline you cannot maintain, worry about precise calorie counting, or giving up certain foods.

This simple strategy can be used for cleaning out the entire body so that you can turn back the hands of time while looking and feeling younger and more energetic.

Eat Stop Eat points out that thousands of years ago, our ancestors relied on a natural cycle of food consumption. It was this cycle that kept them healthy and lean. Back then, calories tended to come in waves rather than consistently. At certain times of the year, food was abundant. At other times, it was difficult to come by.

In remote, rural communities around the world today, many people still follow this same cycle. Researchers have found that people living in such communities tend to be strong, lean, healthy, and youthful, particularly when compared to overfed communities in the Western world.

Our biology has not strayed from that of our ancestors. What has changed is how we eat. In today’s modern world, we pretty much eat what we want when we want. Yet, our bodies still need the high and low calorie waves to be at peak health. It’s little wonder that diets do not work for us. Diets actually go against our body’s natural survival instincts.

You see, our ancestors at their fill when food was plentiful, allowing them to survive difficult times when food was hard to find. This is precisely why we struggle so much now. Our bodies were never designed to avoid specific types of food. Did you know the calorie was not discovered until the 1800s? We were not intended to count calories every day.

Our genetic code is designed to go without food for short periods of time; however. This is the missing key to modern diets. Most of us eat all day every day. This is exactly why we are overweight, have a hard time losing weight, and feel sick and tired all of the time.

Eat Stop Eat authors Brad Pilon and Adam Steer point out that to break this cycle, we need to change how we eat. This new program is based on Intermittent Fasting (IF). While this is not a new concept, Eat Stop Eat takes a different approach. It’s important to note that Intermittent Fasting can be done the wrong way.

This program shows you how to stop eating for a specified period of time once or twice weekly. The amount of time you should stop eating is completely customized based on your goals and amount of body fat. It’s that simple. You only need to do this once or twice per week to achieve results. Furthermore, you do not need to go even one day without enjoying a normal meal.

With this program, you extend your normal overnight fast once or twice weekly. There is no need to diet with this approach. The author of Eat Stop Eat says that using this approach, you can lose all of the weight you want while also feeling better.

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More Details About The Eat Stop Eat Program

The Eat Stop Eat program consist of two books, both which are digital. This means nothing is shipped to you and once you purchase you’ll be able to access all of the material. The program consist of the main Eat Stop Eat book which shows you everything you need to know about the right way to approach Intermittent Fasting.

This includes helping you to understand fasting and your metabolism, how fasting works with exercise, the connection between fasting and your blood sugar. Here’s a look at the information covered within the main course:

Click Here To Check Out The Official Eat Stop Eat Website

Eat Stop Eat

In addition, Brad blasts some of the common misconceptions about fasting while helping you to understand the health benefits of fasting. He also makes recommendations of what you can do while fasting and even how to work out while making this lifestyle change.

Brad Pilon and Adam Steer also included a free bonus, The Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide. If you’re like me and just want to dive right in then the quick start guide is for you. It allows you to hit the ground running and get all the details you need. I recommend you still read the main book, but if you want to get a quick idea

Eat Stop Eat Reviews

Have you ever skipped the complicated instructions when setting up some new software on your computer, and then regretted it? That’s me… I always want to skip ahead and just get started. So I created the Quick Start Guide for you. You’ll get a running start so you can quickly enjoy the benefits of Eat Stop Eat within minutes of receiving the book. It’s a simple bonus, but it really comes in handle when you need a quick reference.

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Positives and Cons

Eat Stop Eat comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so even if you are feeling hesitant, you can try it to find out whether it’s right for you and then get your money back if the program doesn’t work for you. The program is downloadable, so you don’t have to wait to get started. If there is a drawback to this program, it is that the author does not provide specific meals or even set workouts.

The good news is that you are not forced into meal plans or exercises that don’t fit your lifestyle. IF allows you to eat meals and foods you usually can’t with traditional diets. NOTE: I personally use intermittent fasting and have been doing it for years. I love it! I was able to eat hamburgers, fries, pizza and more and still drop the pounds. The science behind it is excellent as well.

Eat Stop Eat Review Conclusion

Overall, Eat Stop Eat appears to be based on solid scientific research and provides an easy-to-follow system you can use to make healthy lifestyle changes that will help you to improve your metabolism, lose weight, and improve your overall health. With a 60-day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose but the weight with Eat Stop Eat.

I highly recommend you check out the official Eat Stop Eat website to really get an in-depth grasp of Adam and Brad’s Eat Stop Eat program. I can only put so much information within a review. The authors really put a lot of great information on their official website which is worth a read.