Fat Decimator Review – Is This New Program From Kyle Cooper Worth Your Time?

Here is our Fat Decimator review. Have you been following diet after diet without making much progress? Are your exercise programs not having the desired effect? What if you could find a combination weight loss and exercise routine that actually works? That’s what Fat Decimator is. This program, officially called the Fat Decimator System, is designed to help you lose weight.

How does it work? What does following the program entail? These are just some of the things that we’re going to look at in this Fat Decimator review.

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Fat Decimator

What Is Fat Decimator?

The best thing about this Fat Decimator review is that fact that we get into the basics of the program. Fat Decimator is an ebook that consists of three main sections. The first covers the diet that you should follow in order to detoxify your system and lose weight. It will also boost your metabolism.

The second section explains an exercise plan that goes hand in hand with the diet. It consists of “supercharged” routines that will help you lose body fat. Finally, the third section of the book contains advice on how to motivate yourself to follow both parts of the plan. Without this, you may find yourself bowing out early before you get the results that you want.

We’ll go into a bit more depth in other parts of this Fat Decimator review, particularly in the research section.

Who Created Fat Decimator?

Fat Decimator was created by Kyle Cooper, who is both a certified fitness professional, as well as a former marine. While he was stationed in Afghanistan, he met a medical student from Korea who informed him of an entirely new way to lose weight through diet and exercise. This eventually led to the product that we’re discussing in this Fat Decimator review.

At the tie, Cooper was in charge of a Force Recon unit. One of his main goals was to keep his men in excellent condition. They had to be prepared for just about anything, so fitness was a priority.

Kyle Cooper Fat Decimator


However, Cooper noticed that many of his older soldiers, especially those in the National Guard, whom he also oversaw, weren’t in such great physical condition. Many of the men and women in their 30s and 40s had problems staying in shape since they were only on duty one weekend a month prior to their deployments.

This realization, combined with the knowledge from his new friend, the medical student, led to the creation of his program, hence this Fat Decimator review.

Who Is Fat Decimator Designed To Help?

Fat Decimator is a weight loss program that consists of both diet and exercise components. It’s designed primarily for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. If you’re over the age of 30 and want to get into better shape, then Fat Decimator is for you.

After examining the program for this Fat Decimator review, we don’t see any need for age or weight restrictions beyond the usual which are being over the age of 18 and checking with your doctor first, always sound advice. 

Does Research Support The Claims Of Fat Decimator?

In order to put together a complete Fat Decimator review, we need to examine the claims made in the ebook. The science behind the program is well documented. Since the diet portion of Fat Decimator is designed to help you lose belly fat, the creator of the program, Kyle Cooper, had to determine exactly what causes that fat to form in the first place – stress

There have been many scientific studies that show just how stress causes belly fat to form. According to one done by researchers at the University of Florida, chronic stress forced the cells in mice into making a compound called Betatrophin. Betatrophin is a type of protein that’s found in fat metabolism. Since the Fat Decimator review diet targets these types of proteins, following the program will decrease your belly fat by increasing your metabolism.

Another study, this one completed by Princeton University, showed how products containing high fructose corn syrup caused mice to gain weight. The researchers from this study put together two diet plans for the mice and studied them closely. One set of them ate a diet high in regular table sugar, the other a diet that contained the same amount of calories, just with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.

The mice in the second group gained quite a bit more weight. As we’ve previously stated in this Fat Decimator review, the diet points out how important it is to not eat or drink anything with high fructose corn syrup in it.

In addition, this diet program emphasizes the need to get a full night’s sleep. Many studies have been done on this, particularly one from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which points out the fact that getting the right amount of sleep provides a number of health benefits. These include the removal of toxins (such as the ones that create fat cells) from your system.

We need to point this out in our Fat Decimator review since this is crucial to following the plan. If you get enough sleep, your system will reset and, when combined with diet and exercise – the right diet and exercise – You can start to lose weight.

Finally, many diet foods are bad for you. The Fat Decimator System makes this clear. This is supported by some research conducted at the University of Georgia. They fed mice a low-fat, high-sugar diet, and found that many of them gained quite a bit of weight. Many other popular diet products include a lot of sugar in them, and not much fat, which affects the liver and prevents you from losing weight. This is just another example of science backing up the claims of this program.

What Do You Get When You Buy Fat Decimator?

When you purchase Fat Decimator, you receive the ebook, officially called The Fat Decimator System. This book contains everything that you need in order to follow the program.

Fat Decimator

You’ll also receive four free bonus ebooks. These include titles like The Fastest Weight Loss Week Action Plan, 100 Great-Tasting Green Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes, and Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants. You’ll also receive The Fat Decimator Three-Minute Belly Shrinker Video Series, and one month of free private coaching. In all, this is a $349 value.

Fat Decimator System reviews

Pros and Cons of Fat Decimator

No Fat Decimator review is complete without going over the system’s pros and cons. These include:


  • Immediate access to the ebook and program
  • You receive four bonus products and private coaching
  • The book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • The diet is backed up by scientific studies


  • You need to be self-motivated in order to start and follow the program
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a new diet and fitness regiment

How Much Does Fast Decimator Cost?

Of course, we need to explain the overall cost in this Fat Decimator review. The book sells for $37.00. You can purchase it online and receive an immediate link to the book once your payment is processed. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee through the platform that sells the book, ClickBank which provides safe, secure payment processing.

Fat Decimator Reviews

Also, if you stay on the checkout page long enough, you’ll receive a coupon code that knocks the price of Fat Decimator down to $17. You still receive the bonus products, making this quite a deal.

Our Fat Decimator Review Conclusion

After reading all of the components of this Fat Decimator review, we hope that you understand just how useful this product is. The Fat Decimator System includes instructions on what to eat, which exercises to do, and how to stay motivated enough in order to follow the program through to the end.

Fat Decimator System

We highly recommend you visit the official website if you’re interested in learning more about the Fat Decimator system. We do our best to provide you the information you need to know, but it never hurts to check out the official website for yourself.