Fat Diminisher Review – Can Wes Virgin Eliminate Your Stubborn Fat?

First of all, our Fat Diminisher review is finally ready for those who have been waiting. Most of us know that our bodies need minerals to carry out metabolic processes. Many herbs and plants tend to have medicinal properties. What most of us don’t know is how to combine these nutritional elements to get the benefits.

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Few really even know what herbal or mineral supplementation might combat particular physical maladies or disease processes. However, physicians in Asian countries are more familiar with using herbs for specific health benefits.

Fat Diminisher, the system sold by Wes Virgin was pioneered by a Thai medical student. This student happened to share a tent with Wesley Virgin and passed it on to him. Let’s keep moving forward with this Fat Diminisher review and see what the program is all about.

Who’s Wes Virgin and What Is The Fat Diminisher Program? 

Wesley Virgin is the guy who decided to make the Fat Diminisher program accessible to everyone. Wes’ military occupation in Iraq was training soldiers so that they could pass their mandatory physical fitness evaluation. Wes Virgin took unfit, middle-aged soldiers and whipped them into shape.

Wes Virgin Fat Diminisher

He claims that before the program, he was failing in his mission to get soldiers in shape. Now back in the states, he’s still a regular guy, but has apparently been crowned a celebrity trainer. He works at fitness boot camps across the country training others to use the program. I was skeptical of both the guy and Fat Diminisher but figured it was something different from what I had already tried. Why not give it a shot?

According to Wes, the way the program works is by halting “metabolic acidosis,” which is caused by the kidneys’ inability to rid the body of excess acids that build up as we age. These acids, including the most harmful ones (called cortisol), are the result of everyday stress. His claim is that our body holds onto fat as a protective mechanism against metabolic acidosis. He even says that his regimen will “reverse metabolic acidosis.”

What Is Fat Diminisher and How Can It Help Me? 

The “holy grail” of the Fat Diminisher regimen is a cocktail of all-natural supplements that have been used by indigenous peoples in countries like, India, Thailand, and Japan. Not coincidentally, these countries have the lowest global rates of cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

Wes discovered pages of notes the Thai medic gave him worked on his under-performing troops. A metabolic boost was also noticed within the Soldiers. In addition, the troops lose a few pounds of fat after a short period of time. When Wes Virgin returned home he made a decision. He knew he had to organize the information he learned. He knew it could help others and this was the start of the current Fat Diminisher program.

What Do I Get?

Fat Diminisher is composed of three parts:

1.) Fast Start Guide – The “meat” of the program, that gives you the knowledge and tools needed to accomplish the program. This publication gives you access to the simple nutritional formulas, based on natural, biological ingredients that are purported to get you back to looking and feeling the best you ever have.

fat diminisher review

Click Here To Visit The Official Fat Diminisher Website

2.) The Truth About Veggies – Tells you what supposedly “healthy” foods to avoid and contains a meal plan based on the right foods to eat for weight loss.

3.) 4-Minute Belly Diminish Formula – The video reveals how to eliminate stubborn belly fat and detox the body.

What Was My Experience

Wes claims that you can “eat more foods you love, eat more carbs and use more seasoning” with his program. He also says that you need not “exhaust yourself with exercise” or “starve yourself with dieting.” Is this really the case?

During Week 1, I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I did feel better. After the second week, I became a believer. I was feeling better, sleeping better and consuming many of the foods I thought were “no-nos” in the world of actual weight loss. In all fairness, the program’s author does not tell you an exact amount, or even a range of how much you might lose.

On the official website for Fat Diminisher Wesley Virgin list a number of people who have got results following his program. One of them is Patricia (below) who lost over 38 lbs in a few short weeks. Along with a ton of other testimonials from people who struggled with weight loss.

fat diminisher

In any case, my results were adequate to recommend the program. I continue to use Fat Diminisher and am now in my sixth week. I am continuing to see encouraging signs that I have not yet reached a plateau. Maybe the program doesn’t have one? The system also gives pointers about how to keep the weight off for life. Hopefully, I can sustain my progress!

Pros and Cons of Fat Diminisher 

The best feature of the program is that you can accomplish it using entirely natural supplements. In addition, you do need to use them in an appropriate manner. You must also use them at the right times. This is key to gaining the full spectrum of advantages they provide.

As with anything that claims to reshape your physique, you do need to maintain some level of physical activity for best results. However, if you are not an exercise fanatic, (which most of us aren’t) you will be able to use minimal physical effort, without the benefit of a formal gym, but you cannot cease exercising altogether, and still gain optimal benefit from the plan.

The cost of the plan and its ease of use are certainly benefits, but since I have not seen fit to send my Fat Diminisher materials back, I can’t attest to the 60-day, full money-back guarantee, but it does have one in case you’re wondering. Wes Virgin will refund an individual’s money if they’re not happy. All the customer needs to do is shoot him an email.

In case you’re wondering Wes Virgin’s Fat Diminisher plan isn’t a “quick fix”. Putting Wes’ regimen into action to do what is required to accomplish your goals does take time and effort. You must read and comprehend the program. You must also put a little time and money into acquiring the material.  If you’re looking to learn more please visit the official Fat Diminisher website.