Fat Shrinking Signal Review – Is Derek Wahler’s System the Key to a Slim Waistline?

Who doesn’t want a flat midsection? If you are one of the lucky people that has never needed to worry about a growing waistline, you’re probably not reading this Fat Shrinking Signal review! In order to figure out how to lose weight around our middles, it’s helpful to figure out why it is there in the first place.

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According to the official Fat Shrinking Signal website, that is exactly what a guy named Derek Wahler did. He looked for the reason behind weight gain, particularly in middle age. This is the time in our lives when most of us tend to add a few pounds, or in some cases, much more than a few.

I decided to try his formula for a month; maybe longer, if I saw results. Did I get what I was looking for? My review appears below. Read on for my opinion of the program. Will it work for you?

What Is the Fat Shrinking Signal and Why Do I Need It? 

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to lose weight, especially around the midsection? I’m sure you have if you are reading this!

According to Mr. Wahler, many of us fall prey to an undiagnosed chemical condition called “Leptin Resistance.” Most of us have never heard of this condition because it is frequently overlooked, or misdiagnosed as something else. The “something else,” is frequently a condition called “heart hypertension.” This condition is characterized by the accumulation of fat pockets that cause pressure on vital systems of the body, such as the arteries, lungs, and heart.

However, heart hypertension is the result of fat accumulation, not the cause of it. The heart hypertension diagnosis is typically treated with prescription medication and (you guessed it), extreme diet and exercise. The only problem is, that these treatments fail with great frequency, due to the hormonal defect that is often the root cause of excess weight gain.

Leptin is the hormone hat tells your body that it has had enough to eat, but sometimes the body fails to communicate to the brain that you are full. This phenomenon, called Leptin Resistance, not only causes you to eat more but also makes your body want to conserve energy, leading you to become inactive. Wahler claims that Leptin Resistance can actually be corrected without extreme dieting or insane cardio workouts.

He reasons that your “fat shrinking signal” can be activated by devoting only forty minutes of your time to his methods each week. He claims that you can lose up to seven pounds in seven days without calorie counting, detoxification, or grueling workouts. Is it true? Read on, to find out if it worked for me.

Who Is Derek Wahler? What are His Qualifications? 

Derek is a Certified Personal Trainer, Turbulence Trainer and sought-after public speaker, who specializes in the topic of weight loss. Through his work, he was able to recognize that much of the appearance of weight around the midsection is actually caused by inflammation.

Those of us that are over thirty and up to sixty years of age experience toxicity in our bodies, often due to the very things we do to try and lose weight; too much strenuous exercise and starvation dieting.

What Is Contained In the Fat Shrinking Signal Program? 

Fat Shrinking Signal reviewThe Fat Shrinking Signal protocol is based on doing particular exercises, in a specific manner, sequence and intensity for different body parts. Once you master each exercise sequence, it should take about ten minutes to complete. The core of the system is targeted “slimming sequence” that contains four steps:

1.) Body Slimming Burst #1 – Activation of the “fat shrinking signal, ” resulting in a “flushing out” of trapped fat within the body.

2.) Body Shaping Burst #2 – Nick-named the “Shock Your System” sequence, this protocol activates five separate “shock points” simultaneously, firming and shaping common body trouble spots.

Click Here To Visit The Official Fat Shrinking Signal Website

3.) Body Sculpting Burst #3 – This tightening and toning routine includes a forty-second tummy slimming movement, but also activates anti-aging enzymes and unleashes the breakup of fat in your body.

4.) Body Shredding Burst #4 – This fourth approach activates your metabolism, ignites calorie burning and lowers blood pressure.

When you buy Derek Wahler’s Fat Shrinking Signal you receive everything you need to use the system in his follow-along video workout series.

Pros and Cons: Will the Program Work for Me? 

As with any fitness system, the person using it figures into the equation. Finding what works and following directions is certainly a part of the efficacy of any program. However, I found the videos to be complete and thorough, and easy enough to follow that anyone should be able to use it. This includes people who don’t regularly exercise enough to be in good shape, such as older individuals.

You do need to follow the system accurately and regularly to experience the promised results, but I did find the movements much easier and less time-consuming than other methods I’ve attempted. The ten minutes per day, I was promised was fairly accurate and I liked the fact that it was not something I needed to do every day. Just four days per week or every other day is a nice change of pace!

However, you should not go into the Fat Shrinking Signal protocol thinking that it will require no effort on your part. It is not a miracle fat cure, but the ten minutes you need to commit to when you accomplish your routine four times per week is not nearly as difficult as many programs that are out there.

You don’t need any special equipment and can complete the routines in the comfort of your home, using only the weight of your own body. You will need to become accustomed to doing exercises with different angles, techniques, and intensities than you may have used in the past, but this is part of what makes the system work.

The price tag was also very small, particularly when you compare it to many other available options. I’m not sure how much you will pay, by the time you order, but at the time I purchased the program, it was very inexpensive. Hopefully, the price will not have increased much, now that the secret is out! I was given an “iron-clad” guarantee that I could return the product in sixty days if I was not completely satisfied with my results.

The website is secure and gave me my digital download instantly when I entered my credit card information. The program is patented, so it is only available through the website.

Fat Shrinking Signal Review Conclusion

Even if you invest a small amount of money to try something, it is always annoying and troubling when it doesn’t work, and you come to the uncomfortable realization that you have wasted your money. Fortunately, this was not the case for me. No, I didn’t lose seven pounds in seven days, but after using the system for three weeks, I was seeing results; much better results, in fact, than I thought possible.

I’ve never been a “gym rat” and I could indeed accomplish the routines at home, so that was the first thing that made me happy as well as hopeful that this could be the fitness regimen for me. I’ve been in great shape before and looked great in my youth. I’m now almost sixty-five years old, and still very active, but I’m not at a stage of life where I want to spend a lot of time doing dedicated, intense workout routines, especially every single day.

I’ve paid my dues in life, and although I was a few pounds heavier than I felt was ideal, I was not willing to sacrifice other activities to lose just a few pounds. As it turns out, I don’t need to. For those who have lots of weight to shed, I can’t attest to this plan’s efficacy, but after forty-three days on the program, I have yet to hit the dreaded plateau, where I am no longer experiencing results.

I have reached my goal of fifteen pounds of weight loss, but I continue to use the program to stay toned. I just feel better when I do my exercise routine. That is not really different from before, except that my fitness routine is now easier and more fun to do. If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing the program you can visit the official Fat Shrinking Signal website.