Flat Belly Flush Review – “Red Water” Melts Away A Pound of Belly Fat Daily?

It took longer than expected, but here’s our Flat Belly Flush review. For many people, fat accumulation around the belly is often chalked up to simply getting older. Unfortunately, that extra belly fat can leave you feeling unattractive and can even take a dangerous toll on your health.

In addition to leading to a higher risk for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, belly fat could also put you at risk for a dangerous digestive disorder. Flat Belly Flush is designed to help you eliminate that extra fat around your middle.

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According to research from Harvard Medical, many people over the age of 40 suffer from a strange digestive glitch that makes it practically impossible to burn belly fat. As a result, foods that people normally think of as being healthy are actually stored as fat around the abdomen, lungs, and heart.


This GI glitch actually transmits signals to the body to store fat rather than burning eat. Regardless of how much you exercise or how healthy you eat, this pattern will continue until this glitch is resolved. Flat Belly Flush is designed to trigger a fat-burning cycle buried deep within your DNA. This forces your body to burn more fat.

What Is Flat Belly Flush All About

Flat Belly Flush is based on the concept of combatting a condition known as Fat Oxidation syndrome. In extreme cases, this condition can lead to organ issues, including organ failure. This is precisely what happened to Derek Wahler, the author of Flat Belly Flush. In mild cases of Fat Oxidation Syndrome, the body simply is not able to break down food properly.

Rather than the food you eat being burned for energy, it is transported to fat cells. For the vitamins and nutrients from the food you consume to be used for energy rather than being stored as fat, your body must be able to properly break them down. When the body does not produce enough bile, it becomes almost impossible to properly digest a meal and your body starts to store fat!


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This means that regardless of how healthy the food you eat may be, your body will still continue to store it as fat. Doctors from Harvard report that as much as 80 percent of the population could be suffering from this condition.

Further research from Tampere University Hospital in Finland found that people with this digestive disorder are seven times more likely to experience hyperthyroidism because of excessive fat storage, which leads to belly fat. Eventually, this can also lead to an accumulation of fat around vital organs, including the heart and lungs, which can put you at risk for a number of serious health issues.

As we age, toxins and free radicals begin to build up inside the body. Eventually, they become trapped in the digestive fluids that are necessary for properly breaking down the foods we consume. When those digestive fluids become thick and congested, they are not able to move freely and become a thick, gunky sludge. Women are often even more prone to this problem due to excess levels of estrogen and cosmetic use. Food additives also often become stuck inside our intestines, further complicating this issue.

The good news is that this GI glitch can be reversed while boosting your fat-burning metabolism. According to Derek Wahler of Flat Belly Flush, some of the most common advice touted by physicians and health and fitness gurus, including drinking more water, could actually prevent your body from absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients while keeping you from losing weight.

Research from the British Journal of Nutrition reports that the body contains what is known as a metabolism window in which the body is able to naturally burn 20 percent more belly fat while using stored fat for fuel.

Flat Belly Flush Derek Wahler

With the simple tricks outlined in Flat Belly Flush, you can learn how to do precisely that. Flat Belly Flush features a few, simple movements designed to be low impact.

The steps outlined in this program also show you how to convert that sludge-like fluid in your body that prevents you from losing weight into a fat-burning flow that will burn up the food you eat for energy rather than storing it for fat.

According to Flat Belly Flush, you must follow three simple steps. First, you must avoid any type of high impact workout that could damage your knees, joints, back, and ankles. Second, you must not count calories as this will put your body in starvation mode. This can cause your body to hold onto fat. Finally, you must avoid relying on the green veggies that so many people think are a miracle cure for melting away fat.

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Who Is Derek Wahler?

The author of Flat Belly Flush is Derek Wahler. He’s a fitness expert who has spoken at numerous health and nutrition seminars, including the Fitness Business Summit in California. Derek has also run his own fitness boot camp, helping hundreds of people lose weight.

Derek Wahler

It was only after he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Fat Oxidation Syndrome that he discovered how serious this condition is. Anyone, regardless of how healthy of a lifestyle he or she may lead, can fall victim to this GI flitch.

Following his hospitalization, Derek set out to learn as much as possible about this condition and what could be done to reverse it.

What’s Included With The Flat Belly Flush Program

Flat Belly Flush, you receive an easy-to-use step-by-step blueprint that provides all of the vital information you need. This program provides you with the specific herbs, oils, spices, and “red water” drinks you need to consume. In addition you learn the specific times of the day you need to consume them. This will help to reverse your digestive glitch and begin burning belly fat.

Here’s a small breakdown of what you’ll get with the Flat Belly Flush program:

Flat Belly Flush Manual. This is the step by step blueprint which is considered to be the core of the program. It provides the herbs, oils, species and the specific “Red Water” which Derek talks about on his official website.

Flat Belly Flush – 5 Minute Fat Flushing Workout Videos. These are easy to follow videos which allow you to follow-along as Derek coaches you through all of the movements. This makes the process a lot easier when you have someone walking you through each step.

Flat Belly Flush – 60-Second Belly Slimming Bursts. These are very short, efficient mini workouts you can do before eating a meal. This causes the body to NOT store the food as fat. Even some of your favorite foods like cake, hamburger or even garlic bread won’t phase you.

Flat Belly Flush review

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In addition to the main Flat Belly Flush program you’ll also get a couple of bonus items. These help to round out the program and provide a more complete experience in my opinion. Here’s a short breakdown of each bonus item:

Eat These Carbs Before Bed to Burn More Fat. We all love carbs and while a lot of people will tell you to avoid them you’ll learn that carbs are needed for consistent fat loss. In this bonus program Derek shares a number of great tasting carbs that you should eat before heading to bed. These carbs, when consumed before bed help the body burn more fat.

3 Worst Belly Bulging Veggies to Avoid. This is a simple bonus, but comes in pretty handy. It shows you which veggies you need to avoid if you want to see your belly shrink. A lot of people believe that all veggies are good, but that isn’t always the case with burning fat. Certain veggies can trigger inflammation and even cause the body to store fat.

Positives and Cons

One of the best benefits of Flat Belly Flush is that it does not require you to purchase any expensive or hard-to-find supplements. There is no calorie counting involved and you do not have to worry about intensive workouts. This program is designed to work for any individual at any age regardless of his or her physical condition.

Since all of the materials in the Flat Belly Flush program are sent digitally you can begin right away. You wont have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. Additionally, Derek provides a 60-day money back guarantee. If you find that the program does not work for you, simply let Derek known and he will issue a 100% refund with no questions asked. You can visit the official website for Flat Belly Flush to learn more about this policy.

Tthere doesn’t seem to be any guaranteed results. Many programs claim you’ll lose this much weight within a specific timeframe. In my opinion it is actually good news. The truth is everyone is different and will experience weight loss at a different rate.

Flat Belly Flush Review Conclusion

The Flat Belly Flush system is based on solid science. The program provides step-by-step instructions to help you avoid the leading causes of fat accumulating around the belly. Since the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you can try it risk free. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Derek Wahler’s Flat Belly Flush you can visit the official website.