Flavilicious Cooking Review – The Facts About Flavia Del Monte’s Cookbook

Eh, if the name itself doesn’t get you excited about the program, this article review definitely will. Flavilicious Cooking is for everyone who just can’t seem to get it right. You know, the kind of people who workout regularly, and try to watch what they eat but just can’t seem to achieve the weight loss that they desire?

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Or maybe you’re the kind of person who has never really had the proper lessons in the kitchen and you simply don’t know how to cook and eat healthily, or maybe you think that you are eating healthy and are in for an honest awakening. Whatever it is; if you are looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight in the meantime, Flavilicious Cooking is the way to go about it.

Let’s see what this program is all about, shall we?

Flavilicious Cooking Review

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My Flavilicious Cooking Review And What It’s All About

The program is all about the ladies, which is excellent because as you probably already know, a female’s body works differently than a man’s and in order to thoroughly achieve your goals, you need to follow a program that is specific to your needs. With that said, the Flavilicious Cooking program is obviously about food as well, and it’s importance in achieving all of your weight loss and optimal health goals.

While it may sound like an oxymoron to come across a health and diet plan that allows you to achieve weight loss while eating until you are thoroughly satisfied, you better believe it because it’s the solution and it’s Flavilicious Cooking. If you love to eat but want to lose weight, well… Here you go.

It is also realistic and easy to follow because as you are about to read, the program was created by a woman who is just like you and me; one that is busy, one that doesn’t have much time to spare; a mom; a wife and a million other things all at once.

Who Is Flavia Del Monte?

Flavilicious Cooking ReviewFlavia (AKA: Flavilicious) is darn adorable, for starters. You take one look at her and would definitely wonder how she did it. She looks Flavilicious, seriously. I understand the nickname now, and the name of the program. More importantly, though, Flavia is a woman on a mission; a mission to help other females love their body each and every day.

How you ask? Flavia teaches you how to achieve this with realistic nutritious and regular exercise.

She isn’t just a pretty face and a slim body though. As for Flavia’s credentials, she is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, so she obviously knows the facts and what she is talking about. Throw in the fact that she is also a Registered Nurse, and you should be eager to start the program.

She also has many best-selling female workout systems such as; Full-Body-Licious and Curvalicious, and she is real. She is a wife, new mom, one out of 17 siblings and just wants to teach you how to love yourself healthily.

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What You Get With The Program

In this part of the Flavilicious Cooking review, I want to talk about what you get with her cooking system. I can tell you what you don’t get with the Flavilicious Cooking program. You don’t get a program that says no fruit; only low carbs or zero fats. You also don’t get a program that makes you count every gram and calorie; or a diet that tells you to eat every couple of hours.

You don’t get a diet that says you can only get protein from boiled chipped and shrimp. It also isn’t a program that allows you to only eat broccoli and then requires that you workout for an unrealistic amount of time… And on no energy. This is not what Skinnylicious Cooking is but it probably sounds pretty familiar to you, does it?

That’s because so many programs follow these exhausting guidelines that don’t work. So, Flavilicious Cooking has entered the industry and is ready to change the game – and your health.

Flavilicious Cooking Review

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You do get with Flavilicious Cooking is over  370 pages featuring over 150 delicious, great tasting recipes plus Flavia covers everything you need to know to be able to master your kitchen and your waistline.  The cookbooks also cover all meals; breakfast, lunches, dinners, appetizers, side dishes, dressing, sauces and offers tons of options such as; soups, salads, main entrees, desserts, shakes, red meats, chicken and much more, but here’s the best part.

Flavilicious Cooking also caters to vegetarian meals, people with allergies and intolerances and many other problems that are associated with diet.  It is basically a cookbook for everyone; all walks of life; all conditions; all allergies; everything. So to recap you’re getting a fully instructed, detailed step by step cookbook featuring over 150 healthy, easy to make, mouth-watering recipes which are 100% gluten, sugar, wheat and soy free!

Most of the recipes are also dairy free and a lot of the meals are paleo friendly too!

You can also get 4 bonus gifts! These bonuses come with every purchase and just add to the value of the main course. The main cookbook contains enough great stuff to be the only thing needed, but Flavia Del Monte decided to tack on even more goodness. So let’s move on with this review and look at the bonuses you get:

Bonus 1: How To Make 15 Meals In 50 Minutes

This Flavilicious Cooking bonus is all about delivering incredible and healthy foods without having to spend an entire day in the kitchen. Quick, easy and deliverable are three words that would sum up the content in this bonus.

You also learn vital tips and tricks that professional chefs rely on in the kitchen, and you will learn how to make meals from scratch, as well as how to organize your eating schedule.

Bonus 2: The 3 Day Delicious Diet

This is a blast of weight loss within 3 days – without starving yourself. So, it is a meal plan for 3 days that is designed to give you quick weight loss – and not water weight loss, but actual fat loss. The 3-Day Delicious Diet is 100% safe so don’t worry and in case you’re wondering it doesn’t require any starving. That would be against everything Flavia stands for. You also won’t have to worry about rebound weight gain in case you were wondering.

Don’t be surprised if you notice some pretty dramatic weight loss. It’s completely possible to lose up to 5 in the first 7 days. Oh, I forgot to mention that this bonus also includes the same recipes which are inside of the main cookbook, but they are delivered to you in this bonus as a “Ready To Print” menu! It’s just a cool little extra which will get rid of all the guesswork.

Bonus 3: Ready To Print Recipe Quick Sheets

The third bonus is ‘Ready to print’ which is a quick reference of recipes and instructions. So, if you’re heading to a friends home for the evening or maybe traveling for work or for pleasure, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a massive 370-page cookbook because you have these simple pages that you can print off and voila! You can eat right and lose weight no matter where you are or what your agenda holds.

If you’re new to the cookbook world, you should know that in the Flavilicious Cooking, you learn about prep times, how to prep, servings, ingredients, cookware, nutritional value and so much more. It isn’t just a step by step guide to cooking a meal but a step by step guide to eating right and why. Oh, and if you enjoy having a physical cookbook here’s a little idea for you. Print these out and put them in a binder with a nice cover! Instant physical cookbook!

Bonus 4: Ready To Print Weekly Grocery List

The fourth bonus definitely plays off the prior one. It is a ‘Ready to print’ weekly grocery list, and although this seems simple, do not underestimate the luxury of having one of these! Instead of having to go through your recipes for the day or week just to find the things you need to purchase at the grocery store, it’s already provided for you in a list; a grocery list – a printable version.

This list will help you figure out:

  • Exactly how long it will take for each of your meals to be prepared.
  • The exact way to prep your food
  • How much you’ll get per serving
  • Exactly what ingredients and items you’ll need for each recipe
  • You’ll find out what type of cookware is required for the meals (pretty good to know) and much more!

The Pros Of Flavia Del Monte’s Cookbook

The pros of the program are that Flavilicious Cooking isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about achieving health through healthier and cleaner eating and losing weight and feeling great is the result. With that said, it isn’t just about cooking and eating either. It’s truly educational and almost like having your very own personal chef cooking up a storm of healthy, fat burning foods in your kitchen.

The information provided well throughout the program is absolutely beneficial to your health and your goals and it is also priceless. It’s like going to a year’s worth of professional, high end cooking classes without paying anywhere close to what that would actually cost.  More importantly, though, it’s the proper way to eating. It cuts out all the bad stuff but doesn’t deprive you of the good stuff.

The Cons Of The Program

The only con I could come across for Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking and I don’t know if this is really a con, but since the cookbook is so large it would have been nice to have a clickable table of content. This way you could click on the section you’re interested in and be taken there.

Now keep in mind I have an early review copy so it’s completely possible that this could get added in at the last moment. Another option I would have loved to see if the option to upgrade to a physical cookbook which could be shipped to you. I prefer digital, but some people may enjoy having a physical cookbook lying around.

Although as I mentioned earlier you can always print the recipes out and place them in a nice binder! I’m trying to think of another con, but I can’t! Overall, it’s a great product! UPDATE: Since writing this review Flavia has now added an option to purchase a physical version of the cookbook.

Where To Buy The Program

Just like everything in life, you can purchase this program online! Flavia gives you the option to either purchase the digital version of a physical version which can be shipped to your house. There is never any need to shower, get dressed, get ready and drive somewhere. You can get it now and get started right now. The entire cookbook program is offered through one of the most trusted online product retailers, Clickbank.

One of the reasons Clickbank is so trusted is because they have one of the best refund policies anywhere on the web. No matter what you purchase through them you get a 60-day money back guarantee! This is a no hassle, all your money back refund if you feel the product doesn’t live up to your standards.

Flavilicious Cooking Review

One of the reasons they give a 60-day refund is because they want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. So in a way you have a 60 day free trial of Flavilicious Cooking. Although I don’t think you’ll need a refund with this product because it’s a pretty great product which you can tell a great deal of love and work was put into!

My Flavilicious Cooking Review Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of this review and I hope I’ve done my job and told you what you needed to know to become informed. Flavia Del Monte spared no expense and put everything she has into this project and the end result speaks for itself in my opinion.

Flavilicious Cooking Review

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She has taken healthy and clean eating to a whole new level with this cookbook and packaged it in a way that the mainstream can easily catch on. I’m sure you’re going to hear a lot of people talking about it and that’s a great thing. In a world of fast food and ingredients that are slowly killing you in so-called healthy food Flavilicious Cooking featuring nothing but healthy and clean ingredients is a welcomed sight!

I personally feel that Flavia’s new cookbook is an excellent way to eat altogether, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not! All the recipes are easy to make, taste amazing and are actually good for you! If you want to purchase Flavilicious Cooking or just visit the official sales page to learn more.