Forward Head Posture Fix Review: Have Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal Found the Secret to Alleviating “Texting Neck”

Like it or not, we live in the electronics age. Much of the work or even leisure activities that we accomplish are done using technology that has a screen. Whether we use a cell phone or a desktop, laptop or pad computer most of us stare at a screen for a least a few hours a day. What does that mean in terms of fitness?

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Staring at technology devices actually has a few effects on our fitness level. However, we will only address one of those in this Forward Head Posture Fix review. What I will be discussing is a phenomenon commonly known as “texting neck.” Although many of you reading this have probably already heard this term and know what it means, some of you might not (although you can probably guess).

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Texting neck refers to the bad posture that is created by the weight of your head pulling the upper half of your body forward. It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of the population has some level of this ugly forward head posture.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, from a side view. Could you draw a straight line down the middle of your hip, shoulder, and ear, right down to your feet? If not, you probably have this condition too!

It seems that the head of an average person typically weighs between ten and 12 pounds, so I guess it’s no real surprise that our shoulders, neck, back, and spine are affected by this! Anyway, if you’re reading this review, you have probably already looked at the website, and are wondering if the solutions provided there really work.

My Forward Head Posture Fix review, that follows will tell you my experience with the “Sequential Flow” exercise method created specifically to address this problem.

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Why and how did I become interested in an exercise regimen to fix forward head posture? It’s probably not what you think. I’m a middle-aged, working mother of three, and really don’t have much time to stare at a screen for any length of time. Although I do use a cell phone and computer, I guess I’m probably in that ten percent who don’t have texting neck, but someone I care about deeply, does.

My eleven-year-old son is a master of everything video; video games, video chat, video watching, etc. He spends much of his free time in front of a screen, although I do attempt to limit his exposure. I noticed his posture was deteriorating and set out to find a way to make it better. Only eleven and already hunched over like an eighty-year-old! I mentioned it to him and urged him to look in the mirror and evaluate his posture.

He was a bit surprised and fortunately, he didn’t like what he saw. I assumed it was a reasonably easy fix. Like most moms, I thought I could just tell him to “Stand up straight and quit slouching!” He did, when he thought about it, but his turtle neck and hunched back persisted. I promised him I would find a better answer.

What is Forward Head Posture Fix?

The Forward Head Posture Fix program, according to its authors, is the best way to properly realign your body, with a minimum of effort to achieve maximum results. In large part, the program targets the muscle most responsible for holding your head in correct alignment.

This muscle, called the sternocleidomastoid connects the front of your chest to the back of your skull. With the forward head posture condition, many unhealthy side-effects can occur, including:

  • Decreased strength and stamina
  • Decreased mental function
  • Sleep disruption, fatigue, and dizziness
  • Shorter, heavier physical appearance
  • Moodiness, headaches and sinus issues

These effects occur as a result of spinal nerves and attached skeletal components being disrupted, while slouched posture creates an environment for inadequate oxygen uptake, by deforming the windpipe.

After reading about these further, potential effects of bad posture, I was determined to try the program. You see, all my children are boys, and they all love their video games and electronic devices. It seemed likely that my five- and nine-year-old sons could end up with bad posture as well, and the effect on my entire family could be devastating!

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Who Are Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj and What Do They Know About Posture?

Mike Westerdal is a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and best-selling fitness author. You may have heard of him if you’ve ever picked up an issue of Iron Man magazine. He also founded an Internet site called

Forward Head Posture Fix Program

Rick Kaselj is a kinesiologist and injury specialist who advises other US and Canadian fitness industry experts on current fitness techniques and information. I’d never heard of either of them before I found the Forward Head Posture Fix site, but their credentials seemed quite adequate, in my opinion.

What Did The Forward Head Posture Fix Program Include?

The Forward Head Posture Fix program consisted of both a written manual and a video DVD. Since the price of both the physical collection and the digital download of the system cost the same as the physical collection alone, I ordered both.

Forward Head Posture Fix

I could have ordered just the digital program for a little less cost, but it seemed a good idea to have both, since I had three active young men to initiate into the program and one was just now learning to read! The techniques included in the program were:

  • Static Stretching
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Muscle Re-education Drills
  • Deep Cervical Flexor Training
  • Postural Strengthening
  • Self Massage

I also received two bonuses:

1.) Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit – This is a presentation about lifestyle changes that will help alleviate the causes and results of low back pain.

2.) Ten Best Natural Sleep Solutions – this is a guide to better sleep.


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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Program?

Forward Head Posture Fix ReviewPrimarily, the Forward Head Posture Fix system is easy to use and doesn’t take much time. Everything is covered and explained adequately in the educational materials, including easy-to-follow demonstrations of the ten exercises you need to learn.

Once you have mastered the techniques, they can be completed in fifteen minutes. Nearly anyone can use the program, but there are some who should consult a medical professional before they attempt it, including:

  • Those with serious back or neck issues
  • Those who have had back or neck injuries
  • those who have had back or neck surgery

If you are unable to use the system, or if you feel it isn’t working for you, it has a 60-day, money-back guarantee. I also like the fact that I had a physical volume of the book and DVD to use when a computer wasn’t available. Also, no special equipment was indicated for any of the exercises.

Did Forward Head Posture Fix Work for My Family?

I’ve been using the Forward Head Posture Fix with my boys for just about three weeks now. I made my eldest son, “Captain” of our posture correcting team, and he is loving the challenge. Besides, he gets to boss the little ones around and make sure they are following the program correctly!

All seem to be enjoying learning about better posture, the exercises and the order and technique for performing them. It’s even gotten them to spend a little less time on the Internet! All are aware of their posture and why we use the program.

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In short, I have been pleased with the outcome. Although my younger sons were not yet showing signs of forward head posture, I have high hopes that they never will. They are learning the importance of good posture and how to maintain it early in their lives.

Of course, what sort of Mom would I be, if I had my sons doing the exercises, without trying them for myself? My posture was not ideal, either, since I am employed as an administrative assistant and spend a lot of time in front of a computer, as well.

I’m not sure if my boys sleep better, or have more energy, as a result of Forward Head Posture Fix, since they’ve never been short on these attributes! However, I can attest to my immediate improvement in these areas. To learn more about the Forward Head Posture Fix program you can visit the official website here.