The French Paleo Burn Review – Can Carissa Alinat Help You Melt Fat Naturally Without Exercise?

Probably, like many of who are reading this, I’m a middle-aged woman with a few extra pounds I would love to lose. At the age of 49, I’ve been through both marriage and divorce. I have two grown children, ages 19 and 23. At this stage of my life, I’m looking forward to retirement, and anticipating the next adventures in my life.

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I’m a very organized, so I’m already budgeting and planning for travel and social activities that will help me be my best in the coming years. I feel very lucky, because it currently appears that I should be able to retire early, while I still have my health and the desire to experience new things.

Although my health has not been a concern as I approach my retirement, the numbers on my scale continue to creep up, little by little. I don’t expect to look like I did when I was 20, but when I look in the mirror, I don’t really like what I see. My personal take on my mirror’s reflection is that I’m a little too chubby and a little too flabby. Consequently, I’ve attempted more than a few weight loss “schemes.”

French Paleo Burn

When I first saw the origin weight loss website for The French Paleo Burn, my first reaction was:

a.) What does the French nationality have to do with this nutritional program?
b.) What the heck does “Paleo” mean anyway?
c.) What is the context of the word “burn” for the purpose of this system?

Here’s what I learned, although not completely from this website. My French Paleo Burn Review appears below.

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What The Heck Is The French Paleo Burn?

In short, French Paleo Burn can be defined mostly as a diet, although exercise also plays a role. To answer my burning questions, above:

1.) “French” refers to the experiences the author of the program had in France, while vacationing and meeting her husband’s family. During this time, she noticed that most French women were thin, although they appeared to eat whatever they wanted.

2.) “Paleo” is a modern method of eating based on what is currently known as the “Paleolithic Diet.” Alternatively called the “Stone Age” or “Hunter-Gatherer” diet, this mode of eating is based on what, and how humans were believed to have eaten more than two-million years ago. The reason for this type of diet is to access natural ways of processing food that were part of human evolution. Paleo does not really completely apply to this program, since the entire program does not adhere strictly to the Paleolithic concept.

3.) “Burn” with regard to this diet, refers to what the author claims is the ability of her method to burn off fat at an accelerated pace.

Carissa Alinat French Paleo BurnWho Is Carissa Alinat?

Why should I believe the claims of this dietary regimen, any more than the dozens of programs I had already attempted? There’s plenty of “mumbo-jumbo” out there, and, believe me, I’ve subscribed to most of it!

Who is this Carissa Alinat, anyway? Is she really qualified to tell me how I should be eating? Here is what I found out about her qualifications:

1.) The author has earned her Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner
2.) She’s currently working on her PhD
3.) She’s a weight loss expert (although I’m not too certain what that means)
4.) She is a published writer
5.) She’s married to a French chef

Although Ms. Alinat has credentials, I didn’t necessarily feel that this made her any more qualified than some of the other so-called experts whose programs I have enlisted. However, I did find it reassuring to look further into the diet.

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What Comes With The French Paleo Burn Program?

Carissa Alinat’s new French Paleo Burn program includes the following:

1.) The French Paleo Burn Program – A Science-Based weight loss system, engineered by an accredited Nurse Practitioner

2.) The French Paleo Burn Cookbook – These tasty, “gluten-free and Paleo-inspired recipes, curated by a famous chef for simplicity and cost effectiveness are complimented by full-color photos. Many recipes are also free of dairy, grains and refined sugar.

3.) 12-Day Meal Plan – Complete with shopping lists

French Paleo Burn

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These bonus materials are also included:

1.) The Truth About Weight Loss – This eBook dresses weight loss in a scientific manner.

2.) Secrets of Skinny French Women – This eBook reveals the secrets used by the French for a great physique.

3.) 8-Week Primal Movement Plan – This is a series of nineteen videos that show simple movements, that can be accomplished virtually anywhere, without the use of equipment.

French Paleo Burn Bonus

I was able to get a discounted price of $17.00, marked down from the original $67.00 regular price. This price seemed very reasonable to me. Even if the program didn’t work, I would at least have some new recipes to try out!

The PDF format of the downloadable materials was easy to use, and I figured I would have plenty of time to try the program during the sixty days in which I could get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied. I was able to put the program on both my laptop computer and my phone, for quick reference.

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French Paleo Burn review

What Are the Pros and Cons of French Paleo Burn?

If you think that you’re just too busy, too old, have too much weight to lose or are too “out of shape” for the purpose of this program, DON’T BUY IT! You must believe in it enough to accomplish its tenants, which do include making some dietary changes.

You must commit to the system or it cannot work for you. It is also helpful to read the materials to find out why the diet works. The scientific explanations helped me to make sense of what followed. Accomplishing the regimen requires adherence to specific steps that must be followed.

The two phases of the diet are:

Phase I: “Rapid Paleo Weight Loss

This phase tells you how and what to eat, including a strategy called “Mindful Eating.” In this portion, the author discloses how the French have come to this dietary system in a natural way, through their culture. She also provides scientific evidence as to why this works.

This section is supplemented by more than fifty recipes (including full-color photos) that were developed by her husband, who is a French chef and an author in his own right. Surprisingly, these recipes are pretty simple to execute and use everyday ingredients, although they may not be the ingredients you currently have in your kitchen arsenal.

I will stress, again, that you do need to make changes in how you are currently eating, both with regard to ingredients and timing!

Phase II: Plateau Buster

The second phase, as you might have guessed, is the maintenance portion of the program. This includes dietary “hacks” that you can use to keep the body for which you have worked during Phase I.

The French Paleo Burn program is sold through the popular online retailer, Clickbank. They also offer everyone a solid 60 day money back guarantee. They also have an excellent customer service website which allows you to get help if needed, retrieve lost orders and more.

Carissa Alinat’s website does feature a number of testimonials which means her protocol is working for other women. It’s nice to see some testimonials as many new products tend to lack them.

French Paleo Burn is also a digital program and is only available online. It’s not sold in a physical form yet. The advantage to this is that you’ll receive your order instantly and won’t have to wait for it to arrive by mail.

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Was I Happy With My Results? Can I Say That French Paleo Burn Really Worked?

I will say that this program was a great value, no matter what the result. I learned a lot, both from the scientific explanations, as well as the more ordinary materials. I found the supplemental movement routines to be user-friendly, meaning not too difficult to accomplish and not stressful on my middle-aged body.

Although I cannot say that the French Paleo Burn wasn’t without a bit of trial-and-error, for me personally, I can say that I witnessed better results than I thought possible. I have better energy, can still eat the foods I love and don’t need to exercise like a mad woman to achieve and maintain a better body and better health…

And when you get a chance check out the official French Paleo Burn website. You’ll discover a lot more information about Carissa Alinat’s program and herself. It has some additional information you might find useful too.