Good Belly, Bad Belly Review: Is Brad Pilon’s New Digital Book Worth Reading?

When I first saw the title of this new digital book from Brad Pilon, I instantly wondered about the subject matter of Good Belly, Bad Belly. My suspicion that it might be about healthy eating or weight loss was confirmed when I looked at the sub-title, “How to protect yourself from the risk of obesity-promoting toxins, created by the foods you eat.”

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What I did not expect, however, was the common sense approach its author took to losing weight. Far from being the main focus of the book, weight loss seemed to be just an incidental effect of following his healthy eating program. This was the particular aspect of the book that made me want to read further.

I’m not really obese, by any stretch of the imagination, although, probably, like most of you reading this Good Belly, Bad Belly review, I could stand to lose a few pounds. Maybe more importantly, I would like my body to look better and be healthier.

With these goals in mind, I have always kept up with exercise and nutritional information, as well as attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could say I’ve been somewhat successful in this endeavor, but I’m still in search of information that might help me lead a healthier life. Certainly, keeping the toxins within my body to a minimum is a step along the path to this goal.

What Exactly Is Good Belly, Bad Belly

Few of us really question the old adage “You are what you eat.” It appears to be just good common sense that what you put into your body establishes a great deal of what you get out of it. If you are like me, the thing you really need to know is how to put the things into your body that will optimize what you get out of it…

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And in terms of physical and mental health, energy, disease immunity and general well-being. We have all bought into the oversimplified ideology, that all we need to do to maintain health and appropriate weight, is to use the same amount of calories in our activity, that we take in when we eat.

Good Belly Bad BellyAlthough there is a certain amount of truth in this statement, simply equalizing our calorie output with our calorie intake does not really address the types of foods that we need to eat to maintain our health. According to Brad Pilion’s book, the thing we really need to know is how to select and combine our food to prevent the scourges of ill health.

He maintains that things like diabetes, excessive weight gain and heart disease can all be mitigated by eating in a particular way, to prevent the release or creation of what he calls “obesity toxins,” in the body.

Like most folks, I’m well aware that just taking in less calories is likely to assist in loss of weight, but I’ve never been one for fad diets or intense exercise. In a nutshell, I guess you could say my goal is to look good, feel good and stay healthy. Simple, right? Maybe not. Eating and digesting food for nutrition and energy is simple, but but a healthy outcome, maybe not so much!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided to risk my ten bucks for the introductory, (pre-release) price of the book. It seemed a small price to pay to learn a few new tricks that, potentially could improve my health.

My understanding is that the list price for the book is $20.00, but to celebrate the release Brad Pilon Is offering 50% off for a limited time. The short synopsis of the book, by its author, seemed to indicate that its contents would give me new information on specific things I could do right now to reduce “endotoxins” in my system.

As it turned out, the book is a primer about how to help you eat in such a manner, so as to reduce both the formation and the body’s absorption of these toxins. I’m elated to recommend this book to you, mostly because it makes the scientific approach to health, a bit easier to understand, but also because it gives simple suggestions on how to facilitate some of these effects straight away. This is a volume about health that actually makes sense!

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Final Thoughts on Brad Pillion’s Good Belly Bad Belly

Most of the suggestions are not difficult to accomplish and don’t require the creation a whole new lifestyle, which typically results in failure. I’m not too sure about the final outcome of adopting the Good Belly, Bad Belly program, but I do know that it’s worth the read.

I feel my money was well-spent to obtain new information that has improved my health, without the the level of insanity promoted by most diet and exercise regiments. You can learn more about Brad Pillion’s new book by visiting the official Good Belly Bad Belly website. It contains additional information you might find useful.