Hip Flexibility Solution Review: Does Eric Wong’s 3D Flexibility System Work?

Did you know that stretching before your workout can actually lead to diminished strength and speed? Neither did I, until I read Eric Wong’s article about static stretching. Static stretching is the type of stretching most of us do pre-workout, to attain greater flexibility and prevent injury. At least that’s the theory, which according to Wong, is incorrect.

He maintains that static stretching, although providing a slight flexibility edge, actually hampers athletic performance because of “stretch-induced strength loss.” This is a phenomenon whereby muscles are lengthened to increase flexibility, but strength is decreased, leading the body to perceive joint instability. This results in tighter muscles, as the body strives to decrease this instability by making surrounding muscles even tighter.

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Hip Flexibility Solution review

If you’re like me, you’ve probably encountered the pain of tight or locked joints, especially in the hip area. This has become very problematic for me, as I like athletic pursuits that involve a wide range of movements, namely martial arts and associated practices. Twisting and high kicks have become nearly impossible for me, since I was experiencing substantial hip and back pain, in addition to hip inflexibility.

As you might expect, I became very interested in trying Wong’s “Hip Flexibility Solution,” since I had all but given up intense martial arts practice, due to my inflexibility issues. Following is my Hip Flexibility Solution review and my perception of its advantages and drawbacks. Let’s get this review started and see how Eric Wong’s system works…

What Is the 3D Flexibility System and How Does it Work?

Eric Wong addresses these nine flexibility factors to create his flexibility system:

1.) Muscle – Fibers need to be stretched, correctly.
2.) Fascia – Muscular connective tissue that can develop scars or adhesions
3.) Joint Capsule – Responsible for almost half of restrictions in flexibility
4.) Control – Your ability to consciously control your muscles
5.) Reflexes – Must be taken into consideration for the flexibility system to work
6.) Pain Tolerance – You must achieve the correct level to make advances in your program
7.) Joint Stabilizer – Automatic muscular function that keeps joints from being damaged
8.) Core – Deep musculature that stabilizes the back and abdomen
9.) Prime Mover – Muscles that start and finish your range of motion.

Hip Flexibility Solution

Six separate routines, each taking less than twenty minutes to complete, comprise the Hip flexibility Solution. Together, these routines address every flexibility factor listed above to offer Wong’s claim of complete results for speed, power, strength and mobility while eradicating pain.

If you’re interested in knowing what the 6 hip flexibility solution routines are Eric has them on the official Hip Flexibility Solution website which you can check out here.

Who Is Eric Wong and How Does He Know So Much About Stretching?

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS isn’t a stranger to the world of MMA and fitness. He’s a professional strength and conditioning coach and has trained a number of professional MMA fighters including Claude Patrick. His work has been featured in publications which include “Fighting Fit,” “Spike,” “MMA,” and “UFC,”

Eric Wong Hip Flexibility Solution

He is also the author of a number of programs designed to help athletes and normal individuals like you and I get into the best shape possible using effective methods he uses with his personal clients. His specialty is in the field of biomechanics and exercise physiology and went to school for at the University of Waterloo for kinesiology.

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If I Buy the Hip Flexibility Solution, What Do I Get?

Here’s what I got for the price of the program:

Master Manual – This would be considered the main program. It will explain everything and you’ll know exactly how to keep your hips from getting tight. It was easy to understand and laid everything out in an easy to follow manner

Technique Manual – In this manual, you’ll learn how to do each of the 6 routines that Eric teaches within the program. These are the core routines that help take your flexibility to the next level. The manual has step by step instructions with high def pictures.

Hip Flexibility Solution Program review

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Program Cheat Sheets – Think of these cheat sheets as a condensed version of the course. You can access these at any time you need them and anywhere such as work, the car, the gym, etc. The cheat sheets are presented in a way that allows you to quickly glance at them and get the info you need.

Downloadable HD and SD Videos – This was my favorite part of the entire program. These videos equal over 1.5 hours of high-quality training. You’ll watch Eric perform all of the exercises and moves in great detail so you’ll know exactly how to perform all the routines. It’s like having access to your own personal trainer. You’ll be able to stream or download these videos which is a nice option.

Hip Flexibility Solution PDF

The sum of the program provides background, instruction on proper technique, the science behind the system and step-by-step demonstration and instruction for each.

Pros and Cons: What Did I Think of the Hip Flexibility Solution Program and Its Attendant Materials?

The Main manual gave me a better understanding of how my body works and why the flexibility solution works, while the Technique Manual and the 1.5 plus hours of supplemental videos taught me how to actually perform the exercises.

The Cheatsheets are single page formulations of the technique manual so that I could print them out and take them where ever I needed to use them. I liked this optional portability because I could just tuck them in my pocket or keep them in my car for easy access.

You do need some equipment to accomplish this exercise regimen. Equipment that is needed for proper practice includes:

  • A ball, similar in size, shape, and texture to a baseball or lacrosse ball
  • A rubber resistance band that will fit your thigh
  • A foam roller – The type and measurement required are shown in the program materials.

You will also need to have an area to prop up your foot (leg) at about the height of a couch or coffee table.

The study materials were very thorough, but in order to get the maximum benefit from the program, I found that this system requires quite a bit of work. I say,”Do not invest in this system if you are not willing to put in the work to master the techniques and make it effective!”

Hip Flexibility Solution review

Maybe this goes without saying, but you absolutely must be prepared to put your utmost effort into the routines to achieve optimal results, and you must be willing to dedicate fifteen to twenty minutes each day to your hip flexibility goals.

However, if you are able to motivate yourself to the regimen, as instructed, it is possible to see results in as little as two weeks. I was able to begin my journey back to martial arts practice at the end of my second week of using the Hip Flexibility Solution.

According to Mr. Wong, a beginner version of one of the six routines, entitled “Advanced Mobility Movement Patterns” may be in the works. This will assist those who have difficulty accomplishing this routine, as it is currently practiced.

review hip flexibility solution

I did find that this one took some time for me to be able to do since I haven’t stretched properly in years. Otherwise, I took the expert’s advice and just listened to my body when the pain became an issue. This is very important!

I did find customer support to be exceptional. I could contact the team at [email protected] if I got stuck. I also appreciated the full digital package, that allowed me to download and print my materials, free of shipping charges whenever I wanted. The sixty-day guarantee gave me time to fully evaluate the program. If you wish to learn more about Eric Wong’s new program you can visit the official website by clicking the link below:

Click Here To Visit The Official Hip Flexibility Solution Website