Kino Chef Review – Can You Cook Like Greg O’Gallagher?

Why am I writing a cookbook review? This Kino Chef Review is a bit of a departure for me since many of you might know I’m more inclined to test out fitness programs. This is still my forte, though. I do, after all, like to eat healthy food that is easy to make and tastes good, and Kino Chef still has something to do with fitness. Read on and you will learn what it is.

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You may know the website, and may have heard of the guy behind the “Hollywood Look” fitness phenomenon. Kinobody is a respected fitness resource for those who want to achieve an incredibly fit physique, like the big screen hunks and gorgeous goddesses, we all drool over.

You’re probably wondering if the Kino Chef recipes are worth the time and money. Maybe you’re wondering if you need to make the investment in yet another cookbook. Here are my impressions, so you can make your own choice. Let’s dive right into this Kinochef review.

What Is KinoChef By Greg O’Gallager All About

Simply stated, Kino Chef is a cookbook designed specifically with the “lean and chiseled physique” fanatic in mind. The authors claim the recipes are not the diet trend or fad of the moment, but actually incorporate the best proportions of needed nutrients to perform in training, keep a positive outlook and support your blossoming physique. If this is true, it would make the book valuable to anybody; not just those who follow a specific exercise or fitness program.

Kinochef Review

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Designed with three sections, this nutritional strategy is created, taking into account the “holy grail” of effective weight loss and mental alertness:

1.) Intermittent Fasting
2.) Flexible Dieting

“Balanced macronutrient ratios” are the key to the uniqueness of Kinobody cookery, which lays claim to a dietary focus that is not addressed by any other cookbook currently on the market. The book contains fifty recipes that are conveniently categorized under three headings:

1.) Main Meals
2.) Side Dishes
3.) Small Meals and Desserts

Kino Chef will show you how to “mix and match” to attain the best overall recipe for your fitness goals.

Hollywood-Shmollywood! Who Are These Guys, Anyway? 

For starters, the authors are actually a guy and a gal. Greg O’Gallager is the developer of the Kinobody fitness regimen. His “Road to Ripped” podcast has been downloaded more than a million times and gains an additional following of over 100,000 each month.

He has grown a great deal of attention because of his unique methods of dieting and working out which go against what the mainstream teaches. He eats chocolate, only does 2 to 3 workouts a week, eat’s huge meals loaded with carbs and continues to burn fat and build lean, tone muscle.

Greg’s co-author, Emily Ness is a foodie, who authors lifestyle and cooking articles. She also happens to be a dedicated follower of Kinobody.

KinoChef Review

What’s Included in KinoChef and How Can It Help Me? 

Here’s what the cookbook contains:

1.) Fifty balanced recipes to promote a fit, lean and contoured physique
2.) Strategies to use these meals for planning and reaching your fitness goals
3.) Two additional bonus recipe supplements from two other prominent fitness experts, as outlined below.

a.) Rusty Moore (Visual Impact) lends his favorite stovetop recipes.
b.) Mike Matthews (Muscle for Life)shows how to make his protein-packed offerings.

What Are the Recipe Advantages? Is Kino Chef Really a Groundbreaking Cookbook? 

Most eating strategies are based on either eating or not eating particular foods, but most of us know that this is not a great idea. Kino Chef carefully incorporates the three macronutrients, commonly known as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into appropriately balanced recipes. These recipes are then strategized to compliment individual fitness goals. This approach works because:

1.) You must ingest adequate amounts of fat to stave of hunger and maintain appropriate hormonal levels.
2.) You must ingest adequate amounts of protein to prevent muscle loss, build muscle and feel full.
3.) You must ingest enough carbohydrates to conquer cravings, maintain a balanced emotional state (mood) and keep performance levels high.

The recipes that I tried from the book were filling and tasty; no starvation diet dishes here! They used fresh, healthy ingredients. Some of the dishes include:

– Teriyaki Salmon
– Chipotle Chicken Meatballs
– Chicken Parmesan
– Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Kinochef Recipes

Kinochef reviews

Check Out The Official Website Of Greg O’Gallagher KinoChef Cookbook

You have instant access to the Kino Chef PDF when you order, so there is no shipping charge. I guess you really have nothing to lose since there is a 100% guaranteed refund if you are unsatisfied after sixty days. I did not send the book back.

What About the Drawbacks of the Book?

The recipes were pretty easy to make but did require some time and preparation. If you have absolutely no time to cook, this may not be the recipe collection for you. Making the dishes did require some effort.

I enjoyed most of what I cooked following the cookbook instructions, but like any first-time recipe, I did vary some of the ingredients and seasonings. I’m not sure whether my changes altered the effects of the recipes.

The only other drawback might be that the dishes created from the recipes may not be to your liking. This would all depend on your personal taste and eating habits. I personally found many recipes in the book were compatible with my food preferences.

What is My Final Kino Chef Review Conclusion?

I think the book is a good value, especial for the introductory price of $19.95 (which may or may not be available by the time you read this. The regular price, including the two bonuses, is $29.95. I found the recipes that I tried were tasty, filling and didn’t require too much preparation. However, I would have liked a few more recipes to choose from. Maybe Kino Chef, Volume 2 is on the horizon!

From a “chiseled physique” standpoint, it is somewhat difficult for me to gauge the effects of the recipe dishes on my physique since other fitness parameters were involved. I can tell you, however, that my mood, energy levels, and physical performance were all positive during the time I was testing the book.

I hope you found this Kinochef review useful and that it provided you the information you needed to know to determine if it will fit within your current fitness goals. I enjoyed the cookbook because it steps outside the box and provides, filling, delicious, fat-burning dishes that anyone would love.

If you’re looking to learn more information or just purchase the program then clicking the link below will take you to the official website. Click Here To Visit The Official KinoChef Website To Learn More