The Lost Book of Remedies Review – Can These Natural Remedies Give You Relief?

Here is our Lost Book of Remedies review. What if relief from pain, indigestion, and other common complaints were growing in your back yard? That’s the question posed by The Lost Book of Remedies, a product that provides natural herbal remedies to many health issues and illnesses.

It’s an interesting premise. We’re used to relying on doctors to prescribe us drugs, many of which are synthetic and come with a host of side effects. It’s intriguing to think that you might be able to get similar relief – or even better relief – by simply picking some plants and processing them in the right way.

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The Lost Book of Remedies

In this Lost Book of Remedies review, we’ll explain what the product is and who it’s designed to help. We’ll also let you know if there’s any scientific research to back some of the specific claims made about it, reveal the pros and cons as we see them, and make a final recommendation about whether you should buy The Lost Book of Remedies.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is a wealth of folklore wisdom and natural healing, compiled in a single volume. The author is a man named Claude Davies, who remembers watching his grandfather use plants and herbs to cure everything from high blood pressure to lung disease.

The book is broken into sections, which we’ll talk about in more detail later. In each section, you’ll find beautiful photographs and descriptions of medicinal plants that can be found in your backyard, in the forest, and in other easily-accessible areas.

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Lost Book of Remedies

You’ll also get instructions for preparing simple, homemade remedies that can help you treat common ailments and even serious health problems. In other words, it’s designed to help you avoid the harsh side effects associated with many prescription medications by using all-natural ingredients to make your own remedies.

Who Can Use the Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is for anybody who’s frustrated and fed up with the way modern medicine treats patients. It can be disheartening and depressing to get a prescription to treat one condition only to discover that you get a host of side effects as a result – some of which might even be worse than the thing that brought you to the doctor in the first place.

The recipes in the Lost Book of Remedies are all-natural and easy to make. Of course, if you have a serious health condition, it’s still a good idea to check with your doctor before trying any of the remedies in the Lost Book of Remedies.

Lost book of remedies review

What Do You Get When You Order the Lost Book of Remedies?

One of the things we like best about the Lost Book of Remedies is how it’s organized. The main book is a huge compendium of herbs and remedies. Here are the sections you’ll find inside:

  • Backyard Weeds. This chapter shows you which medicinal plants can be found growing in a typical North American yard. They’re further grouped by region so you can find your area quickly and get to work identifying the plants near your house. Two of the plants included are marshmallow and senega.
  • Wild Edibles and Remedies Found in Forests. In this chapter, you’ll find photographs and descriptions of the wild edibles and remedies that grow in North American forests.
  • Prairie Edibles and Remedies. If you live in the Midwest, then you may live near a prairie. This chapter describes the plants and remedies that grow in the prairie, including things like boneset and Wooly Lamb’s Ear.
  • Cattails. This chapter describes the various healing properties of cattail leaves, roots, and gel.
  • Medicinal and Edible Trees of North America. This chapter describes all of the trees in North America that have medicinal properties, as well as those that are edible.
  • Common Treatments Our Grandparents Used. The final chapter has recipes and remedies that your grandparents and great-grandparents probably used when they weren’t feeling well.

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Lost Book of Remedies review

You can see how well-thought-out the book is. In addition to the main product, you’ll also get two bonus books:

  • The 72-Square-Feet Medicinal Garden, which tells you how to design and plant a garden full of medicinal herbs that you can use in an emergency.
  • The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook, which explains common-sense medical treatments and procedures you can turn to if you don’t have access to emergency services.

Lost Book of remedies

Together, the main book and bonuses provide everything you need to treat major and minor ailments using plants you can find in your yard and near your home.

Is There Scientific Research into the Lost Book of Remedies?

We always like to check out the scientific research before we recommend a product to our readers. In the case of The Lost Book of Remedies, there is some research to back up the claims made about some of the plants mentioned in the book.

For example, this study found that marshmallow plant extract was useful in relieving symptoms of upper respiratory disease in mice. The extract was put into lozenges. There are other studies along the same lines.


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We also found a study that looked at the effect of the senega plant on the human immune response. The researchers concluded that senega had immune-boosting qualities that could make it useful in treating people with compromised immunity, although more study is needed.

The studies we found about boneset were not as conclusive as the ones we’ve listed above, but they’re still interesting. One found that boneset had mild antibacterial properties, which mean that it could be useful in protecting against some infections in an emergency.

Our last study comes with a word of warning. It looked at the toxicity of Wooly Lamb’s Ear and found that, at least in some of the rats who were given an extract of the plant, there was liver damage caused by the injection. It’s only one study, but it does illustrate why it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before using any natural remedy.

The key takeaway here is that there is at least some scientific research to back the claims made by the Lost Book of Remedies. However, you should use the remedies wisely and check with your doctor if you’re not sure about how they’ll affect you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Lost Book of Remedies?

We always think it’s a good idea to list the pros and cons of a product before we make a recommendation about whether you should buy it. Here are the pros and cons of the Lost Book of Remedies as we see them, starting with the pros:

  • The Lost Book of Remedies is well researched and clearly organized, featuring 100s of common-sense herbal remedies.
  • There is scientific research backing at least some of the remedies in the book.
  • The remedies are easy to understand and prepare.
  • The plants used are easy to find with clear photographs and descriptions, so there’s little chance of error.

There are a few potential downsides to consider as well:

  • While natural remedies can be effective, the remedies in the book may not be appropriate for treating severe medical conditions and are not intended to be a replacement for advice from your doctor.
  • Depending on where you live, you may not have access to the remedies you want.
  • Foraging wild herbs and ingredients requires patience and skill, and should not be undertaken unless you’re willing to dedicate some time and attention to the process.

Overall, we feel that the pros outweigh the cons, especially if you’re someone who is interested in natural healing.

How Much Does the Lost Book of Remedies Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much the Lost Book of Remedies costs. One thing that’s nice about this product is that they’re not playing games with the prices, as is sometimes the case with products that are sold online.

The Lost Book of Remedies is available as either a digital or physical product. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

  • The digital product is $37
  • The physical product is $37 plus $8.99 shipping and handling
  • Get both the physical and digital products for $37 plus $8.99 shipping and handling

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Lost Book of Remedies Book reviews

If you don’t mind the shipping charge, the third option offers you the most versatility. You should also be aware that The Lost Book of Remedies comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Our Lost Book of Remedies Review Conclusion

Our final recommendation is that The Lost Book of Remedies is worth buying if you want natural alternatives to prescription drugs and medical treatments.

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